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Armand Nicolet M02 Day/Date Review

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As the watch industry continues to evolve with more and more brands launching their own models, it can be hard to keep up. We’ve taken a look at Armand Nicolet M02 Day/Date Watch and see if this is one you need in your collection.

The “armand nicolet review” is a watch that is made by the company Armand Nicolet. It has a unique design and was released in 2016.

Regarding Armand Nicolet

History of Armand Nicolet dates back to 1875. Boutique watchmaker Armand Nicolet is based in Tramelan, Switzerland.

Among watch enthusiasts, Armand Nicolet has a stellar reputation and is highly recognized. The intricate craftsmanship of the company’s watches is a clear indication of its lengthy history.


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Review Synopsis

I haven’t done a good enough job as a photographer in capturing the M02’s beauty. Guilloche and steel contrast, luring your gaze to a reward with exquisite decoration. Yes, the M02 appears nicer in person than it does in pictures, but the M02 is more than just a pretty face. It is substantial, long-lasting, and equipped with an upgraded and refinished ETA movement. The connection to Armand Nicolet’s other interests is another factor that, in my opinion, justifies the admittance fee.

Armand NicoDay/Date for Armand Nicolet M02let M02 Day/Date

Day/Date Technical Specifications for the Armand Nicolet M02

  • 9641A-NR-M9140 is the model number.
  • MSRP: $3,200
  • 43mm case diameter
  • Different color and complexity combinations are available in other models.
  • Activity: AN 2834-2
  • Day/date display and a screw-down crown are drawbacks.
  • Energy Reserve: around 40 hours
  • 100m/330ft of water resistance
  • Sapphire crystal material

Day/Date for Armand Nicolet M02

Choosing a Time

The AN 23834-2’s day/date function has a three-position crown and is similar to that of the ETA version of the movement on which it is based.

Setting the time:

  • Pulling the crown all the way back (position 3). To set the time, turn the crown counterclockwise. Keep in mind that the day/date display will change to AM time at midnight.

Setting the date:

  • To set the date, move the crown to the second place from the centre (position 2). To set the day, rotate counterclockwise.

Day/Date for Armand Nicolet M02

Day/Date for Armand Nicolet M02 Aesthetics & Design

I made an effort to treat this watch fairly. If you want to see some high quality close ups of the crown, dial, and movement, see the photographs in full size (bottom right of the image carousel). It certainly pays off that Armand Nicolet paid attention to the little things.

By how nicely made this watch is for its comparatively inexpensive price of $1,200, I’m really rather pleased. The hands and hour markers on the dial are made of chrome and have a matte appearance. It doesn’t shout at you, but when you look at it closely, you can see and appreciate the craftsmanship in the dial.

When completely screwed in, the grooved crown, which has the Armand Nicolet insignia stamped on it, fits snugly against the casing. It has a great shine that matches the case and bracelet’s quality. You can see that the steel has been grooved and etched if you turn the watch over. Although the movement is engraved, it is not adorned, which in my opinion is either a wise decision or a squandered chance.

The build quality is quite good. My 90mm macro lens can zoom in quite a bit and the quality of the work is quite constant.

Day/Date for Armand Nicolet M02

Date and Build Quality of the Armand Nicolet M02

When you take up the M02, its weight will be the first thing you’ll notice. All the steel actually adds heaviness, much like the Bulova 96A101 I reviewed. Though it’s not quite unpleasant, the M02 is near. The 10 ATM (100m) water resistance rating is a result of the build’s very high tolerances.

Case, Crystal, and Dial

The sapphire crystal of the M02 is excellent and comparable in quality to sapphire crystals offered at this price by other Swiss manufacturers. There is also a sapphire crystal on the back.

The dial’s mat coating seems to be of high quality. The signs and markings are all well aligned, and overall care in craftsmanship is quite evident both inside and out. Despite the steel seeming weighty, I was able to scratch the bezel by bumping against a quartz countertop.

Clasp and Strap

The stainless steel bracelet is substantial, with robust pins and screws and thick joints. The deployment clasp is likewise of high quality and has the Armand Nicolet inscription. The bracelet and clasp easily equal the case’s and dial’s quality, although somewhat dominating it.

Like other bracelets made of stainless steel, some minor scratches develop over time with constant use. The M02’s bracelet seems to be lasting longer than usual.

Day/Date for Armand Nicolet M02

The Day/Date for Armand Nicolet M02 in More Detail


The M02 is a watch from Armand Nicolet’s Contemporary Collection, which features watches with ETA movements that have been modified. This program makes use of a modified ETA 2384-2. The +/- 15 seconds per day rating for the ETA 2834-2 movement (standard variant). According to my stopwatch, the M02 gained 6 seconds every 24 hours.

The ETA 2834-2 movement that Armand Nicolet used is most likely Elabore grade and is renowned for being a dependable, accurate, and durable movement.

Day/Date for Armand Nicolet M02

Worth the Money

It’s difficult to conclude if this M02 variant is a good buy at that pricing, given that the MSRP is slightly north of $3,000. But the M02’s value argument is significantly better considering that you can get one for around $1,200 on Amazon (and other online watch sellers).

The watch you are wearing has a history that goes back to 1875, to start. Many companies brag about their histories, but Armand Nicolet has a rich one. I see the need that Armand Nicolet addresses, and I particularly like the way they use vintage movements in their OHM series. Even if they just have a name in common, I like that this M02 is associated with that.

This watch feels almost indestructible, to sum it up. Additionally, it is a high-end day/date watch with 100m water resistant (with the crown securely screwed down). I’m not sure whether I’d wear it while scuba diving, but I wouldn’t have any problems doing so if I was simply swimming about.

The M02 is a fantastic purchase for its $1,200 market price. I’d repurchase it.

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Day/Date for Armand Nicolet M02


The “armand nicolet mh2” is a watch that was designed to be used in the military. The company’s goal was to create a rugged, durable watch that would not break.

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