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Review of the newest release from AVI-8, a company known for their high-quality watches that are built to last. It’s available in three different finishes and is loaded with features like two time zones, Bluetooth connectivity, and more. The watch also has an attractive price tag at $199 USD.

The "avi-8 hawker hurricane limited edition" is a watch from AVI-8, a company known for their aviation inspired watches. The watch has an aluminum case and comes in multiple colors.

AVI-8 Men's Hawker Hurricane 42mm Brown Leather Band Steel Case Quartz White Dial Analog Watch...
  • Japanese Quartz Chronograph with Date
  • Round Stainless Steel Case with Serrated Bezel, 45mm
  • 22mm Hand Stitched Brown Colour Genuine Leather Strap
  • Multilayered Grey Dial With Domed Hardened Mineral Lens with...
  • Named after the famed Rolls Royce powered Avon turbojet engine...

The Hawker Hurricane is a chronograph with an aviation theme.

And it effectively conveys that message. The mustard-yellow and black variation of the AV-4011 series of Hurricanes that I have is the most attractive of the several variations (in my opinion). This quartz chronograph is enjoyable to wear and to look at thanks to the RAF motif and Hawker Hurricane insignia.

I genuinely appreciate good watch design, and I'm generally pleased with how AVI-8 fashioned the Hawker Hurricane. It departs from the norm and really embraces the fighter aircraft motif. I adore it.

Let's test the AV-4011-06 to see whether the expression "time flies while you're having fun" is accurate.

Technical Specifications for the AVI-8 Hawker Hurricane AV-4011-06

  • AV-4011-06 is the model number.
  • MSRP: $235
  • 42mm case diameter
  • Different color and strap options are available for alternative models.
  • Japanese quartz chronograph, used in motion
  • complications: date display and chronograph
  • Estimated battery life of 3 to 5 years
  • Waterproofing: 50 meters/165 feet
  • Mineral makes up the crystals.

AVI-8 Hawker Hurricane Aesthetics & Design

The Hawker Hurricane's surfaces all adhere to the same motif. There are reminders of the sources of the Hawker Hurricane's name and styling on the top, bottom, and on each side of the aircraft.

The Hawker Hurricane's design functions well because it was well thought out. The caseback has an etching of the Hawker Hurricane silhouette, the face is stylized without being overdone, and the crown seems to have been taken directly from the RAF.

Even the subdials have flight instrument-style labels.

The mustard-colored leather strap is a perfect match for the time period on which the watch is based. From afar, it nearly seems as if this watch would be included in the equipment of a fighter pilot or paratrooper in WWII England. For the task, the lume is clearly bright enough.

The AVI-8 logo is etched on the clasp, which is made of matte-finished black steel. It perfectly completes the watch, blending well with the mustard-colored strap and the ion-plated black case. Even though it lacks a deployment clasp, which I usually like when wearing leather, it complements the watch well and completes the design.

I like how comprehensive the Hawker Hurricane's design is. From the crown to the clasp, every component has been carefully thought out and executed. The watch really adds to the enjoyment by dressing the role it's attempting to play.

Build Quality of AVI-8 AV-4011-06

After using the Hawker Hurricane for a few weeks, my general opinion is that it is constructed just as well as any other watch in this price range. My only issue is that the crystal may need an anti-reflective coating.

Crystal, Case, & Dial

The crystal is made of mineral, which is a frequent choice for items priced around $250. The around $100 Timex Expedition and similar chronographs employ mineral; the roughly $100 Castle Corbel uses sapphire. It's hard for me to imagine sapphire is still too pricey to utilize on a quartz watch that costs close to $250.

Since the crystal is almost flush with the bezel, it doesn't draw much attention to itself. While I've worn it, it hasn't scratched. The time may be difficult to see when in direct sunlight on a bright day, as was previously indicated.

The ion-plated black casing looks nice. The black coating is consistent throughout and seems to hold up well against abrasion. The clasp has much more wear than the case.

The dial's quality of construction and design truly appeal to me. When seen up close, everything is applied evenly and straight. It seems to be solidly made.

Strap & Clasp

The mustard-yellow strap is attractive and comfortable on the wrist. Wearing it is pleasant since both sides are supple and silky. However, it is a bit thicker than average, which can be a concern if you're seeking for something slim and covert. There are questions to be posed about why you are looking at a watch with a mustard-yellow strap and an image of a WWII fighter on the dial, of course, if you wanted something covert.

The buckle is made out of black steel. It has a similar appearance to other buckles and is made equally skillfully. Although it has some wear-related scratches, it still looks fine overall. I believe it will endure well in the long run.

Regarding the Movement

The only information provided by AVI-8 about the movement is that it is a Japanese quartz chronograph. Although I've heard on other websites that it may be a TMI movement, I haven't removed the caseback to have a closer look. It could be a Miyota. I'll update this section as soon as I learn more.

The quartz chronograph of this Hawker Hurricane runs at -0.90 seconds per day, according to That's not terrible, delaying it by around 25–30 seconds per month.

The Bulova Accutron II Alpha, which is accurate to within 6 seconds every month, is one example of a quartz movement that is far more accurate, but let's be honest: not many people need their watch to be exact to the second, particularly when hunting for a stylish quartz chronograph.

The Hawker Hurricane’s Settings

  • Pull the crown to position 3 to set the time (furthest). To set the time, turn the crown in either way. Keep in mind that the date display will recalculate itself at midnight.
  • Pull the crown to position two to set the date (middle). To advance the date, turn the crown.

The Hawker Hurricane is a Great Aircraft.

I've been meaning to check out the AVI-8 brand for a long, so I'm pleased my first experience with them was good. I'm going to make an effort to get a few of their more timepieces, ideally including a few automatics.

Given the materials and movement used, I think their pricing point is a tad expensive. You can find the value proposition difficult if you judge a watch by the materials it is made of. I'm cool with the premium, however, because of how stylish and well-done it is. The Hawker Hurricane, in my opinion, is a watch with character, and that's worth something.

This AVI-8 follows the same broad style guidelines and employs a comparable mechanism as other quartz chronographs, but it does it very well. It's a terrific illustration of how to create a stylish, entertaining watch that is also quite practical and comfortable to wear. I believe you'll like it.

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The "av-4011-0e" is a watch that has been designed with a focus on aviation and military. The av-4011-06 has an interesting design, but it does not have the best quality.

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