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While there may be watches that look like a Bulova 96A101 Automatic Review, it's not the most common style. However, this watch is loved for its simplicity and reliability.

"Bulova 96A101 Automatic Review" is a watch made by Bulova. It has an automatic movement and it is water resistant up to 330 feet. Read more in detail here: bulova mens watches.

Bulova Men's 96A101 Automatic Self-Winding Mechanical Exhibition Caseback Bracelet Watch
  • Automatic movement
  • Mineral crystal
  • Case diameter: 40.5 mm
  • Stainless-steel case; brown dial
  • Water resistant to 99 feet (30 M): withstands rain and splashes...

About Bulova

Bulova has been making high-end watches and clocks since 1875. A true innovator in many ways, Bulova is arguably best known for its "Accutron" line of electronic timepieces driven by tuning forks.

With its headquarters in New York City, Bulova was the first business to broadcast a radio advertisement in 1926 and a television commercial in 1941. Citizen Watch Co. currently owns Bulova.

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Review Synopsis

The 96A101's dial is a touch polarizing, but that's about the only drawback I can identify with this Bulova. Due to how nicely this watch is made, you'll probably be staring at it a lot. The open heart display serves as a continuous reminder of what lurks under the surface. It's an excellent purchase that was discovered for under $400. Located for less than $300, it's a wonderful deal.

Technical Specifications for the Bulova 96A101

  • the 96A101 model number
  • MSRP: $475
  • 42mm case diameter
  • Alternative Models: Various color schemes are offered
  • Movement: Miyota 9015 82S0 automatic
  • n/a complications
  • Energy Reserve: around 40 hours
  • Resistance to water: 30 m/100 ft
  • Mineral makes up the crystals.

Choosing a Time

The Miyota 9015 82S0 is essentially Japan's response to the ETA 2824, and it succeeds in that regard. It hacks when set, making it simple to set the time accurately.

Setting the time:

  • Pulling the crown all the way back (position 2). To set the time, turn the crown counterclockwise.

Bulova 96A101 Aesthetics & Design

It's intriguing to look at this Bulova. The stainless steel bracelet is a serious piece of jewelry: it has the appropriate appearance and the weight to support it. Although it complements the open heart display at seven o'clock perfectly, in my opinion it detracts from everything else.

The inner dial's ridged brown ring has a two-tone look, but is almost undetectable when compared to the rest of the steel. The open heart display seems really odd as a consequence. It doesn't necessarily look good, but it also isn't very attractive.

The hour markers and the hour/minute hands of the Bulova have lume. It is there, although faintly, as you can easily see (or not) in this two-second exposure. Since the hour markings typically shine unevenly, the hands are rather simple to discern.

The 96A101's case isn't much bigger than other budget automatic watches I've tried, but that band is eye-catching and gives the impression that the watch is larger than it really is. On my wrists (7.25′′ or so around), it seems uncomfortably huge, and the bracelet is much to blame for that.

The Bulova 96A108 looks much better since it chooses a brown leather strap rather than a steel one.

96A101 Bulova Build Quality

This watch is constructed similarly like a brick home. The 96A101 is clearly on the heavier side of comfortable, but much of it is due to its weight, which gives it a noticeable presence on the wrist.

Case, Crystal, and Dial

It would have been nice if Bulova had chosen to use a sapphire crystal on this watch. I am aware that it would have somewhat increased the cost, but I believe it would have improved the work as a whole. The decision to use a mineral crystal seems a bit out of place given how durable the rest of the watch feels.

The hardware for the crown and lugs is also quite nicely made, as is the case. I believe the 96A101's 453g curb weight is justified since it is quite sturdy. The lightness of certain timepieces gives them a certain cheapness, but this Bulova is practically the exact opposite—how much steel did they need to manufacture it?

This watch will last a very long time with good maintenance.

Armband and Clasp

I've worn several stainless steel bracelet watches, but none of them have the same feel as this one. That isn't always a good thing, but it's also not always a terrible thing either. It's more of a factual assertion.

When placed on its side, this broad bracelet is particularly stiff due to the tight tolerances between the links.

Like the remainder of the bracelet, the incorporated deployment clasp is sturdy.

Details of the Bulova 96A101


In 2010, the Miyota 9000 series of automated movements entered the market and quickly gained popularity as a trustworthy and reasonably accurate replacement for the ETA 2824. It has shown to be just as dependable as anticipated over the last five years.

The 9015-92S0 is analogous to the 7S26 movement used in Seiko 5's in that it is projected to have an accuracy of -20/+40 seconds each day.

Worth the Money

When you consider what the 96A101 gives for the price, it's difficult to criticize it. I've seen it selling for an average of $300 on Amazon, and I believe it is a reasonable amount to spend for a watch of this caliber.

Although the 96A101 is undoubtedly positioned as an entry-level automatic, Bulova as a brand makes high-quality watches, and it does it well. Many people made comments about how it looks while I was wearing it; it's the bracelet (seriously). The fact that the dial is completely drowned out in the process detracts from how awesome this thing looks.

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