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The Casio G-Shock DW-5600E-1V is an upgrade to the classic Casio G-Shock GW4200 watch. This new model has a rugged, military look that's perfect for outdoor adventure enthusiasts. With a battery life of approximately 7 months, this timepiece delivers everything you need in everyday wear.

The "g-shock dw-5600 limited edition" is a watch that is made by Casio. It has a black and gold color scheme, both of which are different from the regular G-Shock DW-5600E-1V watches. The watch comes with an analog display that can be seen through its smoked lens.

The “Ultimate G-Shock”?

Casio Men's G-Shock Quartz Watch with Resin Strap, Black, 20 (Model: DW5600E-1V)
  • Black resin sport watch featuring shock resistance, comfortable...
  • Quartz digital movement with accuracy of +/- 15 seconds per month
  • To prevent accidental adjusting of settings,the top left button...
  • Functions include multi-function alarm, 1/100-second stopwatch,...
  • Water resistant to 660 feet (200 M): suitable for recreational...

The 5600E comes to mind when I shut my eyes and think about "G-Shock." That's a big deal because it is to G-Shock what the F-91W is to Digital. I like the F-91W because it represents a bygone period when wearing a chronograph and having a calculator in your watch were more than just novelty items.

The late 1980s and early 1990s was when G-Shock first emerged as a model line. And the DW-5600E, seen below, was introduced in 1996.

The 5600E embodies everything I was looking for when I founded WYCA. With superior water resistance, long-lasting battery life, unmatched visibility, and tough build quality, it offers outstanding value. In addition, even after more than 22 years after its debut, it has maintained its visual appeal.

I value watches with these characteristics the highest. Let's investigate.

Technical Information about the Casio G-Shock DW-5600E

  • the DW-5600E-1V model
  • MSRP: $50
  • 43mm case diameter
  • Alternative Models: Countless
  • Moves digitally
  • Chronograph, full calendar, timer, and alarm are complications.
  • Estimated battery life of 3 to 5 years
  • Waterproofing: 200 meters/660 feet
  • Mineral makes up the crystals.

Concerning Casio Watches

Product Information

Casio, a company that innovates and advances the market as well as technology, was established in 1946. With the introduction of CASIOTRON in 1974, they made an impression on the watch industry that has lasted to this day. Their G-Shock and Edifice brands are the ones that are well recognized.

Study up on Casio.

Regarding the G-Shock

Casio debuted the DW-5000C, the first G-Shock, in April of 1983. Since then, Casio has expanded the portfolio to suit a wide range of preferences, applications, and markets. G-Shocks are now available at all price points, from very entry-level to low four-figure sums.

Become familiar with G-Shock.

This Watch Could Actually Be Taken into Space.

I really do mean it since NASA has approved the DW-5600E for usage in space. The G-durability Shock's is also the basis for its existence. The DW-5000C, the first G-Shock, was dropped from a height of ten meters onto concrete for testing. Similar to its elder sibling, the 5600E's appeal was fueled by and maintained by these characteristics.

The caseback and case cover of the 5600E are tightly fastened with stainless steel screws and are composed of a durable plastic resin. With a Phillips screwdriver and this watch, it is simple to open it up and replace the battery. The average battery life is three to five years, although many forum postings online describe batteries that fail after just one or two years. As far as digital watches go, it is fairly standard fare, but at least with this one, changing the battery is extremely simple and doesn't call for any special equipment.

With a stainless clasp, the resin strap is rather durable. It is quite simple and cozy. Don't be too harsh with it; just keep in mind that it came with a $50 watch.

The DW-5600E Offers a Lot for a Limited Amount.

The DW series, part of G-basic Shock's range, is your ordinary G-Shock. The GW prefix indicates more sophisticated versions, which include features like solar power, atomic-clock sync (for very accurate timekeeping), or both. Twice a year, the basic G-Shock range is routinely revised.

In 2010, the DW-5600E in question had a big upgrade when its 1545 movement was swapped out for a 3229 movement (err, module). The upgraded 3229 module has full calendar capability until 2099 (as opposed to 2039 for the earlier module), and it includes an alarm spring in the battery tray that you will need to be aware of when changing the battery, which are the only two changes between the two that the end user would notice.

According to the spec list above, the 5600E has a lot of built-in features. The watch is quite simple to operate and doesn't need you to get out the user manual, as other Casio digitals do. Just in case, here is the handbook.

Playing with your watch

  • The "adjust" options are opened by pressing "A" in the top-left corner.
  • The "start/stop" button for the majority of operations is located on the top-right pusher ("B").
  • The pusher ("C") on the bottom-left toggles between the different modes.
  • The illumination, which is superb and comparable to Timex's Indiglo, is turned on by pushing the bottom-right button ("D").

So How Durable is This G-Shock?

The toughness of G-Shock watches is their claim to fame. This characteristic is the reason the G-Shock has gained popularity in a variety of "rugged" work types. They are frequently worn by police officers, soldiers, sailors, contractors, first responders, and most other people who require strict timekeeping because of their reputation for taking a beating and continuing to function.

Assessing something's "toughness" may be quite difficult. A hammer blow is typically a reliable indicator.

A Guinness World Record for the heaviest vehicle to drive over a timepiece is also held by the DW-5600E. A 25-ton truck ran over the DW-5600E in December 2017. the G-Shock was unharmed. Take a look at this:

I considered driving over with my G-Shock in my small vehicle, but I wasn't sure how it would improve the review. If you've read this far and supposing you viewed the two movies above, the 5600E's durability is widely known. I don't have to run my over to show you that.

But I still did it. Look it over:

I chose to knock my G-Shock over.

Should I get this G-Shock model, or are there other options?

The G-Shock brand truly has no peer when it comes to an affordable watch that you could go beyond the Earth and return. The brand has done a terrific job of solidifying its position as the segment's undisputed leader... and it is. There are watches that successfully compete with G-Shock, although they are seldom offered by companies.

Suunto offers a nice selection of sports watches (although they are far more costly than this specific G-Shock), Timex has their Ironman series (review to come soon), and other fashion companies have their own sports lines (such as Oakley, etc.). However, even among its rivals, G-Shock stands alone.

The truth is that another G-Shock is the finest substitute for a G-Shock that provides equal durability and usefulness.

In any event, the DW-5600E-1V has been added to my collection permanently. Since I ran it over, I can't really return it, but even if I had the choice, I'd keep this G. Simply said, it's too excellent to pass up, especially at this pricing.

Disclaimer: In early March 2018, I bought this watch from

Photos from the Casio G-Shock DW-5600E-1V

Casio G-Shock DW-5600E-1V is a watch that can withstand water, shock, and mud. It has a solar battery that lasts up to 6 months in normal use. The timepiece is made of tough resin making it very durable. Reference: casio dw-5600e.

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