15 Best Automatic Dive Watches Under $2000: 2021 Buying Guide for Stylish Men

There is no shortage of automatic or dive watches at any price range, but what are the best dive watches under $2000?

Before anything else, let’s get this out of the way:

Dive watches are not for divers only. You might even never find a reason to go underwater with your dive watch.

However, they are classy, dressy, and possess all the makings of a finely-crafted watch. Those features make them suitable for diverse users from varying walks of life.

That said, this list is dominated by the picks from Seiko, Orient, and Luminox. We also got some nice additions from brands like Revue Thommen, Hamilton, Tissot, TAG Heuer, and Pantor, to mention but a few.

For a quick recap of all the watches on this list and their standout features, check the table below.

Our Picks of the Best Automatic Dive Watches Under $2000

1Tag HeuerFormula 1 Automatic Men’s Watchanthracite dials, unidirectional bezel, 200m WR rating
2MIDOOcean Star Captain Vunidirectional bezel, titanium build, 200m WR rating
3HamiltonKhaki Navy Scuba Watchpremium stainless steel, fine details, unidirectional bezel, 100m WR rating
4Seiko Prospex Diver Watch SBDC051dress watch, accurate timekeeping, unidirectional bezel, 200m WR rating
5TissotMen’s Seastar Swiss Automatic Watchswiss automatic movement, rubber strap, 300m WR rating
6ORIENT Triton Automatic Watchlegible, silver-tone finish, gold-tone hands, 200m WR rating
7PantorSeahorse Pro Automatic Dive Watchautomatic helium valve, multiple colors, unidirectional bezel, 1000m WR rating
8MarathonSwiss Made Military Jumbo Diver’s Watchmade in Switzerland, government military spec, 300m WR rating, multiple finish options
9SeikoMen’s Black Boy Automatic Diver’s Watchsporty watch, unidirectional bezel, 200m WR rating
10BulovaOceanographer Automatic Diver/ Dress Watchdress watch, stylish design, 200m WR rating
11LuminoxAtacama Field Automatic Watchwebbing strap, swiss automatic movement, simplistic, 200m WR rating
12NEYMARMen’s Swiss Automatic Diver Watch40mm case size, unidirectional bezel, 1000m WR rating, beautiful options
13ORIENTMen’s Mako USA IIRolex Explorer-lookalike, Japanese automatic movement, 200m WR rating, multiple colors
14Revue ThommenMen’s Diver Watchpremium color blend, 300m WR rating, gold-tone markers, polished stainless steel
15Luminox‘SEA’ Swiss Automatic Stainless-Steel Watchswiss automatic movement, premium build, 500m WR rating, for serious divers

TAG Heuer Formula 1 Automatic Men’s Watch

TAG Heuer Formula 1 Automatic Men’s Watch

Special Features

  • Anthracite dials
  • Unidirectional bezel
  • 200m water resistance rating
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire glass
  • Silver-tone stainless steel bands

This pick sounds like a great place to start.

The color combination and finish on this watch are next to none. With a combination of silver-tone and a dark metallic hue to match, there are rare units like this one. The design element continues with simple red detailing where necessary.

Completing the watch face design is a high-quality unidirectional rotating bezel and scratch-resistant sapphire glass.

Tag does away with excess watch face complications, only slapping its branding and a Formula 1 Edition badge on the watch. At the 3 O’clock mark is a date window to round off the design.

Rated at 200 meters of water resistance, this is more than decent for a swim.

MIDO Ocean Star Captain V

MIDO Ocean Star Captain V

Special Features

  • Titanium case build
  • High-quality materials
  • Day and date display
  • Simplistic design
  • 200m water resistance
  • Uni-directional rotating bezel
  • Smooth color tones

With the obvious love for stainless steel casing, it is always nice to see a titanium watch now and then. This creation of MIDO’s follows up with a grey dial on the inside of the watch, matching the exterior. The color is not there for the aesthetics only as the grey dials are also luminous in the dark.

Light orange markings on the watch bezel improve visibility and boost the appearance in the same vein. Finally, we appreciate the date and day display worked nicely into the face of the watch. At 42.5mm, most men would be comfortable with this watch on their hands.

Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Watch

Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Watch Steel
Steel Bracelet
Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Watch Rubber
Rubber Strap

Special Features

  • Fine detailing on the watch face
  • Premium stainless-steel material
  • Simple date complication
  • Unidirectional rotational bezel
  • Reputable brand

Hamilton is known for its rugged luxury watches, and they have done the same thing with this unit.

If you are not a fan of colorful watches, you might want to pass on this one. The choice of a main black tone with orange detailing around the watch face contributes to the overall appeal, no doubt. For a dress watch, though, the watch could be a little flashy for you.

Otherwise, we find this stainless-steel design to be a good value for the money. We would have loved to see more than 100m of water resistance rating, but you might not be needing more than that anyway.

Seiko Prospex Diver Watch SBDC051

Seiko Prospex Diver Watch SBDC051

Special Features

  • Dress watch style
  • Simplistic yet exquisite design
  • Unidirectional rotational bezel
  • Keeps accurate time
  • 200m water resistance rating

Seiko is no stranger to dive watches, and they will surely earn a spot on our list of the best automatic dive watches under $2000. They will make any list of dive watches we are putting together at all.

This Prospex unit is a largely unassuming timepiece that doesn’t look to have much going for it.

On the surface, it is nothing more than a stainless-steel watch with a silver-tone finishing on the outside and bracelets. The color takes a different turn with the watch face opting for a black tone instead.

Boldly plastered on the watch face is the 200m water resistance badge, the movement type, and also, the brand name. Rounding off the watch face design is a date complication – and things still do not get busy.

If you ever wanted a dive watch that also doubles as a dress watch, this one should be on your list.

Tissot Men’s Seastar Swiss Automatic Watch

Tissot Men’s Seastar Swiss Automatic Watch

Special Features

  • 43mm case diameter
  • 300m water resistance
  • Swiss automatic movement
  • Rubber strap

Are you a fan of rubber straps? Cos that’s what you get on this watch.

Of course, you can swap that out for other watch bands if you so wish later.

If that won’t be an issue, you will surely love the all-black coloring only broken at points by silver details. This Seastar can get to depths of 300m without suffering any damage, so good value for money on that front.

While the watch design allows for it to pass as a dress watch, we are not so sure about the rubber strap. That seems to be the only dealbreaker for us so far.

However, you will surely love that it does not just pack an automatic movement system, but the swiss automatic movement. At 43mm, the watch is not too big for most men.

ORIENT Triton Automatic Watch

ORIENT Triton Automatic Watch

Special Features

  • Gold-tone, luminous watch hands
  • Highly-legible watch face
  • 200m water resistance
  • Silver-tone stainless steel band
  • Unique crown position

ORIENT takes the whole diver’s watch business very seriously on this one.

Everything on the watch is as legible as can be, making this a suitable automatic diver’s watch for seniors or those with short-sightedness. It is also fine for you if you don’t fall into any of those categories.

It is amazing how they could cram such legibility into just 43mm of a watch case. At 200m of water resistance, you will be taking this watch on more than just recreational swimming – if you so wish to.

The unidirectional bezel is not there for aesthetics as it’s highly functional too. Finished off with luminous gold-tone hands, the devil of this watch’s beauty is in the intricate details.

Pantor Seahorse Pro Automatic Dive Watch

Pantor Seahorse Pro Automatic Dive Watch (Steel)
Pantor Seahorse Pro Automatic Dive Watch (Blue)
Pantor Seahorse Pro Automatic Dive Watch (Black)

Special Features

  • 1000m depth rating!!!
  • Beautiful bracelet design
  • Automatic Helium valve
  • Unidirectional rotating bezel
  • Multiple color options/ styles

Do you know what a dive watch that can reach depths of 1,000m looks like? Maybe you should take another look at the pictures above.

There is a high chance you never dive to more than a tenth of that, but this is surely nice to have. The watch doesn’t look bad either, making a case for choosing it as a dress watch when you are not heading to the waters.

The only drawback to this watch is its massive size. At 45mm, it is better suited for larger wrists. However, the presence of a bezel makes it suitable for wearers with slightly smaller wrists (42-44mm) also.

Speaking of the wrists, Pantor switches things up on the bracelets with intricate patterns. Offering the watch in different steel color designs, you get to choose which one resonates with your style.

Marathon Swiss Made Military Jumbo Diver’s Watch

Marathon Swiss Made Military Jumbo Diver’s Watch (Black)
Marathon Swiss Made Military Jumbo Diver’s Watch (Stainless Steel)
Stainless Steel
Marathon Swiss Made Military Jumbo Diver’s Watch (Rubber Strap)
Rubber Strap
Marathon Swiss Made Military Jumbo Diver’s Watch (Rubber Strap II)
Rubber Strap II

Special Features

  • 300m water resistance
  • Government military grade spec
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Diverse color, material, and finish options

The name is quite a mouthful, we give it that.

Thankfully, it doesn’t disappoint where it matters.

Marathon doesn’t try to do too much at once with this watch and we love them for that. Made in Switzerland, the watches do not only carry the Swiss movement badge but are also certified swiss made.

At this price range, we expect something sturdy. Knowing that the watch is built to government military spec and is specially designed for search and rescue missions at sea is enough to put our minds at ease. For the latter, the watch slaps on a 300m water resistance rating also.

On the design front, Marathon opts for Maraglo paint on the hour hands and markers to ensure it glows in the dark.

Offering tons of color options, material of make, and even band pick, the Marathon Swiss Made Military Jumbo Diver’s Watch has every potential user’s preferences at heart.

Seiko Men’s Black Boy Automatic Diver’s Watch

Seiko Men’s Black Boy Automatic Diver’s Watch

Special Features         

  • Sporty feel
  • 200m water resistance
  • Beautiful stainless steel bracelet design
  • Black watch face pairs well against the silver exterior
  • Unidirectional rotational bezel
  • Day and date display

For a watch that is predominantly silver in color, we don’t know where the ‘black’ naming style came from. Unless the watch face gave rise to the name, anyway.

Speaking of the watch face, it is one of the simplest yet most beautiful designs on this list.

Again, we have the day and date display nestled nicely at the 3 O’clock mark. The other details on the watch face are the names and branding information.

Looking at the body, this is not like any other stainless-steel design you have been seeing. Seiko could have stayed plain and we would still have loved the watch but they decided to do something special instead.

Carrying a sporty feel to it, this is that one dive watch that will double as both a dress and outdoor watch.

Bulova Oceanographer Automatic Diver/ Dress Watch

Bulova Oceanographer Automatic Diver/ Dress Watch (Blue)
Bulova Oceanographer Automatic Diver/ Dress Watch (Green)

Special Features

  • A unique blend of colors
  • Stylish watch face design
  • High-quality stainless-steel material
  • Doubles as a dress watch
  • ‘Fin’ around watch face
  • 200m water resistance

Is it just us, or does this watch have fins around its face? Maybe that’s what makes it such a great diver. That, and the 200m water resistance rating.

The face of the watch is the most attention-grabbing here. Split into four quadrants, the pairing of blue, red, and silver tones is done so effortlessly that you do not even notice it happening. This extends into the watch frame/ bezel where we have even the same red and black detailing.

Although Bulova names this a dress watch too, it comes down to personal preferences. Especially for watch lovers who don’t like their watch to stand out too much.

Bulova references the diving ability of the watch by slapping a ‘Snorkel’ naming system on the front of the watch. Complete with luminescent hands and markers, this is a watch that should be in any diver’s collection.

Luminox Atacama Field Automatic Watch

Luminox Atacama Field Automatic Watch

Special Features

  • Simplistic elegance
  • Webbing strap
  • 200m water resistance rating
  • 24-hour internal markings
  • Day and date window
  • Swiss automatic movement

By ‘field,’ we know that Luminox is referring to the waters too. That is why they thought to engineer a 200m water resistance rating on this unit.

This one takes a unique angle to the other diver’s watches on this list with its choice of strap. The webbing model allows for the watch to soak water without extensive damage over time. Likewise, the watch is lacking a bezel on the outside, opting for inner reference markings.

On the inside watch face is a simple design (just how we like it) and 24-hour time calibrations also. Besides that, we also have the day and a date window at the 3 O’clock mark of the watch. What rounds off the face design is the watchmaker’s logo standing at the 12-hour point.

At 44mm, Luminox takes a really simple approach to the entire diver’s watch business. We love it and it sits down well with people who like a high-quality piece without all the bells and whistles.

NEYMAR Men’s Swiss Automatic Diver Watch

NEYMAR Men’s Swiss Automatic Diver Watch (Green)
NEYMAR Men’s Swiss Automatic Diver Watch (Black)

Special Features

  • 1,000m water resistance rating
  • Beautiful watch face options
  • Top-quality stainless steel
  • 40mm case diameter
  • Unidirectional bezel

Another watch with a 1,000m depth rating surely deserves a seat at the table of the best automatic diver’s watches under $2000.

It took us a while to get here because, quite frankly, we are not as familiar with the brand as the others. However, that does not make it any less of a good choice.

We still can’t pick between the steel black surface and steel green surface (pictured above) of the watch. We wish you good luck with two equally beautiful options like that.

No matter the color option, this unit sports the same top-shelf stainless-steel material with a 120-click, unidirectional bezel on top.

The watch face is kept relatively simple: the manufacturer’s insignia at the top, watch details at the base, and a date window at the 3 o’clock mark. Packaged in a deluxe box, discovering this brand is well worth it.


ORIENT Men’s Mako USA II (Blue)
ORIENT Men’s Mako USA II (Black)

Special Features

  • 200m water resistance
  • Japanese automatic movement
  • Day and date window display
  • Multiple face color options
  • Nods to the Rolex Explorer series

We don’t say much about Japanese automatic movements as well as we praise their swiss counterparts. If there was a movement built to last, it is this one – and that is what we have on this watch also.

In some ways, the Mako Men USA II nods to the Rolex watches with its form of design. The date window (accompanied by a day window here also), overall face design and hour markers remind us of the Explorer series. That is a good thing as this dive watch can also double as a dress watch then.

The unidirectional bezel on the watch helps to conceal the fact that it is a huge face at 45.5mm. At 200m of water resistance, this is also more than decent for the money.

Although black watches are the most commonly used and bought, this one offers a silvery blue option for those that want something different.

Revue Thommen Men’s Diver Watch

Revue Thommen Men’s Diver Watch

Special Features

  • 300m water resistance
  • 42mm case diameter
  • A perfect blend of premium colors
  • Gold-tone luminescent hour markers and dials
  • Polished, high-grade stainless-steel build
  • Swiss automatic movement

Never have we seen a perfect blend of copper, silver, a dark shade of blue, and black come out this fine.

Revue Thommen did such a great job on the watch that you would not even notice the different colors. Everything is worked so fine into one another that they come together for a single look and feel.

When we were done fawning over the design, we saw also that this automatic watch packs a 300m water resistance rating under that 42mm case diameter. At this size, the watch is suitable for smaller wrists down to 40mm – especially since the bezel will make it feel smaller than it already is.

The attention to detail on this watch is amplified in the choice of gold-tone, glow-in-the-dark hour markers, and hour hands. Finished with a polished stainless steel exterior and scratch-resistant, anti-reflective glass, the class on this watch is unspeakable.

Oh, don’t mind the colors. This will do just fine as an everyday dress watch.

Luminox ‘SEA’ Swiss Automatic Stainless-Steel Watch

Luminox ‘SEA’ Swiss Automatic Stainless-Steel Watch

Special Features

  • Essential for serious divers
  • 500m water resistance rating
  • Premium build and quality of materials
  • Unique design and finish
  • Uniform black tone
  • Ruggedness and durability promise
  • Swiss automatic movement

Luminox went all out on this one.

Where do we even start from on a watch that looks as good, premium, and rugged as this one? The basics, maybe.

There, we have the likes of a 500m water resistance rating to sustain the watch on some of the deepest dives it would ever take.

On the surface of the watch is a brushed steel make that extends into the rightly-fitting bezel also. The watch crown also enjoys the premium treatment, taking protection from a small enclosure by the side.

The watch’s face continues with the same black tone, giving way to yellow details on the hour hand for more emphasis. Luminox went easy on the watch complications, only choosing to have a date and day display instead. Every other thing is brand inscriptions and markings on the fine features of the watch itself.

At 44mm, this is one of the bigger-sized watches that can easily be worn by slightly smaller wrists too – thanks to the bezel again. Packing swiss automatic movement under the hood, the only thing that could be a dealbreaker for some users is the choice of a rubber strap.

Keep Time Anywhere

Whether in water, the air, or on land, these amazing watches will keep good time for you anywhere.

We made sure to check with only the established brands and horologers who have a promise of quality behind their products. Thus, you are getting a great value for money on every watch that you pick here.

That, and almost every pick on this list also doubles as a dress watch. You don’t have to worry about getting a premium timepiece that can only be broken out when you are going in the waters.

Left to you, which of the picks above is your best automatic dive watch selling for under $2000?