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Are Old Timex Watches Worth Anything?

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Are Old Timex Watches Worth Anything

When discussing old and vintage watches, the likes of Rolexes and Omegas come to mind. Timex is another brand that has been here for so long that they deserve their place up there too.

Old Timex watches are considered vintage pieces and can fetch a good sum among watch collectors, enthusiasts, and lovers. Founded more than 160 years ago, the watch brand has cemented itself as one of the longest-standing horologists still around today.

Read on to find out if your Timex watch is worth anything – and how to determine its vintage value.

What Year Was the First Timex Watch Made?

Timex released its first watch in the year 1950. The company started as a clock manufacturing company under the name Waterbury Clock Co. They created their watch gear out of metal, rather than carving them from woods, using smaller, faster, and more accurate movements.

By the year 1901, Timex had started gaining recognition from making pocket watches which were mostly used in train stations and by noblemen. In the year 1994, they introduced the Timex Datalink (this was their first smartwatch).

Some of their popular watches are:

  • Timex Waterbury Traditional Automatic;
  • Timex Snoopy in Space;
  • Timex Todd Snyder Beekman;
  • Timex Keone Nunes;
  • Timex Marlin Automatic;
  • Timex Fairfield Chronograph; and
  • Timex Navi Harbor Fabric.

Timex has a lot of watches you can opt for today. From smartwatches to everyday watches, they have established themselves as one of the staple brands to beat in the wristwatch market.

You can find Timex watches for hiking, amazing Timex watches for nurses/ medical personnel and affordable Timex watches for men, among other categories from this veteran watchmaker. 

How Do I Know If My Timex Watch Is Vintage?

A watch has to be over 100 years old to be classified as a vintage piece. I recommend these three methods to determine if your Timex watch is a vintage item:

  • Serial number – The serial number sequence on the back of your Timex watch will help identify the model and product year. The first two or three digits indicate the model, while the last two serves as the production year;
  • Model – Timex once partnered with Microsoft on some watches, and that helps us find some model numbers too. Using MS Outlook, you can track the model of your watch. These watches have a three-digit numeric code that starts with an ‘M’. Running this code on MS Outlook can help determine if it is vintage or not;
  • The material used – The materials used on these watches vary. Stainless steel cases came in the 1930s, while Gold, Silver, and Bronze casings were used in much older pieces.

Note: Timex began using serial numbers in 1963. Thus, watches without serial numbers were made before this year.

Timex also repeats serial numbers. If you find the same serial numbers on different watches, you can consult a Timex serial number database.

These methods are the easiest and are also very common among watch appraisers. You can also converse with other collectors on ways to identify vintage pieces.

How Do You Date A Vintage Timex Watch?

Timex watches are not exactly very easy to date but there are ways around this.

If your Timex watch was made between 1950 – 1962, you can check the video guide below to find some actionable strategies to date your Timex watch from the timepiece itself:

Telling the age of a vintage Timex watch

For other years, use any of the model number guides in this article in line with online databases to find when that model was made. You can also check the heading above for a serial number guide, or approximate the era that the watch came from by looking at the materials used.

How Do I Find the Model of My Timex Watch?

Here are three quick ways to determine the model of your Timex watch:

  • Look at the back of the watch to find the model number;
  • Inspect the packaging – Packaging can also help determine the model. For example, the Timex 100 comes in a lightweight resin box while the Timex 150 features a metal package;
  • On Timex smartwatches, press the Mode button repeatedly till the watch displays COMM Mode. The message displayed will show the model number of the watch.

Not all Timex watches have their model numbers displayed. In this case, compare your watch to a similar one to determine the model number.

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