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Some have argued that the current interpretation of watch winders is a bit dated, and people are choosing vintage watches rather than buying new ones. If you're in the market for some more convincing evidence, check out what these customers had to say about their experience with Barrington Watch Winders:

The "Wolf Watch Winder" is a watch winder that can be used to make sure your watches are always in good condition. It has a sleek design and a stylish color scheme. Read more in detail here: wolf watch winder.

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Every enthusiast of automatic timepieces need a watch winder, but is it this one?

Winder of Barrington watchess gave this watch winder at no cost for the purpose of this review. Words and photos by me. 

Since establishing WYCA in 2013, my watch collection has exploded to 54 watches, which is absurd. I've given away several watches over the previous almost seven years.

Even yet, I've never chosen to buy a watch winder despite having over 30 automatic watches in my home at any one moment. Early in the spring, Winder of Barrington watchess contacted me, and I took the chance to broaden my knowledge of horology.

I also understood that giving things a lot of time to spin before reviewing it is the only way to do it correctly. After all, although the dependability of the majority of typical automatics is fairly well known and simple to determine, the same is not true of appliances made by non-major brands, including watch winders.

I thus made the decision to allow the winder some time to present its case. I've been winding practically nonstop for over six months, and now I'm prepared to share my opinions on the Barrington Single Watch Winder.


  • Size: 4.5′′ W x 4.75′′ H x 6.25′′ D
  • MSRP: $179
  • Powered by: Plug-In or Battery

Designing in a Minimalistic Style: Not Quite Perfect

My home has started to adopt a minimalist aesthetic after a recent main-room Marie Kondofication. The tables and shelves with wood textures and trinkets are gone, and in their place are smooth, white surfaces that are empty.

The 13 colors available for the Barrington Single Watch Winder range from white, red, blue, yellow, green, amber, and black for piano finishes to rosewood, walnut, and other wood-textured hues.

Since I had full control over the non-wood variants, I decided to go with a basic white finish since I believed it would go well with my new minimalist style, and for the most part, it did.

However, it has a significant design flaw that seems out of place.

Barrington made the decision to include a green LED that blinks when it is operating for whatever reason during the design process. By the way, this LED only displays on the flat color models and would function just as well if it were on the back instead of the front of the device. Wooden winders don't have this drawback (perhaps because of which the $220 price advantage the wood ones have over the flat variants).

It may be that I'm exaggerating, but I feel that it utterly spoils the appearance of the front of the winder.

Get Beyond Design Details & There’s a Solid Winder Here

Barrington promotes a very quiet motor, and they are correct—when it's running, you hardly notice it. The winder might be kept in your bedroom without disturbing you (unless the blinking LED would wake you).

In terms of turns-per-day (TPD), it offers five distinct rotation settings: 650, 750, 850, 1,000, or 1,950. The winder's rear has a dial that may be used to change this setting.

Additionally, you can change the winder's rotational orientation, which is fantastic since certain watch movements are unidirectional and thus makes it possible to use the winder to wind any watch.

Every Other Thing

When purchasing your winder, you may choose a flex cushion (if you have tiny wrists) or a normal cushion. I chose the regular cushion despite being a card-carrying member of the club for weak wrists, and I was happy to discover that it perfectly fits all of my watch bands.

By firmly pushing on the plastic tabs on each side of the cushion, it is simple to remove. The pseudo carbon-fiber material successfully balances the lines between attractive and tacky. I like it.

I also had no trouble switching between AC power and batteries. Batteries give the device a long life and more positioning flexibility.

But I'd rather use a power line and save the batteries. The power cable's small length, which is just approximately 4′ long, is my second main point of contention at this point. This cable's limited length severely restricts where it may be used while still being plugged in, which I consider to be an unjustified restriction. Where it is located would be considerably increased by even a 6′ cable. Since outlets aren't always in the best spot.

The winder has been rotating and burning for about six months now without stuttering. It continues to function flawlessly six months after I initially acquired it.

Good Winder, but Still Room for Improvement

Barrington's winder is still fairly decent, despite weird design and practicality decisions. However, it might be much better if Barrington took the suggestions I mentioned above into consideration.

Practicality is an important factor to take into account. Since most watch lovers own many automatic timepieces, they would likely be more interested in a multi-watch winder. These are available from Barrington as well, with versions that can wind up to six watches at once (but the price scales as the number of watches increases, of course).

There's really no reason not to think about this winder if you don't have the same issues with the front-facing LED as I have. It is reasonably priced, nicely manufactured (I didn't see any glaring QC flaws), and does its function with little noise. The green LED on its face is simply too terrible.


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Winder of Barrington watches


The "wolf watch winder review" is a long-term review of the Barrington Watch Winders. The watch winder is a device that allows you to store and rotate your watches in a safe, secure place.

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