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Barton Watch Bands Nato Strap Review

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Almost every watch lover has a favorite type of band, whether it be leather or steel. This year I'll likely have to try out new bands in order for me not to get bored with my current ones. The Nato Strap is one such option with its unique design and limited availability online.

Barton Watch Bands is a company that creates high-quality watch straps. They offer NATO straps, which are used by the military and civilians alike. Barton offers a variety of colors, designs, and materials to choose from.

18mm Army Green Standard Length - BARTON Watch Bands - Ballistic Nylon NATO® Style Straps
  • EASY SWAP: No need to remove spring bars to swap different color...
  • SELECT PROPER WIDTH: Available in 18mm, 20mm, 22mm and 24mm...
  • LENGTH SELECTION GUIDELINES: 'Standard' length (available in...
  • THE PERFECT BALLISTIC NYLON: Lightweight and breathable, yet very...

A new strap may significantly alter how a watch looks.

Tossing your watch on to a NATO strap is probably the simplest method to add some diversity to your horological diet if you prefer to switch things up. A nato strap can be switched out in about ten seconds, so if you wanted to give the same watch a new appearance every day, you could do it with only a few straps.

On Amazon, I bought a white and navy NATO from Barton Bands. They promised to give me a few to check out to go along with my evaluation when we started conversing. Of course, I'd be delighted to comply.

I guess you could say I'm fairly strapped right now. for time, of course. Maybe we should go on to the review now, huh?

Barton's NATO straps may be purchased on Amazon for as little as $10 to $15 per piece.

Barton Nato Straps Cost A Lot, But They’re Not Cheap

There is also a distinction.

Let's start with the appearance of these straps. Choose from the orange on grey, navy on ivory, white on navy, or grey on black options I have available. Barton offers sixteen variations in various colors on their Amazon site. Only three of them are solid colors; the others are stripes; the most are mixes.

It's fascinating to see the straps up close since they are free of fraying, loose fibers, improperly cut ends, and glued seams. The boundaries between the colors are well defined, and the colors are bright and do not bleed. The whole thing looks fantastic—much better than the $15 price tag would imply.

If you want to view these items up close, look at the collection of high definition pictures below.

On the Weekender Chronograph, Citizen BM8475-26E Eco-Drive, and Weekender Fairfield, I believed I could swap out the straps. I regrettably discovered too late that the ivory and blue strap was the only one that will fit the black and orange citizen.

 On the watch, these straps look fantastic.

The Weekenders' NATO straps can be changed in a matter of seconds, completely altering the way both watches appear. The Chronograph seems sporty while the Fairfield appears abruptly young while having a white on smoky grey strap.

On the wrist, how do they feel?

firstly, comfortable. The leather on the Barton watches seems much firmer than the leather that came on the Timex watches originally. The Barton NATO straps nearly give the impression that the material has some sort of integrity, in contrast to the Timex original leather's softness. I don't dislike Timex's leather, but I do like the Barton's more.

It makes sense that a bit stiffer strap feel would be undesirable. They just feel sturdy, in actuality. The Barton watches seem undamaged in comparison to the Timex straps, which reveal their life history as soon as you put them on.

Additionally, the steel hardware performs well, attaching firmly and withstanding a few solid pulls without showing any symptoms of discomfort. The watch won't move after it is attached.

What I Think about the Barton Nato Straps Overall

These straps really amaze me (as if the previous 500 lines of praise weren't enough to convey that). With watches, you often "get what you paid for." But these straps? They are wonderful and are available for purchase for $12.

They are available from Barton in 18mm, 20mm, and 22mm widths. All are available in the usual 10′′ length, which perfectly suits my 7′′ wrist. Most guys can wear them comfortably.

Barton promotes their straps as being laser cut and ultrasonically welded, as well as waterproof and machine washable (two features I did not try) (to eliminate fraying). The outcome of their method is quite clear: these straps are excellent and worth the $12 they sell for.

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Nato Strap for Barton Watch Bands


The "ritchie vs barton watch bands" is a topic that has been discussed on many watch forums. Some people prefer the ritchie's, while others prefer the bartons. This review will help you decide which one to buy.

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