Citizen Promaster "EcoZilla": One Serious Diver!

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Citizen Promaster EcoZilla is a high-precision dive watch with an in-house battery, solar cell and LED light. It features Citizen's Eco Drive technology to ensure you never need batteries again. The stainless steel case has a titanium layer at the back that keeps weight down while still giving it excellent strength for any type of water wear

Citizen Promaster "EcoZilla" is a serious diver! Citizen has released the Eco-Drive Promaster, which is powered by light. The watch offers a range of features including an automatic movement and a titanium case. Read more in detail here: citizen promaster eco drive.

Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Diver Quartz Mens Watch, Stainless Steel with Polyurethane strap, Black...
  • Diver's watch with easy-to-read dial, rotating bezel, and large...
  • Eco Drive technology is fueled by light and it never needs a...
  • 48 mm stainless steel case, mineral dial window, and Japanese...
  • Rubber band with buckle closure ; Functions : B873, 3 Hand with...
  • Water resistant to 300 m (1000 ft); Accuracy: Within...

A Dive Watch That’s Serious and All Business.

Recently, I've been attempting to acquire several divers. This came about as a consequence of analyzing the material of WYCA seriously and finding that I have only evaluated a small number of divers and have extensively featured dress watches. So, in June, I made the decision to make diving watches a topic I knew about and discussed more.

Here come a number of divers, among them the discerning Citizen Promaster. The Promaster BJ8050-08E is one of the few watches I've come across where the photographs do not at all reflect the totality of it. It is powered by an Eco-Drive quartz movement and has aesthetics that only an underwater welder could appreciate.

It is sufficient to mention that this Promaster is completely business-oriented, very durable, and constructed to function well under stress. It's a cost-effective choice that offers users more for less, with a typical market price of around $225. So let's dig in and learn more about the Citizen Promaster BJ8050-08E.

I want to express my gratitude to Certified Watch Store for lending me their Promaster so I could take pictures and write a review on it.

Technical Information for Citizen Promaster

  • BJ8050-08E is the model number.
  • MSRP: $425
  • 48mm case diameter
  • Alternative Models: Many choices
  • Eco-Drive Quartz, B873 is the movement.
  • Problems: Date display
  • Approximately six months of battery life on a full charge
  • Water Resistance: 990 feet/300 meters
  • Mineral makes up the crystals.

Meet “Ecozilla”

The Promaster is immediately apparent as not being a diving watch designed for life above the water. Many divers, like Khaki Sub Auto, desire to seem just as good above the water as they do below it, but the Promaster shows little interest in doing so. Every day is business as usual.

Additionally, commerce is conducted in low-light situations when there is little time to spare.

The BJ8050-08E, often known as "EcoZilla," is large in every way: it is tall (18.6mm), broad (48mm), and hefty. It is a tool watch that earns its reputation as being durable by using a lot of steel and glass. Additionally empowering this tough diver are the crown guards, the unidirectional rotating bezel, the lume-heavy dial, and the crown guards.

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What Water Resistance Ratings Really Mean When Examining Dive Credentials

Ratings for a watch's water resistance are supplied and presented in a comically confusing manner. 

I assumed that the water resistance meant precisely what was written on the dial, just like every other non-wristwatch obsessive person, until I discovered the hard way that water resistance ratings don't signify what they say (by a devastating underwater test of a Hamilton Jazzmaster Day/Date).

Oh no, that's not at all the case.

Even though they are written in straightforward English, water resistance ratings seem completely random. A "dive watch" with a 200m rating (like the Orient Mako or Casio MDV106-1AV) is okay for some swimming/snorkeling but not much in the way of real diving. A watch with a 50m/165ft rating is acceptable for some light swimming, maybe.

Although the EcoZilla's 300m rating puts it in a class above lesser divers, the EcoZilla seems a bit foolish in compared to a Hamilton who really looks good hanging next to you.

Of course, a diving watch is defined by more than just a number.

There’s Deep, & There’s Deeper

Being qualified to do a task is one thing; having the necessary tools is quite another. Many people laud the EcoZilla for its focus on the second part of that sentence. Owners of the EcoZilla have formed a cult since they may personalize it to fit their preferences or requirements.

Since the EcoZilla's lugless case employs a unique silicone strap/lug combination, there is also a specially designed adapter for it that enables you to wear it with multiple straps.

The sturdy strap it arrives with is more than capable of withstanding everything you're going to throw at it, assuming you plan to use yours exactly as it is. The steel clasp and strap are as durable as they come.

Divers will also like the additional touches Citizen makes to the quality of life: The large rotating bezel snaps into place with satisfying clicks; the bezel itself has large grooved notches, making it easier to manipulate while wearing gloves; the crown is positioned at 9 o'clock, opposite its usual 3 o'clock position, so that it doesn't dig into your hands while working underwater. The dial is so bright that you might want to use it as a nightlight.

Yes, there are amateur dive watches and professional dive watches like the EcoZilla.

If you pay great attention to the image above, you'll see that the crystal's edge is visible through the bezel's notch. The crystal is large, much like the rest of the watch. To be exact, it is 6mm deep.

Mineral has been used in lieu of sapphire, which is unfortunate, but at least it has an anti-reflective coating. If you're cautious with it, the bezel should endure for a very long time since it does a lot to protect the crystal from damage. The mineral's price is reasonable given the poor street value of the Promaster. However, it continues to seem like a miss.

Overall, the Promaster "EcoZilla" is more durable than its appearance would suggest. The Promaster was designed with consideration for both dive-worthiness and durability. The EcoZilla comfortably keeps up with the speed of those who play in or near the water.

Everything But Light, Powered By Light

The Promaster BJ8050-08E is simple to use thanks to the Eco-Drive movement. The capacitor within will be charged by light, any light. You will get six months of timekeeping at full charge. Be aware that putting the watch in the dark for an extended length of time, like six months in a drawer, may destroy the cell and leave the movement inoperable. Make sure yours sometimes gets some sun.

I confess that the EcoZilla is simply too much for me since I'm more of a "pool bar" kind of person than a diver. It's too large and intense for a pretender like me to handle. EcoZilla is virtually calling your name if you're less of a poser and more of a diver, however.

If you like the way it looks, want to go deep, and want something robust to keep your wrist company, pick this one up.

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