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Hamilton has been known for its unique watches and this is no different. This Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic watch features a ceramic case with Sapphire crystal, 12-hour automatic movement, date display window at 3 o'clock position on the dial, luminous hour markers and hands that are coated in SuperLuminova C3 to help you always know the time even when it's dark outside your home or office).

Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic is a new watch from Hamilton. It features the 42mm case, automatic movement, and water resistance up to 100 meters.

Review Synopsis

Hamilton has appropriately priced the Khaki Field. With a sapphire crystal, an ETA 2824-2 movement, and a date display, it costs $500. The Khaki Field is another another illustration of how well-crafted Hamilton is. Although I don't like the strap it comes with, changing it is simple and doesn't change my view of the otherwise excellent watch.

I have numerous Hamilton timepieces, including two antique 1960s automatics, a Jazzmaster, an Auto Chrono, a Regulator, and an Open Heart. I also have the updated Pan-Europ from 2016 to 2018.

The Swatch Group, which also owns the movement maker ETA, owns Hamilton. Hamilton watches are generally well-made and reliable options in their categories. That perfectly describes the Khaki Field.

About Hamilton

In 1892, Hamilton was established in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Hamilton, which has its current headquarters in Switzerland, is well-known in the watchmaking sector for producing dependable and fashionable clocks. Prices for Hamilton watches typically vary from $750 to $2,000.

I have a number of Hamilton watches, and I've usually had positive experiences with them.

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Technical Information on the Field Hamilton Khaki Automatic

Choosing a Time

The ETA 2824-2 has a hacking movement, which means that when the crown is pulled, the seconds hand stops. Setting the day and date exactly is made simple as a result.

Setting the time:

  • Pulling the crown all the way back (position 3). To set the time, turn the crown counterclockwise. Keep in mind that the date display will roll over to AM time at midnight.

Setting the Date:

  • Bring the crown to the center place (position 2). To set the date, turn the crown counterclockwise.

Almost anything goes with this khaki.

Field-style isn't difficult to execute, but when done well, it doesn't make it any less gratifying. The Khaki, in my opinion, does it well.

Although I must confess that I don't like the strap, the green and brown color combination goes good together. Since the strap is of good quality and doesn't have any intrinsic flaws, this is just a surface complaint. I just don't like it. I shared your criticism of this agrarian Citizen.

The Khaki Field is one of the obvious picks and the greatest representation of its sector, in my opinion, along with the Timex Weekender or the Seiko 5. Except for the hour markers, which give the face a little hint of depth, the dial is plain and flat. The Arabic numbers on the model in this image sit in a grooved ring that surrounds the smooth inner dial. The appearance is completed with tapered hands and a seconds hand with a crimson tip.

The polished bezel stands out against the brushed casing, perfectly framing the green dial. The Hamilton emblem is etched on the clasp and imprinted on the crown. Overall, it has a decent appearance.

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The Victorinox Infantry Vintage Mechanical watch, which I also reviewed, has a similar style. The Victorinox brags a little bit more, but this Hamilton is more subdued.

The hour and minute hands are easily seen at night. Contrastingly, the remainder of the dial is considerably fainter. With the exception of the date display at three o'clock, the hour markers are still visible. Visibility at night is often very excellent.

Quality Hamilton Khaki Field Construction

The dial's shiny appearance is one thing that worries me. The watch's other components, especially the unimpressive band, seem and feel as if they were made to be worn every day. The polished bezel will exhibit wear that is considerably more obvious.

Case, Crystal, and Dial

Although slightly domed, the sapphire crystal is largely hidden away. The crystal does not have an anti-reflective coating from Hamilton.

When adjusting the time, the hour and minute hands are positioned straight and seem and feel secure. I don't anticipate seeing a Hamilton's hands come off.

The casing is made of sturdy stainless steel. There are no craftsmanship flaws that I can perceive, and the tolerances are quite close.

Clasp and Strap

The leather strap has a firm, sturdy feeling about it. It's a bit thicker than I'm accustomed to, and I believe that has a lot to do with the sense of power I get from it. Even after being worn for a good eighty hours, it doesn't seem to have suffered any damage.

The clasp is a typical stainless steel Hamilton piece. When fastened, it is tight and doesn't seem fragile.


Watches from Hamilton employ ETA motors. They are using the ETA 2824-2 in the Khaki Field. The 2824-2 is a "workhorse" movement that is used by several global manufacturers. It is often regarded as a trustworthy automated movement.

The 2824-2 is accurate to a maximum of +/- 20 seconds every day in the Khaki Field, with a daily average accuracy of +/- 7 seconds.

The Field Hamilton Khaki Automatic in More Detail

The Khaki Field Auto is available on Amazon for around $400, and I believe it is a reasonable price for this watch. It is constructed with high-quality components, looks fantastic both day and night, and is long-lasting. A great first automatic or the automatic you want to wear every day is the Khaki Field.

Given the value they provide, Hamilton is one of my favorite watchmakers. They have Swiss-made movements and are watches produced in Switzerland. Overall, I have had a great experience with them as a company.

It's now among the top automatics you can get for $400.

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The "hamilton khaki field automatic 38mm" is a watch that has been designed by Hamilton. The watch is a classic and timeless design, with the perfect blend of functionality and style.,

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