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Many brands of watches are available for less than $100, and many others feature hybrid quartz movements with a mechanical option. This means you can get the look and feel that makes Hermes or Rolex watches so expensive without sacrificing quality. Let's take a closer look at what these microbrands have to offer

The "best microbrand watches under $1,000" is a website that offers hands-on reviews of affordable timepieces. The site has over 100 models to choose from and allows visitors to browse through the selection.

A microbrand watch is what is it?

Most people think of big, well-known brands when they think about watches (such as Swatch, Hamilton, Tag Heuer, Casio, Seiko, etc.).

A microbrand is a tiny, independent watch company, per definition. Although there are some "big" microbrands (like Cadence or Christopher Ward), the majority are modest businesses who work with other manufacturers to produce their designs. There are a few microbrands with in-house watchmakers, such Nick Harris' Orion, but they are the anomalies rather than the rule.

Small teams of "non-watch people," such as designers or engineers, may now raise money for their watch design or brand thanks to the advent of crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter. In our opinion, this is a great chance for the watch market to expand and benefit from fresh concepts.

Factory brands with strong followings in the watch industry include Spinnaker and Avi-8. Factory brands differ from microbrands in that they are often created by major companies with the intention of promoting or moving products. The conventional "microbrand" does not have access to an internal or external factory.

We like displaying high-quality timepieces from emerging watch manufacturers. Enjoy our product reviews and brand spotlights here!

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The "best microbrand watches under $300" is a list of affordable timepieces that are worth checking out. The list includes brands like Timex, Casio, and Citizen.

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