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The Best Full Hunter Pocket Watches to Buy in 2023

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O. Christopher

The Best Full Hunter Pocket Watches to Buy in 2021

When we first answered the question of what full hunter pocket watches were, little did we know that there is a lot of interest in these kinds of watches. On the back of that, we went back to our research base to dig up the best full hunter pocket watches that you can buy.

Of course, it might seem like pocket watches are a thing of the past but that could not be more wrong. Worn right, they can make an awesome fashion statement even today.

For a quick recap of everything we found, Rapport’s Mechanical Full Hunter Pocket Watch and Tissot’s Unisex Savonettes Pocket Watch stand out the best. You will also get great value for money on the Charles-Hubert Paris 3900-W Classic Watch.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get into the business of the day.

Our Picks of the Best Full Hunter Pocket Watches

1. Speidel Classic Brushed Satin Pocket Watch

Speidel Classic Brushed Satin Silver-Tone Pocket Watch with 14" Chain, Black Dial, Seconds Hand, Day...
  • Precision analog quartz movement including a seconds hand, day...
  • Engravable classic brushed satin finish case attached to a...
  • Push button crown conveniently located at 3 o’clock making it...
  • Perfect holiday, birthday or any other special occasion

Speidel might be popular for their medical watches but they are no slouches when it comes to pocket watches either.

The watchmaker opts for a rather uncommon polished black finish on this watch. The color blends well against the silver-tone detailing on the watch hands, hour markers, and watch face itself.

Note that you can get the watch in different finishes (silver of different grades) if the standard option does not sit down well with you.

This is not your regular pocket watch either, featuring a system of two chronographs for added functionality.

At 47mm, the watch is not exactly small. Since you won’t be wearing it around your wrists, the size is just ideal.

2. Tissot Unisex Savonettes Swiss Pocket Watch

Tissot Unisex-Adult Savonnettes Quartz Stainless Steel Specialities Silver T83655313
  • Case Size: 48.50 millimeter; Case Thickness: 10.20 millimeter
  • Swiss quartz movement, 316L stainless steel case, Roman dial...
  • Band color: White
  • Item shape: Round

Swiss watches are great, so just guess how amazing swiss pocket watches will also be!

This sterling silver full hunter pocket watch from Tissot is highly simplistic with a uniform finish from start to end. The only different colors can be found on the watch face itself where the hour markings assume a shade of black. These color choices reflect well against and on each other for the best overall effect.

Under the hood, Tissot maintains swiss quartz movements for both reliable timekeeping and ease of watch cleaning, servicing and repair. At 48.50mm, this is not a small watch – but its size is just right for a pocket watch nonetheless.

Besides the watch itself, Tissot slaps on a high-quality chain to add to the overall appeal of the watch. Well before you take out the watch to check time like the gentleman that you are, the chain already announces what a fine timepiece you are carrying inside your clothes.

3. Things Remembered Personalised Gunmetal Pocket Watch

Gunmetal Skeleton Pocket Watch (Free Customization) - Things Remembered
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY AND DESIGN – Give him a classic piece with...
  • PERSONALIZATION INCLUDED – Engrave the watch with a name,...
  • KEY DETAILS – The personalized hand-wound watch opens to reveal...
  • GIFTING INSPIRATION – This personalized watch makes the perfect...

If you are looking for a pocket watch to gift someone, here is one ideal choice for you. You could also get this watch to mark/ commemorate a special occasion for yourself.

The watch itself comes in a gunmetal finish which makes the engravings stand out against the case. Opening the watch cover reveals copper accents which, again, is well pronounced against the gunmetal finish.

We also appreciate the high-quality chain that accompanies every unit of this watch. On top of that, you don’t have to pay anything extra to have the watch customized to taste.

Whether you are getting it for yourself or someone else, this watch can quickly become a family heirloom to be passed from one generation to the other.

4. Rapport Mechanical Full Hunter Gold Plated Pocket Watch

Rapport London, Pocket Watch Hand Winding Small Second Double-Hunter
  • Luxurious rose gold plated pocket watch with a smooth and shiny...
  • The pocket watch boasts a white dial with black Roman Numerals
  • A double opening allows you to open the back and watch the...
  • Arrives with a matching chain and in a high quality box, making...
  • Size: Ø 50mm

For this watch, Rapport also has a fine pick with a silver finish (as seen in the picture gallery above). However, we loved the accents, tones, and finishing on this gold option better.

It is not every day that you see a gold full hunter pocket watch that doesn’t try to overdo it. This watch puts its biggest strength in staying simple yet functional and stylish for the eventual gentlemen to wear it.

A full hunter pocket watch with mechanical movement is as close to the classic thing as possible. It is such small attention to details as we see on this watch that makes us love it even more.

We also appreciate the single chronograph at the 6 o'clock marker. That sits down well against the rest of the watch face design, coming in in black. Complete with a unique presentation box to match, we would have loved it if Rapport shipped this unit with a chain to match.

5. BOSHIYA Doctor Who Pocket Watch

Doctor Who Pocket Watch for Cosplay Dr. Who Vintage Bronze Quartz Watch with Necklace (Bronze)
  • (The Doctor) is a time lord from Gallifrey. He has two hearts and...
  • I burn up a sun just to say goodbye: Easy time reader (Clock face...
  • Good quality-Japanese movement and battery, exquisite...
  • Must choose-Want to stand out? This is your DW pocket watch-a...
  • Packing list:One Bronze Doctor Who Theme Pocket Watch With One...

The fans of Doctor Who should love to collect this fine pocket watch as inspired by the titular character. Even if you were not a fan of Doctor Who, the watch provides enough eye candy and functionality to reel you in anyways.

At 58mm, this pocket watch is as oversized as they come. It’s a good thing that the watch will almost always be in your pocket then.

The large face makes it easy to read the time at a glance. We feel that the watch face is a little busy with all that design going on, but we will leave you to make that decision.

Looking elsewhere, a combination of professional workmanship with a good battery and sharp appearances makes this watch a good bargain for the money. Throw in the option to select between black and silver-tone finishes, and we have yet another reason to go for this one.

At the meagre price it sells at, you can even get both colors for your collection.

Finally, it carries a good weight that doesn’t make it flimsy on the hands.

6. Charles-Hubert Paris 3900-W Classic

Charles-Hubert, Paris 3900-W Classic Collection Polished Finish Hunter Case Quartz Pocket Watch
  • case Size : 47 mm
  • Chrome Finish Hunter Case
  • Date Display
  • Quartz Movement
  • Deluxe Gift Box

The Paris 3900-W Classic is one pocket watch that we don’t think will spend much time in your pocket. It is just too beautiful to look at with its full silvery tone finish that you will want it in your palms more than your pocket.

At 47mm, size is not a problem for this watch. It also weighs right enough for the perfect feel in the hands. On the pocket watch face is one of the most unique date display designs – and it is nothing short of beautiful.

A chrome back finish and high-quality material of make everywhere else betrays the price point of this watch. We thought it would cost more – and it would have even been justified at that.

Backed by an established brand name, quartz movement, and a lifetime movement warranty, this is surely one of the best full hunter pocket watches in silver.

There You Have It

Those are the best full hunter pocket watches that we found. We trust you see why each pick is as unique as the next one also.

From novelty items to gift options, luxury options to solid gold and silver full hunter mechanical watches, we have them all up there. No matter your taste, style, and personal preferences, we believe that we have been able to come up with something for you also.

As a refresher, if you were wondering how best to pair a pocket watch to your outfit, we have provided a link to such a resource here. Do well to check it out and you’re good to go.

O. Christopher