About Us

Hi there!

My name is Jack, and if you couldn't tell, I love my watches.

I am in no way a fashion expert, however, I never feel complete with a great outfit if I don’t have an equally amazing watch to go with it. I also believe that wristwatches should not be one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, everyone should have a variety of watches dedicated to different purposes.

This quest to find the best wristwatches for myself took me on a path that exposed me to a variety of wristwatches in different classes. Trust me when I say that I have come across some of the best watches and have also used some of the poorest timepieces ever made too.

From the great buys to the bad purchases, though, I don’t think I have ever had any regrets. Of course, there is the occasional self-reprimand from buying something that sounded too good to be true, but every buying process turned out to be a learning process for me too.

Now, I can confidently pick my timepieces to go with different occasions and not worry about getting it wrong. I also know better on what to look out for on any watch I am getting.

Packing all that buying journey gave birth to UberWrists.

Here, I hope to share my insights on what kinds of watches will suit different occasions. I also go in-depth to different personalities, usage needs, professions and more. In short, I hope to ensure anyone looking for any kind of watch can get the best pick for themselves when they read through any of my guides.

Don’t find what you want on the website? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me and I’ll be happy to make some amazing recommendations for you.

I don’t just believe in wearing watches. I also believe in enjoying the time alongside. What about you?