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The Movado Watch Company, founded in 1881, has been recognized globally as the leader of watch design and manufacture. The company's first product was a very basic watch that sold for $2.50; only 1,000 were made at the time! Over 100 years later they have evolved significantly to produce watches with many complications and special features such as chronographs on their more expensive models.

The "are movado watches good" is a question that has been asked for years. The answer to the question is yes, they are. The Movado watch review will show you how affordable and stunning these watches can be.

Review of a Movado Watch (Stunning, Simple and Affordable)

In Switzerland, Movado has been producing watches for more than a century. However, the company gained worldwide recognition in the 1940s with the design of the Museum watch, and since since they have been producing strong, straightforward timepieces.

MVNT, Concord, and other companies in addition to Movado make up a larger watch conglomerate today.

Yet this discussion is about Movado and their beautiful but reasonably priced watches.

Despite the fact that the firm is currently owned by Americans, all of its timepieces have the Swiss Made label. The watch in the Museum design with the sizable single dot at the 12 o'clock position is the center of their attention. 

Some of their timepieces are so simplistic that it's practically hard to read the time with them. However, they have also strayed from that to include more subtly placed nods to the Museum design, as well as other dress style timepieces.

What I appreciate about this brand is that you may wear something absolutely distinctive on your wrist since it is an inexpensive, entry-level (in most instances) Swiss Made brand. Not the case with the majority of watch companies.

Let's check out what they have to offer now.

1. Museum Black Stainless Steel Movado (Ref: 2100002)

Movado Men's 2100002 Museum Black Stainless Steel Watch
  • Water resistant to 99 feet (30 M): withstands rain and splashes...

You can clearly notice in this design that Movado is most known for its Museum style. With the exception of the branding at 6 o'clock, the dial only has a single huge dot at 12 o'clock. 

George Horwitt originally invented the Museum design in the 1940s, and Movado has subsequently begun using it in a number of their watch models. This specific model includes a Stainless steel container, a dial that is a deep black color, and matching black leather belts. 

When a watch is marked "Swiss Made" by Movado, it means that most of its components, including its Quartz mechanism, are manufactured in Switzerland. To further enhance the uniqueness of this design, a beautifully transparent Crystal Sapphire has been placed to the dial.

Remarkably comparable models are also available in gold and with pig leather belts, which you can view here. 

  • Swiss Quartz mechanism
  • Crystal Sapphire
  • Stainless steel container
  • leather belt
  • single dot at twelve
  • 30m water resistance (99ft)
  • Size of case: 39 x 8 mm

2. Movado Bold Metals (Reference: 3600259)

This striking metals model is another example of this really original design that is included in Movado's huge museum collection.

This watch stands out from the crowd without a doubt because to the stainless steel's single hue, gun metal grey. This watch is a genuine minimalist's watch—ultra-modern, streamlined, and featuring the huge single dot at 12 o'clock. There is also a handy hour and minute marker track along the case edge, which is not common in many other Museum style watches.

The band is the same color and material, although the crystal is a bit below what I would expect with only a K1 Mineral and not sapphire. There is however the quality Swiss Quartz mechanism inside.

  • Swiss Quartz mechanism
  • crystal mineral
  • Gun metal grey Stainless steel container and bracelet
  • 30m water resistance (99ft)
  • Size of case: 42.5 x 13 mm

3. Movado BOLD Blue Sunray Dial 3. (Reference: 3600403)

Movado Men's BOLD Thin Blue PVD Watch with a Flat Dot Sunray Dial, Blue (Model 3600403)
  • SLEEK, MODERN DESIGN: The Movado BOLD men's watch personifies...
  • QUALITY MATERIALS, ICONIC STYLE: Features a 44 mm ink blue...
  • SWISS QUARTZ ACCURACY: Swiss quartz movement provides incredibly...
  • K1 MINERAL CRYSTAL GLASS: K1 mineral crystal is the most common...
  • 2 YEAR WARRANTY: Movado offers a 2-year limited warranty against...

Although the Museum design is still present, we are now veering somewhat away from the simple, markerless dial of the original. This type, like the one above, has three subdials: weekday, hours, and minutes. It is a distinctive yet striking blue. The chronograph's second hand controls the chronograph's seconds.

A stainless steel mesh strap is also included on this model from the bold collection, enhancing Movado's always contemporary and minimalist style. 

  • Quartz mechanism
  • Blue ion-plated Stainless steel container
  • Weekday, Hour, and Minute are the 3 subdials.
  • stainless steel mesh strap
  • 30m water resistance (99ft)
  • Size of case: 44 x 10 mm

4. Movado Museum Chronograph with leather belt (Reference: 3600348)

Another Museum chronograph, although this one's simplicity is closer to the original. To me, the big, black casing, the black dial, and the gold subdial inserts scream style.

I particularly like the spiral design that the sunray at 12 o'clock has carved into it. On all of their watches, it appears that Movado is using the Museum aesthetic and elevating it to new heights.

This watch plainly features a chronograph with three subdials and a sneaky date window at six o'clock with white writing. I really like the attention to detail, such as the black and gold pushers and the black crown in the middle.

They have topped it all off with a chunky, rough, brown leather belt to bring it back down to earth.

  • Swiss Quartz mechanism
  • Stainless steel container
  • Cognac colorado leather belt
  • Date window opens at 6:00. chronograph with three dials
  • 30m water resistance (99ft)
  • Size of case: 43 x 12 mm

5. Movado Masino Chronograph in Stainless Steel (Reference: 0607037)

Movado Masino Quartz Movement Black Dial Men's Watch 0607036
  • Featuring a Silver-tone Band, Silver-tone Case, Scratch Resistant...

This chronograph from Movado is ideal if you want a more traditional, formal watch. It has a simple black dial with a museum dot at 12 o'clock and a cleverly incorporated 3-dial chronograph. Although still not evident, the hour and minute train around the casing is also useful.

With a casing that is just 40mm in diameter and a 10mm height, this watch may easily be slipped under a shirt. It is an all-around straightforward stainless steel design that anybody may wear to work, out on the town, or around the home. 

  • Swiss Quartz mechanism
  • Stainless steel container and bracelet
  • Date window between 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. chronograph with three dials
  • 30m water resistance (99ft)
  • Size of case: 40 x 10 mm

6. Movado Dress Watch with leather belt (Reference: 3650002)

Movado Men's 3600373 Analog Display Swiss Quartz Gold Watch
  • ELEGANT, MODERN DESIGN: The Movado BOLD men’s watch is inspired...
  • QUALITY MATERIALS, ICONIC STYLE: Features a 44 mm yellow gold...
  • SWISS QUARTZ ACCURACY: Swiss quartz movement provides incredibly...
  • K1 MINERAL CRYSTAL GLASS: K1 mineral crystal is the most common...
  • 2 YEAR WARRANTY: Movado offers a 2-year limited warranty against...

This watch is a bit more "classic" than the dress watch mentioned above. The Seiko Cocktail Time, although with a different colored face, comes to mind when I look at the basic white dial with triangle hour markers.

This watch is quite a deviation from the modern and striking designs that we are used to in the Movado Museum collection, but it certainly will suit anyone wanting something simpler and more standard dress style. Interestingly, it also comes with a Crystal Sapphire, which always adds a little extra class!

  • Quartz mechanism
  • Crystal Sapphire
  • Stitched leather belt
  • 3 o'clock date window
  • 30m water resistance (99ft)
  • Size of case: 40 x 10 mm

7. Movado Heritage Chronograph, item no (Reference: 3650024)

Movado Mens Heritage Rose Gold Chronograph Watch with Printed Index, Black/Brown/Pink/Gold (3650021)
  • STYLISH, MODERN DESIGN: The Movado Heritage Series Calendoplan...
  • QUALITY MATERIALS, ICONIC STYLE: Features a 43 mm rose gold...
  • SWISS QUARTZ ACCURACY: Swiss quartz movement provides incredibly...
  • SAPPHIRE CRYSTAL GLASS: Sapphire is the second strongest element...
  • 2 YEAR WARRANTY: Movado offers a 2-year limited warranty against...

The Heritag Chronograph from Movado is the last watch I want to discuss in this review since it combines sports and dress.

This dress watch is just as sleek as the one above, with a basic, rounded silver casing, an ivory display, and black subdials. With its air hole black leather band and retro chrome pushers on the side, it does stick out a bit.

Even though it's round, this watch will appeal to everyone who like the TAG Heuer Monaco style chronograph!

  • Quartz mechanism
  • Stainless steel container
  • Air hole leather belt
  • Date window between 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. chronograph with three dials
  • 100m water resistance (330ft)
  • Size of case: 26 x 6 mm

8. Anita by Skagen Women

Skagen Women's Anita Stainless Steel Mesh Watch, Silver (Model: SKW2149)
  • From the coastlines of Skagen to the architecture of Copenhagen...
  • The Skagen Anita aesthetic is simple, and works with every style....
  • Featuring a 30mm stainless steel case with three-hand movement...
  • 12mm stainless steel mesh strap with fold over clasp....
  • Water resistant up to 30m: Will withstand splashes in water

Another gorgeous watch for ladies from Skagen. The Anita boasts a raised ring of crystal hour markers and a stunning blue starburst dial. As you would anticipate from Skagen, the remainder of the dial and hands are plain and minimalist.

The finishing touch to this exquisite watch that can be worn to work every day or out on the town is the lovely stainless steel mesh band with the graceful lugs.

There are a wide variety of models to pick from, as with other Skagen collections. I've included a few of them here.

  • Quartz mechanism
  • crystal mineral
  • Stainless steel container and mesh bracelet
  • 30m water resistance (100ft)
  • Size of case: 30 x 12 mm

The "movado watch reviews women's" is a stunning, simple and affordable watch. The Movado watches are available in different colors, styles, and sizes to suit all tastes.

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