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Movado Luno Review

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Jacky Chou

This Movado watch is a great choice for an everyday outfit. It has a stainless steel case with black, brown or rose gold plating that complements most outfits. The strap features three colors of green and the dial reads "move."

Movado was founded in 1881 and has been producing quality timepieces for over 130 years. This Swiss watchmaker is known for their attention to detail, making the Movado Luno a prized addition to any watch enthusiast's collection.

The "movado watch" is a watch that's made by Movado. It has a round face and a strap with a dark brown leather band. The watch comes in different colors, but the most popular color is black.

Okay, Movado. It’s time for us to get to know one another.

Watch used for the review was kindly provided to us for about three weeks by Certified Watch Store.

When I initially began WYCA, I favored timepieces like the Seiko 5 and Timex Weekender (and Expedition, for that matter). I still get pleased when I uncover a low-cost underdog that outperforms expectations. What does Movado have to do with all of this? I avoided Movado's typically because:

  1. They were pricey.
  2. I found the value proposition difficult.

Yet, things change. I've had the privilege of wearing watches with price tags ranging from $5 to $50,000 over the course of the almost four years since WYCA first debuted. I've personally evaluated about 100 watches during that time, and my collection has grown to north of 38 items (I'm lowering count, I promise). Perspective is crucial.

This Luno is the first Movado that I have actually evaluated and worn in person. It's amusing that I've received over 100 watches, but none from Movado. It's about time I tried one on and evaluated them because I'm one of the few Swiss watchmakers who is recognized and respected by "non watch people."

Places to Buy

To make this review possible, we collaborated closely with Certified Watch Store. They provide:

  • Great Prices & Free Shipping
  • 100% Genuine
  • a two-year warranty
  • From $367

technical specifications for the Movado Luno

  • Identifier Model: 0607041
  • MSRP: $895 (found discounted)
  • 40mm case diameter
  • Alternative Models: Available in a range of colors.
  • Swiss quartz is the movement.
  • No complications
  • Estimated battery life of 3 to 5 years
  • 30m/99ft of water resistance
  • Sapphire crystal material

Detailed Overview of Movado Watches

Product Information

The Movado company, best known for creating the Museum watch, has a long history and a long list of noteworthy achievements. The Museum watch, which was created in 1947 (Movado's version was introduced in 1948), is undoubtedly the company's main product.

With annual sales in the $500 million area and slightly over 1,300 employees globally, Movado is a successful company.


Other choices you can take into account with comparable difficulties and grey-market affordability:


Other timepieces with premium quartz movements include:

  • Alexander Valiant
  • Quartz Tissot PR100
  • Toccata by Raymond Weil
  • Premier Seiko SKP395P1
  • Eco-Drive by Citizen AS7060-51E
  • La Grande Longines

The Luna, according to Movado, served as inspiration for the Luno (the Moon)

Although I can't say I notice any similarities to the moon, I'm not sure whether that bothers me either. It doesn't matter if I've seen the Mueseum many times in countless locations (Movado extensively advertises themselves). Like the most of the items inspired by the Museum, the Luno is a nice-looking piece.

The "deep dish" inner bezel, which is extremely polished and shiny, is one fantastic design decision that I really enjoy. This one element significantly improves the Luno, allowing the dial to stand out on its own. The Luno displays a lovely, tasteful, and classic picture when seen from the front due to the finely polished casing. Although busier than other Museums, this variation of the Museum-design has polished indices on the hour and printed minute markers.

One thing I noticed when I was editing the pictures is the camera's reflection in the dial, namely in the marker at 12 o'clock. That marker is well polished and may serve as a mirror; what has been seen cannot be un-seen (ha).

another issue that surfaced? The rainbow effect, which livens up the normally monochromatic Luno and was probably caused by the polarizing filter I employed. Unfortunately (or fortunately? ), a lens is required to view the rainbow. The dial and hands are steel and black to the unaided eye.

Still, it's a really attractive watch. There's a good reason why the Museum layout is so well-liked.

Although the Luno is 40mm, it is thicker than it seems.

Both the weight and the appearance of the Luno are significantly improved by the two-tone steel band. It fits large, in large part because to the bracelet. But I don't mind, and I believe most others won't either.

The bracelet features a deployant clasp that is incorporated, and I have to admit that it feels really nicely made. The design gives the Luno a sporty touch, but to be quite honest, I'm not sure I like the way it looks. I would likely replace the bracelet with a lovely leather item. The bracelet, however, and the clasp are both of a high caliber, with precise tolerances and no indications of flimsiness.

a “Swiss Quartz Movement” powers it

I have problems with the value proposition at this point. Although Movado lists a generic "Swiss quartz" movement for the Luno, I am aware that some of their other watches feature Selitta SW200 automatic movements.

Quartz movements are quite OK, but when the MSRP is little under $1,000 and the market price is about $400, an automobile wouldn't hurt.

That's me, however. The more I become immersed in the watch world, the more I like either an automatic or a very exceptional quartz movement (like the Accutron II Alpha's hyper-accurate quartz). At this price, a conventional quartz watch with a stylish design and sapphire glass is almost on the cusp of being "worth it," in my opinion.

You’ll undoubtedly like the Luno if you like the fashion.

The Luno is now available for purchase on Movado's website for $895. You receive a stylish watch, a sapphire crystal, and a beautiful steel band for that money. Everything is expertly and carefully crafted.

Since the Luno costs $900, there is no way that I could suggest it. Simply said, it isn't worth such a premium. But under $450? I can support that. I probably wouldn't buy it, but I also wouldn't attempt to talk you out of buying it.

Don already evaluated the Movado M125, by the way. If you're on the fence, I recommend reading his review since he offers a different perspective on the brand.

Gallery of Movado Luno watches

Disclosure of Affiliate Relationships

This Movado was sent to us for evaluation by the staff at They also offer an affiliate program in which we take part, and through which we get a cut of every watch sale made by one of our readers.

As you can see, we test every watch we suggest personally and only recommend pieces that we would wear ourselves. The majority of the watches we test and endorse are our own purchases, as well as all camera gear (to date, over $3,500 worth), software licenses, and other items.

We are delighted to collaborate with Certified Watch Store, who are wonderful partners and provide a wide variety of watches at competitive pricing (and 2 year warranties).

We would appreciate it if you visited Certified Watch Store to make a purchase if you are considering the Luno. I appreciate your support.

The Movado Luno is a watch that comes in different colors, but has a round face with a bracelet. It is made of stainless steel and has a black dial. The Movado Luno also includes an automatic movement that keeps time accurately. Reference: movado bracelet.

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