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Are Men’s Sports Watches Worth it in 2023?

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It would help if you never doubted whether a sports watch is worthy or not.

Maybe if you have a sports watch, you will admit it, a sports watch is worth it.

Now Let's See Why Sports Watches are Worthy? 

Some sports watches are similar, and some are different. What makes them similar is the functionalities.

What makes them different is that some sports watches are made up of stainless steel, and few sports watches are made up of silicone, rubber, and plastic. 

If sports watches are made out of stainless steel, does that mean each sports watch that has ever been invented has to be made out of stainless steel to be considered a sports watch?

Not! But typically, if steel's general resistance to damage, it just makes for a durable watch, and that is perfect for a sporty watch right now. 

The best part of sports watches are their crowns, and each has threaded crowns, which mean the crown screws into the case, and that does two things.

It ensures a very tight seal which means no water will get into that watch. Therefore, the cleaning process of the watch becomes much effective.

Another thing it does is that it ensures that the crown stem won't break off into the movement if the crown should get hit because the crown is typically pretty vulnerable.

Many people assume that the watch's crystal is the most vulnerable part of a watch.

However, honestly, if a crown gets hit hard enough, that crown stem breaks off into the movement, and then it's a huge bummer, so the threaded crown gets supported by the case perfectly. 

The men's sports watches with rubber bands are better and are made with suitable, appropriate sizes for the different hands.

Still, watches with steel bracelets and fabric straps are uncomfortable for men, so they prefer rubber bands.

Sports watches are the best according to the mechanical and self-winding status of watches, and the pay of a watch is also excellent and affordable compared to the high-quality brand of watches.

Some sports watches are also affordable with superb quality and marvelous features like G-shock series (shock-resistance), water resistance.

Sports watches with water-resistant capability are worthy for swimmers, and they can also dry when wet without sticking to the wrist.

Sports watches are appealing, and they can be seen in various colors too. So, it is liked by many men.

Standard and Topmost Features

Sports watches have both standard features and top-end features. You can see standard features in all the sports watches.

Here are the lists of standard features of a sports watch:

  • Shock-resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Stopwatch
  • Timer
  • Alarm clock
  • Calendar
  • Backlight

Every sports watch will have at least 100-200 meters of water resistance. 

There are two types of sports watches - digital and analog watches. You can see Led light in analog watches, whereas you can see full backlight in digital watches.

So, the above features are the standard features where you can see all these features in all the sports watches.

One also has bluetooth connectivity which provides a connection to your mobile phones.

A standard watch will also receive notifications, and you can send and receive messages; you can even connect calls from your mobile phones.

It also provides you with a hands-free music listening facility. They also contain third-party apps like Spotify, Amazon Music, and more.

You can control the playlists, increase and decrease sounds from your sports watch.

Features of a G-Series Sports Watch

A G-Series sports watch helps to know about the tidal waves and moon face, whether low tide or high tide.

These sports watches also provide the moon's status, whether it is a full moon day or No moon day.

A sports watch may often add these features:

  • Activity tracker or fitness tracker
  • GPS facility
  • Animated Training programs
  • Speed display
  • Heart rate monitor compatibility
  • Lap times
  • Route tracking
  • Cadence sensor compatibility
  • Dive computer and more.

Features of Fitness Tracker Sports Watches

Fitness freaks can go for a fitness tracker because it has all the features that a fitness personality asks for.

By tracking your fitness level, they also provide animated workouts so that you can control your condition.

Thus, they often help you to track your fitness level and help to regulate your health.

These features make the sports watch a unique piece in the whole world.

Features of Solar-Rechargeable Watches

Few sports watches have solar charging features.

The battery of this sports watch is solar-rechargeable, and it uses solar energy to charge itself.

In addition, it gives you a full battery for almost ten months. The expensive sports watch has a solar charging capacity for sure.

Features of Twin and Triple Sensor Watches

Watches with twin sensor features have a digital compass and thermometer.

And those with triple sensors have a barometer, altimeter, and thermometer.

Features of Wave Ceptor Watches

Other than these features, it also has a feature called a wave ceptor that connects to a six-wave ceptor reception station and gives you accurate time in different zones. 

Now you will think, what is the accurate time?

Since these types of watches are connected to those station towers daily, they acquire accurate time. But other watches cannot give you as accurately as these wave ceptors watches.

Sports watches are always worth it. But you have to be careful while you purchase a sports watch because there are so many watches that are not real but manufactured by duplicate companies, and they are made up of awful quality.

We would recommend you to buy watches if and only if it has its companies seal on it. 

Don't waste your money on anything that is not real or fake because every penny is precious. When you buy a branded watch, then they will provide service too.

So be cautious while buying a sports watch.


From this article, I hope you will not have any doubts regarding a sports watch whether it is worthy or not. Of course, the sports watches are worth it even in 2023. Their super cool features attract us to them!

Jacky Chou

Jacky Chou is the co-founder of Uberwrists and has gotten into watches from his father from a young age. His first watch was a black G Shock that was comedically large for his wrist. He appreciates watches from Seiko to a Patek Philippe.

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