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Are Fossil Watches Water Resistant?

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Are Fossil Watches Water Resistant

Water resistance is one of the new specs that users check on their watches these days, and that is for good reason. You don’t want to spend good money on a watch only to find out that it’s damaged by water later.

If you are fascinated by the Fossil watches and their justified price tags, you might have wondered if they are water resistant at all, or which ones carry some decent water resistance.

In this piece, I discuss Fossil watches with water resistance, how resistant they are and which ones you should not even take close to the water at all.

Can I wear my Fossil watch in the shower?

Any Fossil watch with a rating of 3 ATM can withstand little water splashes, but be careful not to wear it when swimming at depths or bathing. In case you want to use it while showering, make sure it has been re-sealed (in the case you’ve done some work on the watch before) or it’s a new piece.

The ones with a 5 ATM rating can be used while swimming in shallow waters or when showering. The consensus is to avoid activities like snorkeling or scuba diving when using a watch with this rating.

S/N Watch Name Water Resistant? Rating
1 Fossil Gen 4 Yes 3 ATM
2 Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle Yes 3 ATM
3 Fossil Gen 5 Julianna Yes 3 ATM
4 Fossil Gen 6 Yes 3 ATM
5 Fossil Neutral Chrono No
6 Fossil BQ2400SET No
Different Fossil watches and their respective water resistance ratings

Is the Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch waterproof?

The short answer to this question is YES. 

Having a 3ATM rating (meaning it can reach a depth of 30 meters or 100 feet), the Fossil Gen 6 is waterproof enough.

The 3ATM rating on a Fossil Gen 6 watch allows you to shower with the watch and brave light to heavy rains without any damage. You can also swim with the watch for up to 30 meters, provided you don’t spend more than 30 minutes in that depth at once.

The long answer is; this rating doesn’t totally advise that you should take this watch for a deep dive, or a swim of more than 10,000 strokes.

Is Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle waterproof?

The Fossil Carlyle, like the Gen 6, also has a 3ATM rating. This piece is a Gen 5 and can survive a depth of 30 meters. It passed the 10,000 stroke test in shallow waters, and didn’t get any glitch while showering, which makes it waterproof.

If you expose this smartwatch to saltwater, rinse it under clean water to prevent rust and protect its casting for longer.  

Is Fossil Gen 4 smartwatch waterproof?

The Gen 4 is water resistant, making it easier for swimmers or divers to use underwater.

The Fossil Gen 4 smartwatch follows the others in the series with a 3 ATM water rating, allowing submersions of up to 30 meters for 30 minutes without causing internal damage to the watch.

This water resistance rating equips the watch for shallow swims, showers and surface water sports without the fear of damage.

Is Fossil Gen 5 Julianna waterproof?

 The Fossil Gen 5 Julianna is waterproof. Just like the Gen 4, the 3 ATM rating applies to this make also.

This 3 ATM rating makes the Gen 5 Julianna resistant to water damage from rain splashes, showering or shallow swims. Activities like snorkeling, scuba diving and deep water diving should be avoided when using this watch.

Which Fossil watches are not waterproof?

Fossil watches can only guarantee water resistance, not waterproofing. The Fossil Gen 4, Gen 5, and the Gen 6 are all water resistant, while the likes of Fossil Neutral Chrono, Fossil BQ2400SET are not resistant to water damage at any level.

Majority of the watches made by Fossil are water resistant, making it easy to pick the one that best works for you, depending on the amount of water you come in contact with.

Final Thoughts on Waterproof Fossil Watches

If you desire a truly waterproof watch, Fossil Watches might not be the best bet for you.

Of course, they check all the right boxes and the brand makes some of the most stylish smartwatches out there. If you were looking for something that you can take to water depths and not suffer extensive damages on, look at this guide to affordable dive watches.

You can also check out a list of things to consider on your dive watches before making a purchase so you can make an informed decision by yourself.

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