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The Akribos XXIV, is a new release from the Swiss brand of watches. The following review details its features as well as what makes it stand out amongst other brands in this price range.

The “akribos xxiv watch price” is a very affordable watch that has a stylish design. The watch has been made by Akribos XXIV, which is a company from Switzerland.


Akribos XXIV Watches Review (Fashionable & Affordable)

Although most watch collectors have never heard of Akribos XXIV, you can find them all over the internet.

They are really the sibling firm of Stuhrling, a larger New York-based company that also produces reasonably priced watches.

However, Akribos is definitely on the cheaper end of the spectrum, so when you see the price tags around $100, some of you may be jubilant!

Naturally, reduced prices require them to make compromises; as a result, these watches lack pricey movements and sapphire glass on the top. 

However, Akribos surely delivers with a large selection of fashionable and contemporary timepieces if the watch’s appearance is what matters to you the most. 

Just be aware that there are a variety of opinions about the watches on Amazon, which, in my opinion, relies somewhat on your expectations. A $50 watch is hardly an engineering wonder, therefore you won’t find a flawless strap with exquisite detailing on the watch face. On Amazon, many of them do have ratings of 4 stars or above, so generally speaking, it seems that customers are content.

It’s a terrific way to switch things up without paying a lot for a watch that you only wear sometimes or depending on your outfit.

I’ve explored Amazon’s top sellers below to give you an idea of the kind of timepieces they offer and which are the most well-liked. I have included the most crucial details about each watch as well as all the characteristics I could locate.

By clicking the button located under each watch, you may go straight to the product page.

Akribos XXIV AK736 is 1.


Anyone who loves…black will enjoy this ultra-modern watch. Yes, except from the centers of the hour and minute hands, the dial and black steel bracelet are virtually entirely black. Although maybe a bit difficult to read in dim light, it looks quite nice. (See more hues below)

It has a few unexpected characteristics, like a Swiss Quartz mechanism, sapphire coating on the mineral glass (so it’s not all sapphire), and three sub-dials for the day, date, and 24-hour time.

If the “all black” does not suit you, there are several color and style options for this watch.

By clicking on the photos below, you may see them on Amazon.

  • Swiss Quartz mechanism
  • Crystal with a Mineral Sapphire Coat
  • With a fold-over safety clasp, it is made of stainless steel.
  • day, date, and 24 hour subdials
  • 10m Water Resistant
  • 45 x 11 mm for the case


2. Saturnos Akribos AK410


This Skeleton-style watch is another well-liked design that reveals the intricate workings of the watch. Although a little big for some, it functions well as a fashionable dress watch and includes a convenient grid of numbered rings around the dial for the hours, minutes, and 24 hours.

Unbelievably, it contains an automatic (self-winding) movement and a Stuhrling Krysterna crystal, as well as an exhibition display back that complements the “open view” design of the skeleton watch. Not what I had anticipated at this pricing.

You may see (and choose from) a variety of colors and styles for it in the photographs below.

  • automatically moving
  • Shatterproof crystal known as Krysterna
  • dial with skeletonized 24 hour indications
  • leather belt made of calfskin
  • 30m water resistance
  • Size of case: 40 x 11.5 mm


Akribos AK102 Diver 3.

Products not found.

This model from Akribos will fit those searching for an even more inexpensive version of the Rolex Submariner type watches. It is reminiscent of the Seiko Pepsi SKX009, a famous budget dive watch.

This watch checks the majority of the boxes for a diving style watch, being made entirely of stainless steel and featuring a red and blue “Pepsi” bezel. The bezel is unidirectional racheted, as you would expect, however the minute markings between zero and fifteen minutes are missing.

It is thinner because to its straightforward Japanese quartz clock, which is not automated like the Seiko or Rolex’s. The water resistance is also a touch lacking, at just 50m, which is actually only good enough to “get wet” and not truly for swimming, much less diving. Simply by appearance, it is a diving watch.

You may see it in an all-blue variation by clicking on the second picture up top.

  • Japanese quartz clock
  • crystal mineral
  • 50m water resistance
  • 22mm Steel Bracelet with Additional Nato Strap in “Pepsi” Style
  • 46 x 11 mm for the case


4. The Chronograph by Akribos AK625SS


Without adding a gorgeous chronograph in our evaluation, where would we be? Although it has more than 50 ratings, this model from Akribos likewise seems to be selling like hotcakes. 

I like how this watch has a crisp white dial with blue attached hour makers and hands. In addition to the mesh stainless steel band, it gives the watch a touch of contemporary elegance. Additionally, it has three chrono sub-dials (hours, minutes, and seconds) that are readily adjusted via the pushers above and below the crown, as well as a date window at 4 o’clock.

  • ISA Swiss quartz timepiece
  • crystal mineral
  • 30m water resistance
  • strap made of stainless steel
  • Size of case: 42.5 x 12.5 mm


5. Akribos Men’s Ceramic Quartz Watch AK521.


Although this watch is not among the most popular designs you can get online, Akribos seems to be doing well with its sales. It showcases the classic Cartier Tank watch design, which I previously discussed in a Seiko Tank review. Princess Diana and a number of other well-known figures adore it.

This specific model is offered in three styles, 

  • Japanese quartz clock (Miyota 2035)
  • Sapphire coated crystal mineral
  • Genuine diamond markers are set in a ceramic case.
  • 30m water resistance
  • Size of case: 30 x 7.5mm


6. Women’s Akribos AK881


Ladies have not been forgotten by Akribos, as seen by the popularity of this watch with a mother-of-pearl dial.

A mother-of-pearl inner dial, a real diamond at 12 o’clock, and a Swarovski crystal-inset bezel show how much care Akribos put into the design, which is highly distinctive on its own. The band is likewise made of a contemporary stainless steel mesh that is joined in the middle by a little lug. The pattern is completed by the pointed crown.

The Quartz mechanism and mineral glass are the only distinguishing qualities in terms of the specs, but considering the gorgeous dial, that is more than enough.

You may see the four other versions of this model below and click to get to the product page.

  • Quartz mechanism
  • crystal mineral
  • Case in Yellow Gold Tone Alloy.
  • 30m water resistance
  • Size of case: 36 x 9 mm


7. Akribos Women’s Chronograph (AK872RG)


Chronographs used to be primarily the realm of race drivers or pilots, but that is no longer the case. With regard to dress and casual watches, they are also fairly well-liked by both men and women. This gorgeous rose-gold chronograph from Akribos is made especially for ladies.

Yes, it includes a chronograph with three subdials and a subtle tachymeter carved around the dial, but the crystal-embedded bezel is what really stands out. You may also purchase this in a number of gold and silver combinations, according on your own preferences.

  • Swiss Quartz mechanism
  • Crystal with a Mineral Sapphire Coat
  • Case and bracelet made of stainless steel
  • 30m water resistance
  • 36 x 11 mm for the case


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