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Best Watches for Paramedics and EMTs: 12 Picks You Should See

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Best Watches for Paramedics and EMTs: 13 Picks You Should See

Every paramedic and EMT knows that they need a suction unit, stethoscope, a jump bag, etc. as part of the tools of the trade. However, something as small yet useful as a wristwatch could be overlooked. That does not have to be you – which is why we have researched some of the best watches for paramedics and EMT staff.

For one, first responders need to be able to log accurate times – from the time when they got the call to reaching ground zero and doing their best to handle the situation. That said, though, the choice of the watch also has to be rugged enough to withstand the rigors of the job.

In this piece, we not only discuss the best watch to get as a paramedic or EMT but what you should look out for when picking a watch too.

If you are more interested in smartwatches, we have discussed top smartwatches for nurses and other healthcare professionals here also.

Here are the Best Watches for Paramedics and EMTs

1. Apple Watch Series 5

Even though they have access to some of the most sophisticated medical equipment, not all paramedics use these on themselves. Considering the strenuous nature of their job, there should be a way to passively keep track of their health and vitals too.

This is where the Apple Watch Series 5 comes in.

The watch ships with an ECG sensor that monitors your electrocardiogram right from your wrist. The watch will also notify the wearer when their heart is having an irregular rhythm or electric activity so that they can slow down. Speaking of slowing down, this watch also comes in handy to manage your stress levels effectively.

Better still, we love the fact that the watch comes with in-built maps to get you places faster. Coupled with a pretty accurate compass system, you never get lost when responding to an emergency call anymore.

Besides the fact that it works well as a great watch for paramedics, the watch also passes as an everyday gear for your wrist.

PS: You can get the Cellular version of the Apple Series 5 Watch if you would like the added functionality of picking calls from your wrist while on the job.

  • PROS
  • Helps keep your vitals managed while on the job
  • App store boosts watch functionality
  • Map support can help avoid traffic and get to emergencies faster
  • Can be worn as an everyday watch
  • Customization of watch faces gives you a unique piece
  • Improves notification management
  • CONS
  • The watch is not built for ruggedness
  • Only pairs with iOS devices

2. Timex Men’s Ironman Quartz Watch

Timex Men's 'Ironman' Quartz Resin Pocket Watch, Color:Digital (Model: TW5K94100)
  • Clean Sport Design
  • Stopwatch with 10 Lap Memory
  • Countdown Timer & Alarm
  • 100 Meter Water Resistance
  • INDIGLO Night-Light

Getting all the information you need at the simple glance of your wrist is very important. This is one of the areas where the Timex Men’s Ironman watch excels the most.

The display is big enough to give you accurate time, date, and alarm information as fast as possible. It also manages not to be too big for comfort. Featuring a regular rubber strap, the watch fastens around the wrist enough to prevent slipping around while on active duty.

Extra features like a stopwatch, timer, and alarm could come in handy when on the job also. Finally, the rubberized exterior outlook is designed to withstand shocks and drop damages while remaining stylish enough.

  • PROS
  • The watch display presents relevant information legibly
  • Features stopwatch, timer and alarm settings
  • Timex watches are built to last long
  • Different color options to suit your taste
  • CONS
  • Not as fashionable as most everyday watches

3. Casio Men’s G-Shock Analog-Digital Watch

Casio Men's G-Shock Analog-Digital Watch GA-100C-8ACR, Grey/Neon Blue
  • Round shock-resistant watch with auto LED light, World time, 4...
  • Also features speed indicator, countdown timer, and 12/24 hr...
  • 55 mm stainless steel case with mineral dial window
  • Quartz movement with analog-digital display
  • Resin band with buckle closure

Casio has made a name for itself in the rugged watch niche, and they also bring a ton of style to that. Already, that tells you that this watch fits into your fast-paced lifestyle as a paramedic and will take just about any abuse you can throw at it. To buttress this point, we have the waterproof support and a resin strap built to last.

Many users prefer an analog watch, but digital watches come in handy under tense situations. Fortunately, this watch carries support for both face options. The display is also wide enough to not only tell the date but the exact day it is too.

Like most other watches from Casio, this G-shock features a sport mode, comes with a timer, supports an alarm, and can be used as a stopwatch also. The shock-resistant build means you do not have to worry about drops, hitting the watch against surfaces, or any of such occupational situations that might have otherwise caused damage to the clock.

Finally, we believe you will appreciate the LED backlight which not only boosts low-light visibility but also adds some style to the watch.

  • PROS
  • The watch is as stylish as they come
  • Rugged build for durability and longevity
  • Features speed indicator and countdown timer
  • Packs both digital and analog watch faces
  • Supports 12 and 24-hour time formats
  • The watch is waterproof
  • LED light for better low-light visibility
  • CONS
  • Digital readouts’ contrast sometimes makes it hard to read

4. MEGALITH Military Gents Wristwatch

MEGALITH Mens Watches with Nylon Waterproof Digital Military Sport Tactical Multifunction Heavy Duty...
  • ⌚Imported⌚: Japan movement and battery (Battery Life 3...
  • ⌚Mutifunction⌚: Time, day and date display; 12/24H format...
  • ⌚Upgraded⌚: Upgraded of similar models sold in Amazon; SS316L...
  • ⌚Perfect Gift⌚:Designer sports watch of high quality, which...
  • ⌚Service & Guarantee⌚: if you have any quality or any other...

Don’t let the name fool you. This is not a watch for military people alone. The name is just there to tell you that this watch is designed to survive in rugged conditions, is waterproof, and will last longer too.

An accurate time-telling in both 12 and 24-hour formats makes it more appealing. If you do not care much for digital watches, you will appreciate the analog face also. The stainless-steel material on the body is not only a hygienic choice but also makes the watch easier to clean. That extends into the watch strap that is equally as easy to clean.

We should probably mention that the watch is a little bit on the heavy side. It is not too heavy for comfort, but you might not be able to forget that you have something on your wrist.

  • PROS
  • Features 12- and 24-hour clock formats
  • Has both an analog and digital face in one
  • Stainless steel build speaks of quality
  • Ships with a cleaning cloth for the body and band
  • The watch looks great overall
  • CONS
  • A little bit on the heavy side
  • Best not to use the watch near water

5. Casio Women’s LRW200H-7BVCF Watch

Casio Women's LRW200H-7BVCF Watch
  • 100 M Water Resistance
  • Pink Resin Case with matching Resin band
  • Rotary bezel
  • White Dial with colorful numerals
  • Date Indicator at 3 o'clock position

Casio is known for its functional and strong watches. This one is both things and more.

The watch is easy to read in multiple conditions and durable enough for everyday use also. It is equally water-resistant – up to 100 meters – which is a claim you can trust since it comes directly from Casio. The wristwatch also features four hour markers and multi-colored numbers for faster identification.

Overall, we believe that this watch is a steal for the price it is currently selling at. Whether you are a female paramedic, EMT, or nurse, you should get this watch as one of your wrist gears right now.

  • PROS
  • Beautiful watch
  • Easy to read numbers and markers
  • Water-resistant up to 100 meters
  • Durable yet functional watch
  • CONS
  • Dials do not light up in the dark
  • Does not have LED backlight

6. Casio Women’s Baby-G-Analog-Digital Display

Casio Women's BA-111-1ACR Baby-G Analog-Digital Display Quartz Black Watch
  • Shock-resistant round watch with LED backlight, world time...
  • Other features include: full auto calendar programmed until 2099,...
  • 46.3 mm resin case with mineral dial window
  • Quartz movement with analog and digital display
  • Resin band with buckle closure

Yes, another one from Casio – and we adore this one too.

Honestly, the first thing that catches the eye on this one is a blend of the pink detailing against the predominantly black build. That makes a strong statement on its own. Making equally impressive statements are the internal detailing on the watch face.

Speaking of watch faces, you have the option for an analog and digital watch in here. The watch dial is also designed in such a way that adds to the overall beauty of the watch. It is almost like we cannot find anything wrong on this pick.

The shock-resistant watch has an automatic calendar that will only stop being accurate in the year 2099 – and dual watch formats to match. It continues with a durable resin band buckle and water resistance to match. The LED backlight might not light up a room, but it would do its best in letting you see the time better in low light situations.

Complete with five daily alarms and a stopwatch timer, this is a watch for different purposes.

  • PROS
  • Dual watch faces and time formats
  • Water-resistant up to 100mDesign is very spot on
  • Features shock protection from Casio
  • Watch face isn’t too big for small/ big wrists
  • CONS
  • The contrast could be better on a digital watch
  • Watch face might be too busy for some

7. PP Peugeot Women’s Wristwatch

Peugeot Womens Glow in The Dark Wrist Watch with Leather Strap & Easy Reader Arabic Numerals
  • ✔ Perfet size classic women watch with 30mm dial is great for...
  • ✔ Clean sleek dial with arabic numeral makes this watch an easy...
  • ✔ Soft leopard print leather wrist strap is comfortable and...
  • ✔ Fitted with Japanese movement. manufacturerd by Seiko and...

Out of the box, this is one of the top simple watches out there. Besides the Arabic numerals and watch hands, the watch does not have much else going for it. That helps to stay true to the purpose of being a watch and nothing more than that.

The watch dials are noticeably thicker than normal. That allows them to accommodate an illuminating strip to help tell the time better in low light conditions. It is even more impressive that the watch hands are not too big for comfort, so you don’t have to worry about overlapping on minutes and hours.

A leather strap keeps the watch fast secured to your wrists. Beyond that, you also get to enjoy the premium feel that comes with having a leather strap around your wrists. That, and we have not mentioned how suitable leather straps are to the wrist.

Saving the best for the last: this watch was manufactured by Seiko. If anything, they are one of the most veteran watchmakers out there. That lends further credence to the attention to details that you will get on this watch.

  • PROS
  • Suitable for lovers of leather straps
  • Simple watch face
  • Good visibility in low light
  • Suitable for multiple uses and occasions
  • Manufactured by Seiko
  • CONS
  • Users with skin sensitive to leather might not like this.

8. Speidel Medical Scrub Glow Watch

Speidel Glow Scrub Watch™, Electroluminescent Nurse Doctors Medical Professionals Students Men...
  • FEATURING A 38MM, 5ATM CASE: The Scrub Glow is Easy to Read with...
  • DURABILITY & COMFORT: Easy to Clean Super Soft 100% Silicone...
  • MULTIPLE COLOR OPTIONS: Available in a Variety of Scrub Matching...

If anything, the name of this watch alone tells us that it was designed with medical personnel in mind.

Even if that was not the case, it takes a page out of the above watch in how simple it comes. The dials are easy to read and they light up with the push of a button. If not for the impact on battery life, we would have loved an option to keep the lighted face on for longer – considering how pretty it makes the watch look.

We believe that many paramedics and EMTs might want to go for the white-strap option of this watch. However, there are more color options to pick from. Whether or not you get the Pink (normal and light pink), black, teal, or blue (ordinary blue or navy blue), you will have a beautiful watch on your wrists.

Water-resistance would have been great on this watch but we do not have that. It is not much of a dealbreaker, anyways.

  • PROS
  • Available in multiple color options
  • The LED backlight is functional
  • Easy to read dials
  • Watch face is simple and straightforward
  • CONS
  • Might lose time after a period of use

9. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Active (40MM, GPS, Bluetooth ) Smart Watch with Fitness Tracking, and Sleep...
  • Track your way to real results: Automatically detects up to 6...
  • Resolve to rest better; Helps you analyze your sleep patterns and...
  • Sends you real time alerts if ever detecting a high or low heart...
  • Expand your Galaxy; Sync with your phone to stream your playlist,...
  • Thin; Light; Durable a thin, lightweight and durable swim ready...

There are a lot of things you can do with smartwatches – and they can help a paramedic/ EMT a lot in their field of work too.

We are choosing the Galaxy Watch Active here since it is more stylish and better favorable than the original Galaxy Watch for most women. Likewise, it packs almost the same features as the Galaxy Watch Active 2 only with some tradeoffs that you might not miss. If you would prefer to go for an Apple Watch, though, you should check out the best watches for male paramedics above.

For sure, the Galaxy Watch Active is a no-brainer for people with an Android device. However, this one offers the added functionality of being compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

It also comes with a slew of features that you would love – from the stress level monitor to a heart rate indicator. All that, and you have one of the most beautiful smartwatches to ever be made. The fact that it carries the shape of a traditional watch makes it even more appealing.

That said, the opportunity to change watch faces/ straps means you can wear the same watch different ways on different days of the week.

  • PROS
  • Syncs right with iOS and Android devices
  • Smartwatches bring much more to the table
  • Accurate time from automatic updates
  • Boosts notification receipts in real-time
  • A stylish watch that can be worn every day
  • CONS
  • Doesn’t pass for a rugged watch

Best Fob Watch for Paramedics/ EMTs

Don’t want to wear your watch on your wrists? You can still keep accurate time, take counts, and remain stylish with fob/ pocket watches. 

Here are the watches that have caught our fancy – and they do not burn a pocket in your pocket either. Both literally and figuratively.

1. TREEWETO Mechanical Skeleton Pocket Watch

TREEWETO Men's Mechanical Skeleton Pocket Watch Phoenix Dragon Hollow Black Case with Chain + Box...
  • 1. Skeleton Mechanical Pocket Watch: black cover with hollow...
  • 2. Retro Styling: Vintage Roman Numbers with Unique Skeleton...
  • 3.How to Use: Mechanical movement, no need battery. You just need...
  • 4.Way to open: It is good present for dad, father, grandfather,...
  • Excellent After - sales Service: 1 x Pocket Watch;-1 x Gift...

We hope you do not spend too much time looking at the design on this watch than you would the actual time. Left to us, that is what we would be doing anyway.

The design consists of a phoenix and dragon pattern that is as beautiful as it is intricate. Opening the watch case shows a special skeleton dial to make this just as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. A considerable amount of time was spent building this watch, which is evident in the little details and perfected pieces.

Never have to worry about solar power or your battery running down either. The mechanical watch only requires that you wind it when it is low on power and it keeps working for as long as possible.

Besides being a functional sidekick when on your rounds, it also passes off as a fashion item when dressing up to functions.

  • PROS
  • Mechanically-powered
  • Stylish on the outside and inside
  • Features a good deal of quality craftsmanship
  • CONS
  • May lose time if not wound up for long

2. Dakota Mini Clip Microlight Watch

Dakota Gunmetal Mini Clip Microlight Watch
  • Crafted from the highest quality materials
  • Built for performance and durability
  • Made in China

We are used to fob watches having chains at the end of them. Thus, they have to be kept in the pocket until you need to use them. Well, not if Dakota Watches have something to say about that anyway.

The watch face is adorned with Arabic numerals that are as legible as day. We would not even mind if Dakota Watches could take off this watch face and make a traditional watch of it.

That said, we appreciate the work clip-on mechanism that allows paramedics and EMTs to pin it to their clothing. It is, thus, regularly accessible for use. The hour markers are luminescent also, making sure the wearer can see the time better in a low light situation.

Speaking of light, there is a small flashlight on top of the watch. We don’t know how much you will be using this, but we can also argue that it comes in handy during certain situations.

Finished with a durable alloy case, this is one of the best fob watches that paramedics can use.

  • PROS
  • Features a LED microlight on top
  • Durable shell and exterior casing
  • The clip-on mechanism allows watch to not be a distraction
  • Made in the USA watch
  • Water-resistant (up to the first 100 feet only)Available in multiple, vibrant color options
  • CONS
  • Some defective units stop working for no reason
  • Does not have an alarm function
  • The microlight is red (not white)

3. Klox Clip-on Carabiner

Black Clip on Carabiner Rotating Bezel Luminous Face FOB Watch Doctors Nurses Paramedics Chefs
  • A practical, sturdy functioning watch by Klox, ideal for several...
  • Quartz movement 
  • Luminous Face
  • Sprung Loaded carabiner clip
  • Easy to Read. Three Hands Movement

Carabiner watches do not get any prettier than this one.

The green lumen on the hands of the watch makes it easier to read in low light conditions. We also love the thick, rotating bezels as they provide more safety to the watch face itself. Triple hand movements allow you to count seconds, not just see what the minute and hour hands say. Finished with a black casing and beautiful black clip, this watch holds its own just well.

  • PROS
  • Simplistic design for a fob watch
  • Rotating bezels protect the watch face from shocks and breaks
  • Green luminous face allows for low light visibility
  • CONS
  • Not water resistant
  • The watch has a certain weight to it

Which Is Your Preferred Pick?

Whether you are getting this watch for yourself or as a gift for someone, which one of the watches on this list appeals to you the most? Let us find out in the comments section, and why too.

O. Christopher

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