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Is Bulova a good watch brand? (Are Bulova watches worth buying?)

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Is Bulova a good watch brand (Are Bulova watches worth buying)

The numerous wristwatch brands across the globe have contributed to the growth into a multimillion-dollar industry.

Amongst the numerous wristwatch brands globally, one that has stood the test of time for centuries is Bulova. Not only does the Bulova watch brand date back to the 19th century, but they also make beautiful wristwatches at affordable prices.

Today, I take a closer look at the Bulova wristwatch brand to see if it’s a good buy for you.

Is Bulova a high-end watch?

The answer to this question depends on what your definition of high-end is. For instance, most people would consider a timepiece that they spent a thousand dollars (or more) on to be a high-end watch.

In most cases, the price of a Bulova wristwatch ranges between $100 and $650.

Of course, there are some high-end wristwatches from the Bulova brand that have higher prices on rare occasions. That said, Bulova watches aren't exactly the cheapest on the planet neither are they the most expensive.

Most watch enthusiasts wouldn't consider Bulova to be a high-end wristwatch manufacturer which is not an indication of mediocre quality in the Bulova wristwatches.

Bulova produces wristwatches of good quality, but they aren't high-end watches. The highest levels of sophisticated wristwatches from the Bulova brand should be either Precisionist (check on Amazon) or Accutron (check on Amazon) models.

Is Bulova a luxury brand?

The Bulova Precisionist

Again, it depends solely on your definition of luxury.

If you don't see wristwatches as a huge investment, then the Accuswiss Bulova wristwatch will pass as a luxury wristwatch. But if you decide to compare Bulova to a brand like Rolex, the former stops being a luxury brand.

Does Bulova use real gold?

Bulova is popular for making watches with decent quality and value at a reasonable price. A little less-known fact that puts this brand in the spotlight is the manufacturing of the first 24-karat gold wristwatch in the world.

After building up a sturdy reputation in the market, Bulova can be believed where they claim to have used real gold for their watches. The company is yet to announce where exactly they get this gold from, but you can confirm the authenticity of the precious metal by yourself.

As it is with any other gold piece, the gold rating and quantity of the metal used determines the final price and value of the timepiece.

Are Bulova watches worth buying?

Bulova has been here for more than a century and a half, so it means that they know what they are doing. That said, the brand’s watches are surely worth buying.

Besides the long-lasting nature of these timepieces, Bulova wristwatches go through a meticulous design process that ends up with a beautiful and functional timepiece. The final design of a Bulova wristwatch looks more interesting than its price tag which is a good stamp of quality to have on a finely-made piece.

Reviews are another factor to determine if a wristwatch is worth buying. In this sector, almost everyone from professional analysts to consumers and enthusiasts considers Bulova’s watches a fine investment.

Furthermore, Bulova promises a global warranty period of three years which shows how much trust they have in the build and design of their watches. The warranty on a Bulova wristwatch takes care of defects including material damage or resulting from the manufacturing process.

Depending on how long you've been using the piece, the warranty may give you money back or replace the wristwatch with a timepiece of the same value. Therefore, not only do Bulova wristwatches give you a good investment, you have a great guarantee.

Is Bulova respected?

It may not be the first wristwatch brand that comes to mind when you're naming the popular wristwatches in the world, but Bulova is one of the most respected wristwatch brands globally.

Not to rest on its laurels, the wristwatch brand is always innovating with new designs and watchmaking brilliance.

Many people know Bulova wristwatches for their accuracy, quality, and movement, amongst other features. Apart from introducing luxurious timepieces like the 24-karat gold wristwatch, Bulova has other groundbreaking innovations.

Solid examples of the innovations are the Accutron piece with a tuning fork technology and the Precisionist timepiece with higher accuracy.

The reputation of Bulova isn't only within the brand's users but globally. After all, government-recognized events and bodies like the military, NASA, and the US Olympics Team use (or have used) the Bulova timepiece for their events.

How can you tell if a Bulova watch is fake?

Bulova watches are one of the longest-serving wristwatch brands globally, which means fake manufacturers have more than enough time to design and create counterfeit timepieces.

Here are some features to tell whether a Bulova watch is fake or the real deal:

Watch face

Bulova takes pride in its logo – which is the brand name. You'll find this somewhere on the outer part of the wristwatch.

It is usually not the biggest encryption, but it's bold enough to see. It may have the brand name (Bulova) on the wristwatch, and in some other cases, it'll be the brand name plus the specific watch type name.

For example, you may see "Accutron" or "Bulova Accutron" on wristwatches. Some fake timepiece makers have tried to capitalize on the combined name to make fake pieces and encrypt them with names like "Bulova Movement."

 If you can't trace the encryption to a recognized Bulova wristwatch, I'll advise that you don't buy it.


The craftsmanship of a Bulova wristwatch includes an Art Nouveau style. If you see any different design, it's most likely a counterfeit product.

Serial Number

The newer models of Bulova watches have a serial number for each timepiece. If you're shopping online, however, you may not see the serial number.

When you get the serial number of the wristwatch, you can confirm its authenticity on a dedicated verification website.

Is Bulova watch Swiss made?

Switzerland is a country known for the creation of great watches. Bulova has some high-end watches made in Switzerland, but it's mostly not Swiss-made.

I have written an extensive guide to Swiss-made watches to help you navigate watches that are of Swiss origin, Swiss-made or otherwise.

If you’re interested in more Swiss-made watches, you should look at:

Where are Bulova watches made?

Bulova is a wristwatch brand with a United States origin and ownership. The company's headquarters is located in New York City where they also have a production office.

For improved diversity and better operating cost management, the Bulova brand also manufactures wristwatches in Japan, Switzerland, and Hong Kong.

Do Bulova watches go up in value?

Most wristwatches will lose their value after a few years, but quality wristwatches can become vintage and increase in value. Since Bulova has been here for a while now, it has some wristwatches made centuries ago that still exist and increased their value till today.

Which is better: Bulova or Citizen?

Bulova wristwatches may have existed since 1857, but in 2007, another wristwatch brand, Citizen, took over the company. Therefore, there has been loads of comparison between both brands.

Deciding the better brand depends solely on your preference, but here are some things I have noticed personally:

  • A Bulova watch has better aesthetics.
  • Citizen wrist watches are usually more eco-friendly, especially with the signature Eco-drive movement.
  • Citizen wrist watches have a five-year warranty, while Bulova has a three-year warranty.
  • Generally, Bulova has better prices.

Final Thoughts: Are Bulova Watches Worth the Money?

Bulova watches have been in existence for years and they remain the choice picks of many watch users, fans, and enthusiasts. Boasting an interestingly diverse library of watches, the Bulova brand enjoys quality craftsmanship, high attention to detail, and premium quality control.

While all the pieces from the company do not become vintage watches, Bulova watches hold their value for long after they have been purchased.

They are, thus, worth the money and equally a fine piece of time-telling machinery to have around your wrist.

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