20+ Best Women’s Watches Under $200: 2021 Buying Guides and Reviews

Don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot match your outfit to a great budget watch.

If only you have seen the watches that we have here today, you would believe so too.

Not to fret, though. We are about to show you the best women’s watches under $200 – and you might not even believe the price on some of these picks.

No matter what you need the watch for – as a dress watch, outdoor timepiece, or everyday wrist companion – we have something for you here.

Enough of all the promises. How about we get started with the business of the day?

Best Women’s Designer Watches Under $200 from Michael Kors

Michael Kors is already a recognized name in the world of watches, so we won’t do much of an introduction anymore.

Here, we chose some of the finest picks that we could get at a bargain from this veteran watchmaker and brought them to you.

Women’s Lauryn Quartz Watch

Michael Kors makes this watch available in different color tones and finishing options. That allows women to choose what goes well with their style while still being able to enjoy all that this watch brings to the table.

Women’s Lauryn Quartz Watch

A 33mm case ensures the watch will sit right on most women’s wrists. The design of the watch is continued with a round stainless-steel case carrying the mother of pearl dial, finished off with the silver stainless steel bracelet.

With a water resistance of 50m and scratch-resistant glass, this is a watch that can take care of itself to a reasonable extent.

Women’s Slim Runway Watch

As a brand that is no stranger to the fashion runway, it is just appropriate that they bring out an affordable wristwatch that could debut on a runway anywhere in the world too.

Women’s Slim Runway Watch

There is a black variant of this watch that can serve as a dress watch, but that’s just about the only one. Besides the silver tone finish pick, that is.

The rest of the finishing options are best suited for everyday watch usage, matching with regular outdoor outfits and other less formal gatherings. Michael Kors ended the design concept well, opting for subtle elements all around to make the final statement.

Ritz Stainless Steel Watch – Amazing Dress Watch for Women

If you were looking for a strict dress watch on this list, look no further than the one you are staring at above.

We would have preferred if the diamond-esque finish on the watch face were not there. On the other hand, they help to add a lot of character to the watch and its wearer on any day of the week.

Ritz Stainless Steel Watch – Amazing Dress Watch for Women

The watch is not too loud that it draws attention to itself. Likewise, it is not too drab that your co-workers or the client you are just about to close will forget to ask you about it. Imagine having a timepiece and conversational starter resting on your wrists, every day of the week.

Pyper Three-Hand Stainless Steel Watch

For the traditional women who like a simple yet elegant watch that sports sturdy builds, this is the one for you.

MK had to remind you that all three hands are complete on this one – from the seconds and minutes to the hour.

Pyper Three-Hand Stainless Steel Watch

Looking elsewhere than the watch face (which is hard to look away from, by the way), we are fascinated by the choice of leather bands on this one.

If you always worry about too many design elements getting in the way of telling the time, you will like the minimalistic approach to this timepiece. Only opting for hour markers and the brand name on the watch face, you get enough screen real estate to tell the time.

At 38mm watch face diameter, this watch falls right into the ballpark of most women.

Best Affordable Women’s Watches Under $200 from Seiko

Like MK above, Seiko is also a brand name that has been here for a long time.

We especially love the fact that they have their hands in a lot of pies. From developing nice watches for professionals, hunting and fishing, diving, and other such categories, they have demonstrated the kind of depth that we like to see.

Even when focusing on women’s watches, their range is admirable. Here we go.

Women’s Jewelry Stainless-Steel Strap

They are not real diamonds, but the precision-cut crystals adorning the face of this watch sure give off the same impression.

This is the Seiko watch that feels worth more than you paid for it on your hands.

Women’s Jewelry Stainless-Steel Strap

Seeing as the square watch face might not be big enough for a lot of information, Seiko opted to keep things simple here. Save for the hour markers and branding, the watch face is almost bare.

Oh, that is also where we have the Solar branding – telling you that you are keeping the environment safer by using this watch.

Sparing no expenses in ensuring top quality design element, we wonder how Seiko can offer this at such a price range.

Ladies’ Dress Watch (SUT350)

There has to be something about these Seiko solar watches. They seem to be the only ones catching our attention so far.

This single tone watch chooses gold as the finish of choice and we would not have wanted it any other way.

Ladies’ Dress Watch (SUT350)

On the watch face is the brand name, as usual, and the promise of solar power. That is followed by a hassle-free face design with a date complication at the 3 O-clock mark.

Sitting pretty at 28mm, this watch might be small for some wrists but will fit right with others. Ensure you know your dimensions before opting for the rather small watch.

Two-Tone Seiko Diver’s Watch

You must have heard all the bad things about two-tone watches but not this one.

Seiko blends the silver and gold accents so well that they almost become the same color. For a more simplistic feel, the brand opted for a predominant silvery feel while adding the gold-tone accents on top.

Two-Tone Seiko Diver’s Watch

As with the others on this list, this watch is also powered by solar energy with a 6-month power reserve on every full charge.

For ladies who like to go diving from time to time or just work around water, you will like the 100m water-resistance on this one. Even if you were not in any of those categories. Having a diver’s watch in your collection is non-negotiable.

Women’s Analog SUP252 Watch

At 18mm case diameter, this watch might look small. We beg to differ, though. This watch sits pretty well on the wrists of even 28mm watch users.

The design philosophy of this one is such that it comes out small on most wrists.

This is the watch to choose when the aim is not to be on your timepiece. Thus, think of this watch when you are going for an important presentation, meeting with your bosses, or traveling to close a deal.

Women’s Analog SUP252 Watch

It stays functional enough with its legible face with distinct hour markers but never makes too much noise on you.

That does not mean the watch is drab, though.

Gold-tone accents on the face extend into the choice of quality leather deployed for the straps. Finishing that off with the same precision engineering that is known with Seiko’s Japanese quartz watches, we don’t see how you can go wrong here.

Best Women’s Watches under $200 from Fossil

Fossil might have made a name for itself in the smartwatch niche, but they are a traditional watch brand at heart.

This is the selling point behind most of their smartwatches even. Being able to blend standard designs to the watch of the future, so to speak, they bridge the gap for a lot of users.

Here, we went for the smartwatches that look as traditional as they come – and some of the non-smart watches that this brand carries also.

Collider Hybrid HR Smart Watch

Depending on your style and preferences, Fossil offers this watch in different picks.

No matter which one you pick, they have all been well-blended to look official and go with almost any situation you throw at it.

Collider Hybrid HR Smart Watch

Being a hybrid watch, this is more than your normal timepiece. Every moment the watch spends on your wrists, for example, it is actively tracking your health rate to ensure your vitals are strong throughout the day.

Besides the health tracker, there are also diverse health sensors inside the watch. From your steps to sleep quality and the number of calories you consume daily, keep an eye on everything.

Packing a seamless connection with iOS or Android devices, you don’t have to worry about compatibility.

Women’s Virginia Dress Watch

This watch shares a lot of design philosophy with the Michael Kors Ritz Stainless Steel watch (reviewed above).

Women’s Virginia Dress Watch

We would have preferred the same tone of the gold finish all through. This one looks good too, but we would just have preferred that.

Looking elsewhere, the watch face is outfitted with crystals to accentuate the beauty of the watch. Some of these crystals find their way onto the watch face itself, adorning the hour markers also.

For what it’s worth, Fossil makes this one available in different color options and designs also. Do well to check them all out before choosing anyone. If this is the watch that catches your fancy, that is.

NCAA Jacqueline Ladies’ Watch

Fossil shows the true American quality and spirit with this one.

The brand is showing that you can sport a timepiece for different reasons – and still support your choice NCAA team in the same vein.

What you pay for this watch is inclusive of the customization fees. With that, the watch ships to you with an emblem of your favorite NCAA team crested on it.

NCAA Jacqueline Ladies’ Watch

The cresting is so subtle that it doesn’t take away from the individual character of the watch. The design gives it more character.

Like every other pick from Fossil, this one is also offered in a variety of color options. From Pink/ Rose Gold, Gold and Navy/ Rose Gold to Silver, you have a rich selection of premium finishes to choose from.

Adalyn Stainless Steel Dress Watch

First Jacqueline. Now Adalyn.

Fossil is having fun with these names on its women’s watches and we cannot get enough of them either.

There are only two exterior finishing options for this one (gold and silver) and that is plenty enough for us.

Adalyn Stainless Steel Dress Watch

Unlike the second one under this Fossil category, this watch doesn’t bring the crystals to the table. We find that appealing to a crowd of women who like their watches even simpler.

The watch face is as free as can be. Fossil decided to go with a date/ calendar complication and branding only, leaving the rest of the watch face bare.

At 34mm case size diameter, make sure this works for your wrists before you get one.

Casio G-Shock Watches under $200 for Women

Casio has made a name for itself, especially in the G-Shock category, for rugged and durable watches that are not afraid to look stylish.

Most times, the watches in this category are great for spending time outdoors – whether you are just going to the park or camping. Depending on your line of work, though, you can also choose to pair these watches with your outfit.

You don’t have to take our word for it. See for yourself below.

G-Shock GMAS120SR-7A

G-Shock GMAS120SR-7A

Nursing mothers, nurses, caterers, and any other lady/ woman that cares about hygiene without having to take off their watches will love this pick.

Casio chooses to go the way of transparent resin for both the watch band and most of the case.

The transparency helps to determine when the watch is getting dirty faster. The choice of resin also makes it easier to clean. That sounds like a hygienic combo made in heaven.

Casio doesn’t want a watch that looks all boring, though. Thus, they opted for a rose gold face panel that reflects fine against the clear casing and body of the watch

On the watch face is a combination of both analog and digital watch displays. The hybrid watch offers a day and date display, as well as a chronograph system.

Backed by the Casio promise of ruggedness and durability, what’s there to not love about this watch?

G-Shock Women’s Watch (GMA-S120MF-4ACR)

If you would prefer something with a bit of color, as compared to the pick above, here is a beautiful pick for you.

At first glance, this watch looks too beautiful to concern itself about ruggedness at all. We would even have forgiven the watch if it trades some of the usual toughness to have made this beauty happen.

G-Shock Women’s GMA-S120MF-4ACR

Surprisingly, Casio was not having any of that and still made this one as strong as can be. Beautiful!

The watch is not only resistant to shocks but magnetic pull also. That prevents the watch from losing/ gaining time when it shouldn’t. At 200m water resistance, you don’t need to take the watch off to swim, dive and snorkel.

Casio keeps the quartz movement here with the promise of a long-lasting battery. With a hybrid watch display and easy-to-read interface to match, you might never want to take off this comfy watch as soon as you slap it on.

G-Shock Gorillaz GWB5600GZ

You don’t need to be a Gorillaz fan to love this watch or get one of it.

Casio took one of its bestselling watch designs that we have been talking about for a while now and married it to a fast-growing virtual band. This fusion shows how the brand takes something existing to put a contemporary spin on it for even more style, as we would like to call it.

G-Shock Gorillaz GWB5600GZ

For a brand that does not experiment with colors that much, we love the splash of colors on this one. Assuming a predominant black tone, Casio slaps on the band’s album colors – and they do so in style too.

Take a look at that watch above. Don’t you just love it?

G-Shock GM110G-1A9

We just loooooove all the gold tones on this watch!!!

You need to see the excitement of seeing this one. Ha-ha.

Please don’t make this your work watch. Or, maybe you should – and becoming the subject of discussion for the day.

G-Shock GM110G-1A9

All joking aside, though, this watch is on the right side at 33mm case diameter. Save for the black rubber watch strap, Casio went all out on the gold paint job. At some points, they toned down the gold color – but they didn’t switch it for any other color.

Like the other picks in this category, Casio maintains the hybrid time system. The watch face is fairly busy too, carrying all of a chronograph, some branding information, digital displays for time and day, and some more information.

Overall, it’s a good watch – but make sure it’s not your only watch.

Citizen Women’s Watches up to $200

From the brand that pioneered the EcoDrive movement, we could not get enough of amazing watches.

Citizen has not only been around for a long time but they have been busy too. They have a lot of watches to choose from – and they are not lacking in the bargain section either.

After checking multiple watches against themselves, we settled on these top four for this category.

Women’s FE6136-01A Silicone Watch

At the mention of silicone, we knew that we would recommend this watch for female nurses and other health professionals in the building (well, on the site) today.

Choosing a white color for the strap, it seems that Citizen themselves had health workers and lab scientists in mind when developing this watch.

Women’s FE6136-01A Silicone Watch

The design element of the watch is pronounced by its simplicity. After all, you only have a date watch complication and Eco-drive branding, besides the name, on the watch face.

Going with the white color all through would have been boring. For that, we are thankful for the gold-tone accents here and there.

Oh, did we tell you that this one is a special edition watch with a unique case back?

Women’s Chandler Leather/ Stainless-Steel Watch

At first glance, this could look like a man’s watch. Nothing could be further from the truth.

At best, this is a unisex watch that works well on any wrist that it finds itself

At 39mm, you will either need to have the wrist for this one or just like bigger watches. If that is settled, you will like every other thing that Citizen slapped on this one.

Women’s Chandler Stainless Steel Watch

We don’t need to mention the Eco-Drive technology anymore. What we should mention are the chronograph systems, gold-tone accents around the watch case diameter, a date complication, and premium leather strap to match.

Left to us, we would advise that you forget about your wrist size for a moment and just pick this watch. That’s how much we love it. 

Silhouette Sport Watch EW1540-54A

At 26mm, this is one of the perfectly sized watches for women.

Citizen offers this watch in a single, uniform silver tone that extends from the watch face all through the chain links.

Silhouette Sport Watch EW1540-54A

The complete three-hand system adorns the watch face, followed by a date window at the 3-o clock mark. Citizen also dubbed the watch face with a 100m water resistance branding. For women that love to go swimming, diving and snorkeling, we believe.

Even if you were not given to any of such activities, having a diver’s watch is always cool.

Lest we forget, we need to mention the kind of details that made this watch’s bracelet. Although not unique, it’s not every time we see links like this one.

Fashion Watch EW2524-55N

Citizen went the two-tone way on this one.

If you don’t like two-toned watches, though, you won’t feel this one at all. After all, Citizen blended it so fine that it looks like a singular design.

On the watch face is a certain gentle blend of colors. Almost looks like a rainbow but we know that it is not. True to its nature, Citizen does not go elaborate on this one.

Fashion Watch EW2524-55N

Opting for a date window at the 3-o clock mark, this watch remains with the same Eco-drive technology as almost everything else that comes out of the stables of Citizen.

Lest we forget, this is a 30mm watch. In other words, it is rightly sized for most women.

Other Amazing Women Watches under $200

Sometimes, the best watches are from brands that you don’t know about. Fortunately, we have gone all around and checked the picks that fit into the design of this list.

Nordgreen Native Scandinavian Analog Watch

Do you like your watches without the seconds hand? Cos this one will fit just right in for you.

Choose from a plethora of options – from bracelet style and design to material of make. No matter which one you choose, though, you get the same simple watch face with neither complications nor any serious branding of the sort.

Nordgreen Native Scandinavian Analog Watch

Even at its simplicity, though, we don’t think that this one passes as a good dress watch. We would rather prefer that you pair it with your everyday outfits, outdoor errands, and other situations.

Daniel Wellington Petite Melrose Watch

Simple watches do not get simpler than this one.

DW opted to slap just its branding on the face of the watch, leaving the rest of the space as screen real estate for the user. The black gold accents on the watch face reflect perfectly against the gold case diameter and bracelets.

Speaking of the bracelets, the mesh design is just right with this one.

Daniel Wellington Petite Melrose Watch

We have had other pieces of wristwatch here available in different bracelet types and color options. Here, we are happy that DW provided the same watch in different watch case diameters. That way, every woman can get in on what sits best on their wrists.

Finished with a Swedish design, the Swiss quality is not lost on this timepiece.

Vincero Luxury Kleio Watch

It’s got a mesh-like the DW above too. Unlike the one above, though, it also has a system of chronographs for better watch functionality.

Vincero Luxury Kleio Watch

If that sounds like what you like, you will also appreciate the gold-tone design that follows the watch all through from the case diameter to the bracelets. It extends into the hour markers too, making a beautiful statement on the watch overall.

Finally, Vincero has a quality brand name to support its timepieces in the market. Best believe everything that they make comes with that badge of quality over it.

What Are Your Best Picks?

We know that you cannot go through this list only to find one watch that catches your fancy.  At least, you must have two from different brands vying for your attention.

Which one of these picks will it be for you, then? Always remember that there is no law against picking more than one-off this list. As long as you need for them, that is.

If you’d like to check out other amazing wristwatches for women, we have reviewed them all here.