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Watches are getting a lot of attention lately, both in the market and online. Citizen Watches shares its knowledge with readers on what's new in the world of watches, from budget to luxury brands.

Citizen Watches is a company that makes affordable timepieces. Citizen Watches offers a wide range of watches, including the "who wears citizen watches" which are stylish and modern.

We Always Enjoy Wearing a Citizen Watch.

The innovations that have made Citizen a household name throughout the globe are associated with its watches. After years of developing new movements and styles, Citizen has established a reputation that is largely favorable. Their timepieces have mechanical, quartz, and Eco-Drive motors.

We only have experience with Eco-Driven Citizen Movements, but we want to soon alter that by getting our hands on a Grand Classic. Our reviews of the Citizen products to far have all been of the more cheap kind, and we have generally had good results.

Our preferred Citizen timepiece

We published our Review of Citizen Skyhawk's Blue Angels on October 14th, 2016. Our favorite Citizen model to date, the Skyhawk truly stands out with to its amazing feature set and fantastic U600 Eco-Drive movement.

Although Citizen's "super titanium," which is five times tougher than stainless steel, is available for the Skyhawk Blue Angels, the version we evaluated is the non-titanium type. If only they could attach a sapphire crystal to it right now...

Eco-Driven Citizen Movements

While Citizen does employ mechanical and quartz movements in its timepieces, their Eco-Drive movements are what set them apart. Eco-Drive movements are "set and forget" watches that don't need winding or battery replacement since they are powered by light (albeit sunlight is preferred). In 1976, Citizen invented this technique, which has subsequently changed and been adapted.

The majority of Eco-Drive watches feature a six-month power reserve. When the watch is fully charged (often after one or two days of frequent use), it may be kept in storage for up to six months without losing accuracy.

Concerning Citizen Watches

brief business history

The 1918-founded company Citizen is renowned for adding cutting-edge features and revolutionary technology to its timepieces. Their solar-powered Eco-Drive movement has a significant six-month (or longer) power reserve once completely charged.

One of the biggest watch manufacturers in the world, Citizen produces millions of watches annually. They also possess Miyota, a producer of automatic, mechanical, and quartz movements, and Bulova, a former American watch brand.

Review of a Featured Citizen Watch

Review of Citizen Skyhawk’s Blue Angels

Citizen Promaster Skyhawk A-T Blue Dial Stainless Steel Men's Watch JY8078-52L
  • Citizen Eco-Drive™ FAQ
  • Watch Sizing Guide
  • Style as distinctive and impressive as you are!
  • Stainless steel case with anti-reflective crystal dome.
  • Eco-Drive technology – powered by light, any light. Never needs...

I could characterize the Skyhawk using many other words, such as complicated, sophisticated, high-tech, masculine, robust, and so on. They won't include "beautiful," but that is on purpose.

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