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Choosing A Watch for A Man: 6 Steps to The Best Choice

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O. Christopher

Choosing A Watch for A Man: 6 Steps to The Best Choice

If you happen to be choosing a watch for a man, you are in luck today.

Whether you need the watch for yourself, or as a present for a father, brother, cousin, nephew, sibling, or any other guy in your life, you’ll get it done easily with this guide.

With all the kinds and different types of watches out there, you would think making such a choice would be a breeze. But that could just complicate things further for you.

In this guide, we cover all that you need to know about choosing a quality watch for any man.

Tips to Consider When Choosing Men’s Watches

So, you are standing in front of a sea of options but don’t know what to go for, right?

Having bought a lot of watches ourselves, the best way to choose is sometimes by elimination. Follow the headings below to start eliminating that sea of options until you are down to your best pick.

Pro Tip: You can follow this elimination guide in no particular order. No matter how you take it, you will arrive at a desirable conclusion

Choosing a Watch Brand

We don’t need to be the ones to tell you that there are tons of watch brands out there.

Before starting UberWrists, I had come across a lot of watch brands myself. After starting this blog, I have been exposed to even more watch brands than I could count.

While I sometimes experiment, a good rule of thumb is to stick to the brands that you know.

This is advisable because the brands you know will most likely be the brands that are regularly used in your area. Thus, it is easier to get these watches fixed should anything happen to them.

That said, you should also experiment with new brands if you are getting this watch for yourself. We never can tell when you will discover a brand that serves you better than the ones you are used to.

As a guide, here are the watch brands we trust a lot:

Choosing a Watch Strap

Another important consideration when choosing a watch for a man is the strap that comes with it.

As you must already know, the common kinds of straps out there are:

We have had some other variants come up over time. This is where we find resin and silicone straps, among others.

The choice of straps comes down to multiple factors. On top of the list of such factors are profession and personality.

For example, we would not support that a lumberjack gets a watch with a metal bracelet. They would find leather or rubber-strapped watch much safer and practical for their line of work. If they were not at work, though, nothing is stopping them from slapping on a bracelet-watch too.

Taking profession out of it, the personality is also a huge factor.

We all have our preferences and they should be given precedence here. If buying for someone, think about what kinds of watches you know them to wear. That way, you can get them a timepiece that they will appreciate.

On the other hand, you can experiment with watch straps out of your personality zone, so to speak. If you never try, you might never know what you are missing out on.

Choosing a Watch Color

We find that most people like to remain neutral with their watch color choices. That has led to the popularity of black-band watches for a long time now.

Outright white is not always a suitable color, except if you really want it or work in labs/ healthcare. That is why silver turns up as another lovable color on watch straps and body.

Colour comes down to personal preferences too. No one color is better than the other one. If it looks good to you, and you know that you can pull it off, then it should make your list of considerations.

When choosing a watch based on colour, though, you need to remember the purpose of such a watch.

A flashy watch with so many colours will not pass as a dress watch. Your dress watch doesn’t have to be drab, but it should not call too much attention to itself also.

Purpose of the Watch

What do you need that watch for?

We have different watches in our collection for different reasons.

Some are taken out on days when swimming/ water games will be on the table. Others are simply kept as dress watches. Hiking watches are somewhere in the pack too – not to forget the everyday watches too.

When you know what the watch is for, you can eliminate the options that do not match up from the list. For context, here are some watch purposes and the kinds of features you would be expecting on them:

Depending on your intended purpose, look up what the watch should feature to meet such purposes.

Choosing the Watch Movement

Spice things up by choosing the kind of movement you want on the watch too. In fact, this can help streamline your list very quickly.

There is an abundance of watches with the quartz movement, and that is most likely what you would want to go for. If that is the case, you would have to do a bigger dig to find the right one for you.

If you are not considering quartz movements, there are a series of other movement types for you. Some of the common ones are:

Understand the various movement types to be sure of what you are looking for.

Considering the Professions

Somewhere up there, we discussed how a certain kind of watch would not be great for a lumberjack. That recommendation deserves a section of its own.

We have built out an entire category of watches for different professionals here, featuring picks for nurses, doctors, cops, engineers and more.

Every profession comes with its unique needs. If there is any way to make any part of your work better, we believe you should go for it. Thus, considering the profession of the watch wearer is also important when choosing them a timepiece.

How’s it Going?

Now that you have eliminated your choices better with the above, how is the selection process going?

You might be down to a few choices now, but that is better than the ton of options you had at your disposal when you started. You might even be lucky enough to have eliminated all the other choices on your list down to just one.

No matter where you fall, we hope this guide has helped steer you towards making a better buying decision.

O. Christopher

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