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Hamilton Jazzmaster Day/Date Automatic Review

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The Hamilton Jazzmaster Day/Date is designed for those who want a casual watch with an elegant and classic look. The 42mm stainless steel case has the distinctive shape of the 1950s watches that this model pays homage to, but it doesn't get much simpler than its dial. Inside, you'll find automatic movement — one on top and one under the right hand side of your wrist — as well as day-date window at 6 o'clock.

The "hamilton jazzmaster review" is a watch that has been made by Hamilton. The watch features an automatic day/date watch, which is perfect for those who are time-conscious.

About Hamilton

In 1892, Hamilton was established in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Hamilton, which has its current headquarters in Switzerland, is well-known in the watchmaking sector for producing dependable and fashionable clocks. Prices for Hamilton watches typically vary from $750 to $2,000.

I have a number of Hamilton watches, and I've usually had positive experiences with them.

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Review Synopsis

The Hamilton Jazzmaster is something of a heavyweight in the $500 to $1,000 price range, where there is a lot of competition. The Jazzmaster Day/Date is a fantastic watch for everyday use thanks to its attractive design, dependable ETA movement, and mix of sapphire and stainless steel, which will keep the watch looking and functioning well for years. I like its superb construction, weight and balance, and relatively modest style. Recommended.

Day/Date Technical Specifications for the Hamilton Jazzmaster

  • Identifier Model: H32505151
  • MSRP: $925
  • 40mm case diameter
  • Many different models are offered on Amazon.
  • Automatic ETA 2834-2 movement
  • Problems: Day/date display
  • A power reserve of around 38 hours
  • Resistance to water: 50m/164ft
  • Sapphire crystal material

How to use the watch

The time, day, and date display of the Jazzmaster Day/Date may be adjusted with a single crown. It should be noted that before setting the watch if the automatic movement has stopped, it is advisable to spin the crown 10–20 times. The movement is wound up in this way so that it may start keeping time as soon as you set it.

Setting the time:

  • Pulling the crown all the way back (position 3). To set the time, turn the crown counterclockwise.

Setting the date and time display:

  • Setting the date display involves moving the crown to the second position from the centre (position 2). To adjust the day display, turn counterclockwise.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Day/Date Aesthetics & Design

The Hamilton Jazzmaster is a standard model among inexpensive Swiss watches. Due to its extreme popularity, Hamilton is often one of the first brands that consumers come across. Hamilton may be found at jewelry shops in shopping centers all around the globe.

The design aesthetic of the company contributes to its appeal. It has a heritage of simple, seldom overdone style (with some, uhh, notable exceptions). Looking at this Jazzmaster in particular, it is obvious that same design language has been used throughout.

The watch characteristics and model are attractively carved on the steel that encircles the display glass on the caseback. Above the number of jewels on the rotor, "Hamilton" is carved and given a brushed touch. The stainless steel and brass contrast each other well.

An integrated deployment clasp is included on the bracelet made of stainless steel in two tones. It's the ideal finishing touch for the watch and gives the 40mm case a somewhat bigger appearance than it really is. For the majority of men with average-sized wrists, the steel bracelet's 40mm size is ideal.

I adore the Jazzmaster, and in especially the steel-on-steel H32505151 variant.

Quality Hamilton Jazzmaster Construction

You would be justified in anticipating high build quality with an MSRP of $925. Hamilton usually excels in this area, and my experience with the Jazzmaster Day/Date confirms that.

Case, Crystal, and Dial

Although the stainless steel case is rather robust, it does have minor scratches on the deployment clasp and around the crystal from months of constant use. You have to go up up and personal to see them from a normal viewing distance.

There are no blemishes or wear of any type on the crystal (which is what I expect from sapphire). It doesn't fog up, is simple to clean, and looks great despite its minor curve.

The dial is gorgeous. A very thin lume strip covers the raised hour markings, making them difficult to see at night. However, it seems wonderful under normal lighting. The Jazzmaster looks particularly well thanks to the day/date display at 12 and 6 o'clock, respectively, and the otherwise clean dial. This watch will still look nice in 20 years from now.

Armband and Clasp

The Jazzmaster H32505151 comes with a two-tone stainless steel band. It seems well constructed and has a decent weight to it. When pressure is applied from the side, it doesn't bend much and is pleasant to wear. Even though it weighs more than leather, the extra weight seems substantial.

The bracelet has scratches and other wear-and-tear after many months of continuous usage. From a distance, you wouldn't know, but up close, the scrapes are plain to see.

The deployment clasp is very safe and won't open by mistake. The mechanism still works just as well as it did when I initially began wearing it months ago. It makes me really pleased.

The Timex Weekender 40 Chronograph in More Detail


The ETA 2834-2 automatic movement was first produced in 1974, however the Jazzmaster's version was modified in 1982. The 2834-2 has served as a dependable workhorse in timepieces with day/date displays for over 35 years. There are 25 diamonds in it, and the power reserve is around 38 hours.

Many different brands of timepieces are powered by this movement. It is accurate to within 15 seconds every day for this application. If you wear the watch often, you'll probably set the time once every 10 to 14 days.

Check out more details about the ETA 2834-2.

Worth the Money

Although this Jazzmaster has a $925 MSRP, it is often available on Amazon for approximately $650. Any price below $750, in my perspective, is an excellent bargain.

If you compare the Jazzmaster to other automatic watches priced between $500 and $750, you'll discover that many of them include day/date or equivalent date complexities, and sometimes even a chronograph. This is so because watches in this pricing range often feature automatic movements that are off-the-shelf from ETA, Miyota, or Seiko.

The sapphire crystal, premium bracelet, and clean, minimalist design of the Hamilton make it stand out. This Jazzmaster is a clear example of how much care Hamilton as a company takes in their timepieces.

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Day/Date Automatic Hamilton Jazzmaster


The "Hamilton Jazzmaster Day/Date Automatic Review" is a watch by Hamilton. It has a black dial with a date window and automatic movement. Reference: hamilton watches review.

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