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What Are the Best Medical Watches for Doctors? [Best Choices and Reviews]

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What Are the Best Medical Watches for Doctors? [Best Choices and Reviews]

We have touched on the best watches for paramedics and EMTs, and even which smartwatches are great for nurses. Never have we discussed the best medical watches for doctors, and that is about to change today.

There are a lot of wristwatches out there. There are also many of them that doctors can wear, but they cannot all be functional for doctors.

That is why we have restricted this list to those best watches for medical professionals, all sure to better the deliverance of your duties in one way or the other.

What is a Medical Watch?

A medical watch allows a doctor/ medical professional to read a patient's pulse accurately.

The most common medical watches feature a pulse scale (called pulsometer), making it easy to take readings of the pulse with respect to the seconds' count. This pulse meter can either be on the inside or outside of the watch (the watch bezel)

What Is A Doctor’s Watch?

Same as the medical watch above.

A doctor's watch will also have a dedicated pulsometer either on the inside or outside the wristwatch.

How Does a Pulsometer Watch Work?

The pulsometer scale on your watch could be calibrated to either 15 or 30 beats. Count the patient’s heartbeats to the number that the scale is calibrated to (15 or 30). At the end of the count, the watch dial indicates the frequency of heartbeats without having to do a mental calculation (multiplication by four) as usual.

Most pulsometer watches also come with a chronograph. This makes the determination of pulse on the same watch face even easier.

Can Doctors Wear Watches?

Yes, doctors can wear watches. A study carried out shows that most doctors are ineffective at estimating pulse and respiration rates without their wristwatches.

There was a time when wristwatches were being eliminated from the doctors’ dress code in a ‘bare below the elbows’ initiative. Among other things, it was believed that having a wristwatch would negatively impact handwashing, which is essential in the medical trade.

However, a counter study shows that there is nothing to worry about here. Thus, doctors can wear watches in the hospital and still observe proper handwashing. In fact, these watches are deemed critical to their work.

It would help to confirm your hospital policies before slapping on a wristwatch, though.

What Is the Best Medical Watch for Doctors?

We tried to choose only one, but we found a handful of choices that made the cut.

Check them out below to choose which one fits better with your style and needs.

1. Zeppelin 8644-5 Series LZ126 Los Angeles


A rather unconventional naming system for a watch, but it does get the job done.

The stainless-steel watch casing paired with a brown leather strap provides a simple design that doesn't draw too much attention. The watch face has a date complication and chronograph, but that is not why we are here. With a base 30 pulsometer to match, this earns a spot on our list of medical watches.

You can also pair the pulsometer with the chronograph function for taking more accurate readings.

2. Stuhrling Original ChronoPulse Watch


Base 30 pulsations are relatively more common these days, and we have the same calibrations here.

A system of three chronographs makes this watch highly functional, allowing you to create different calculations on different time scales. The other chronographs will be useful outside of the work setting, pushing up this watch's functionality and practicality.

We love that Stuhrling made this watch available in different color designs and styles. That way, you can choose which design best resonates with your style.

At 50m of water resistance, this is not the watch you take diving and snorkeling. However, it is protected against splashes, so you don't have to worry about taking it off before washing your hands either.

3. Speidel Scrub 30 Medical Watch


Speidel has been making wristwatches for medical professionals for some time now, so we are not surprised at all the attention to detail here.

The stainless-steel case is paired with a silicone strap for twice the ease of cleaning. Speaking of the silicone band, Speidel makes it such that you can get the right watch to match with your scrubs too. The style might not be our focus for this list, but that does not mean we didn’t consider it either.

Moving forward, we would have loved to see a chronograph on this watch. Without that, medical doctors will have to rely on the second count alone to make their pulse readings.

With 50m of water resistance rating too, this watch can stay on while you wash your hands.

4. Aristo Swiss Automatic Medical Watch


Automatic watches are classy, so we decided to bring one for this list too.

Before we get into the class, you will appreciate the design of the pulsometer on this watch. As functional and legible as possible, and the wristwatch is not too big for comfort either.

A stainless-steel case seems to be the staple on watches these days, so that is welcome here also. Aristo infuses a bit of style into the design with the choice of an alligator-grained black leather strap. The entire watch face design is completed with a date complication placed at an unconventional location.

The only downside to getting this watch is local repair and maintenance support. If you have a watch repair shop around that specializes in a range of brands, though, don't hesitate to pick this one up.

It’s Your Turn

We have done the legwork in bringing you these picks. The onus lies on you to select which suits your style and person the best.

Which one would it be, then?

O. Christopher