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Grayton Automatic Watch Review

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The Grayton Automatic Watch is a watch from Swiss company, Rolf Schild. This watch features multiple in-house movements and is capable of changing the time according to your location or movement thanks to its dual frequency quartz mechanism. The watches also come with three interchangeable straps for different looks.,

The "grayton automatic watch price" is a high-end, Swiss-made automatic watch that's perfect for those who want an elegant and sophisticated timepiece.

Affordable, contemporary watches are offered by Grayton Automatic.

They contacted me in the middle of August and requested that I choose a model to evaluate. I gave my OK, and ten days later a fresh steel on matte grey version showed up. Comparing this model, S.8-40-025, to other of the more visually vibrant alternatives, it is more subdued. I've never seen an automatic movement like the Seiko NH35A, which is what's inside. This variant features a bracelet made of stainless steel.

The only place to purchase Grayton products is on their website. They cost between $180 and $280, with the type I have here costing $255.

Technical Information about the Grayton Automatic Watch

  • S.8-40-025 is the model number.
  • MSRP: $255
  • 40mm case diameter
  • Alternate Models: Lots & lots
  • Seiko NH35A automatic movement.
  • Problems: Date display
  • 41 hours of power reserve
  • 100m/300ft of water resistance
  • Mineral makes up the crystals.

Grayton Watch Style & Design

The Grayton's dial is modern and appealing. With the exception of three o'clock, which displays the date instead, the even hours are marked by big, rounded Arabic digits, while the odd hours are marked by similarly-sized circular marks. A metallic orange band that changes color from orange to copper depending on the illumination surrounds each number.

The watch's hands and markings look black when seen up close. When seen from an angle, even a minor one, the copper hands and markers truly stand out. It contributes to the Grayton's allure (while also making it challenging to get a decent photo of).

The domed mineral crystal adds to the case's already substantial thickness. You will regrettably be able to see your face in the crystal while gazing at the watch directly since the crystal is devoid of any anti-reflective coating. In fact, glare might make it difficult to see the watch outdoors. Ironically, nighttime sight is good due to Super LumiNova on the hands and markers.

Design Styles

Grayton Watches donated the three pictures that are seen here.

I like the Design Styles overall. As attractive as the S.8-40-025 model is, there are other case/color combinations that are even better looking. All exude a similar sense of youthfulness, though some of the other combinations are a bit more mature about it.

The dial is plain (though not quite minimum), without any depth apart from the slightly raised hour markings and the hands. The brand and automatic identification are clearly displayed in the middle, and minute markings are placed around the whole circumference of the dial. Although it is lovely, it doesn't feel very high-end.

The dial stands out due to its aggressiveness, particularly the hour markings. Though other color combinations probably do a better job of hiding this flaw, on this edition, the satin-grey face really makes the hour markers stand out and show the dial's lack of depth. However, as you approach near, the dial seems a little flat.

The Grayton is seen from an intriguing angle when the design drawings are examined. It's also intriguing to notice that some of the features they had planned—like etching the Grayton "G" emblem on the crown—weren't included in the finished watch.

This Grayton is charming and well-styled despite its youth, and it will go well with my everyday look of jeans and a t-shirt.

On the Wrist, the Grayton Watch is Lightweight & Comfortable

This 40mm Grayton seems light in comparison to other steel on steel automatics I've worn, while being made entirely of steel.

The band, which feels light in comparison to those on other watches I've worn (such the ones on the Bulova 96B183, Bulova 96A101, and the Armand Nicolet M02), accounts for the most of the watch's lightness. By contrast, the bracelet is a touch disappointing, if only because it seems to be of lower quality since it is so much lighter. However, the deployment clasp has been excellent and the bracelet quite comfortable for the six weeks I've worn the Grayton.

The bracelet has some wear-related scratches, but they are not the "this bracelet is made of super-soft metal" sort; rather, they are the "these scratches happen because that's what happens to steel bracelets" kind. If you care it properly, it should age without any problems.

Despite being polished to a mirror finish, the casing is highly fingerprint-sensitive. The Grayton's casing attracts the nicest and brightest elements of its surroundings when it is clean. It aids in breaking up the chrome and adding some character to the steel on combination grey.

The Seiko NH35A automatic movement is used by Grayton.

NH35A vs 7S26

A bidirectionally winding automatic movement is the Seiko NH35A. The 7S26 automatic movement, which is used in watches like the Seiko 5 and Seiko Recraft, is being replaced with a more modern mechanism that builds on its usefulness and durability. Although the 7S26 is a dependable movement, it is not very accurate and has few functions.

The NH35A chops and is windable by hand. Although the addition of hacking/hand-winding is good, accuracy isn't substantially different (according to, this one is accurate at +18 seconds each day). It is produced in Malaysia and Japan, respectively.

As you can see, the finishing is far better than a lot of budget-automatics that employ shoddy movements and is comparable to that of the 7S26. However, I think the movement may need additional embellishment.

NH35A Movement Requirements

41 hours of reserve power 21,600 beats per hour of vibration Precision: -20/+40 seconds daily

Details are available at

Choosing a Time

  • Pulling the crown all the way back (position 3). To change the time, turn the crown. Please take note that the date window will recalculate at midnight.
  • To the midway position, pull the crown (position 2). To change the date, turn the crown in the other direction.

Value: At $255, is it a good deal?

Priced at $255, the Grayton needs to do a pretty good job to compete with established brands like Bulova, Orient, Seiko, and the hundreds of newly-established microbrands (like Hastings & Co. and Castle Watch Co.) that are improving in quality and loaded with value. In my mind, $250 is a tough price-point to be at because you’re not quite expensive enough to be considered “valuable”, but you cost enough that you aren’t inexpensive. You have to make some concessions, either in the materials used or somewhere else in the manufacturing process.

I wish that there had not been a compromise on the crystal's construction material. I would want sapphire. Particularly if worn every day, a domed crystal on a hefty watch casing is likely to become scratched and dented. Antireflective coating would be really beneficial for the crystal, and not only because it would make snapping pictures more challenging.

What is otherwise a completely decent and elegant watch is diminished by these two criticisms. The Grayton has a nice appearance, is available in sizes for men, unisex, and women (44mm, 40mm, and 36mm, respectively), and is covered by a two year guarantee. Additionally, you can have it in almost any strap/color combination you like, and it is pleasant to wear.

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The "grayton elegant sport" is a watch that has been designed to be both stylish and comfortable. The watch is made of stainless steel, and the strap is made of leather. It has a black face with white numbers, and it comes in three different colors: blue, purple, and green.

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