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Can You Answer Calls on Fossil Gen 5? (Find out Here)

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Can You Answer Calls on Fossil Gen 5 (Find out Here)

The Fossil Gen 5 watches work with Android OS out of the box and offer smartphone connectivity too, but can you answer calls on them?

You can initiate and answer calls on the Fossil Gen 5 smartwatches as long as the watch is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. 

Read on to find out more about taking calls with the Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch.

Does Fossil Gen 5 Have A Speaker?

The Fossil Gen 5 features a speaker and microphone to make calls with. You can also interact with the smartwatch’s inbuilt Google Assistant via the speakers. Likewise, the watch allows you to play music from the speakers without needing to connect to any external device. 

Can Fossil Gen 5 Answer Texts?

The Fossil Gen 5 can reply to text messages when paired with an Android device. This text feature does not work if the device paired with is an iOS device.

The text feature on a Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch is only compatible with the default Android messaging app for now. Support for other apps may come via updates to the watch in the future.

Can You Get iMessage On A Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch?

You can’t get iMessages on this watch. That is not strange since this watch works on Android OS and we don't have iMessage on Android devices.

On the other hand, its developers have added that over time, this feature might be added. Seeing as FaceTime is now enabled for Android devices, it might be a matter of time till we get iMessage on Android devices and smartwatches like this one.

How To Fix Fossil Gen 5 Microphones Not Working

If your Fossil Gen 5 microphone is not working properly, you should try out any of the solutions listed below:

  • Update system OS – If your smartwatch’s microphone isn’t working, check for any current update for the OS. Such updates should fix any bugs in the system preventing the microphone from working properly.
  • Reboot the smartwatch – A simple reboot can help you solve the issue with your watches microphone;
  • Clear Google cache – You can also clear google cache on your device;
  • Factory reset – This should be your last resort. You might have toggled something on or off on the watch, but when you use a factory reset, everything should come back to how it was.

I have found a guide to doing a hard reset/ factory reset safely on your Fossil Gen 5 watch for you below:

Resetting the Fossil Carlyle Gen 5 to Factory Default

You should try any of these suggestions. If none works, look for dedicated Fossil smartwatch forums online, general smartwatch forums or send an email to the manufacturer.

5 Fixes For Fossil Gen 5 Not Answering Phone Calls

Some Gen 5 watches do not answer calls, even though the watch model is equipped to do so. Here are some suggestions to solve this issue:

  • Go into the phone app anc to Settings, search and click on Preferences then finally toggle on the Accept/ Take Call function;
  • Restart the watch;
  • Press the crown of the watch, scroll down the suggestions and click on Phone,. Toggle on the Connect to phone as headset;
  • For iOS users, your smartwatch has to be listed twice in your Bluetooth settings. The first is for phone to watch speaker and second for wear OS, so make sure both connections are on;
  • If the second connection isn’t going through, try switching off the Bluetooth and restart the process.

Finally, your watch might have the Extended or Time only mode battery optimization, and this won’t allow you to call. To avoid this, create your own customization in the custom mode.

How To Use Your Phone To Continue Call On Fossil Gen 5

Continuing with your phone call on your Fossil Gen 5 watch is also referred to as ‘Call Forwarding’.

Here is how to set that up:

  • Go to the watch Settings;
  • Scroll down till you see Connectivity then tap on it;
  • Tap Cellular 
  • Select Call forwarding;
  • You would then see the option to turn the call forwarding on/ off. Toggle the feature on

Before you can forward a call from your smartwatch to your phone or vice-versa, you have to make sure both devices are within range of each other.

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