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The Orrery watches are a new limited edition release from Orion, which offer something for every watch lover. With an impressive list of features and functions that will make any owner happy, it is easy to see why these pieces are worth your investment.

Orion Watches is a company that specializes in making watches with a retro feel. They have made various styles of watches, including the "Hellcat" which has a vintage look and feel.

Nick Harris Blends Luxe & Legibility in This Outstanding Pilot’s Watch

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In the modern world, Orion Watches is an uncommon brand. Orion watches are unique in that they are the creation of their manufacturer and, as such, have their own personality, unlike many microbrand watches.

The Hellcat is the sixth distinctive model created by American watchmaker Nick Harris, a vocal proponent of elevating authenticity in the watchmaking sector. The Hellcat, like its brother models, the Calamity and Slyph, is a considered interpretation of the meaning and objectives behind its chosen aesthetic. First and foremost, a pilot's watch has to be readable, and the Hellcat excels in this regard.

The Hellcat is 47mm from lug to lug and has a diameter of 39mm. The 10.5mm-thin, brushed and polished steel casing has a screw-down crown and is 100m water resistant. It is curved and shaped to optimize on-wrist comfort.

The Hellcat is the perfect size and configuration for someone with 6.75′′ wrists like myself. It is also extremely reasonably priced at $600.

Details of Orion Observes the Hellcat

  • Identifier: Hellcat
  • MSRP: $600
  • Size of the case: 39 mm
  • Models as Alternatives: 2 models
  • Miyota 9015 automatic movement
  • Problems: Date display
  • Power Reserve: Approximately 42 hours
  • 100 m/330 ft of water resistance
  • Sapphire crystal material

Gorgeous in Burgundy

The Hellcat has a lot of features that first seem common, yet upon closer examination, each one has a unique quality. Everywhere your eye may stray, even in areas where it won't, has been given a twist or a touch.

Starting with the dial, Two colors are available for the Hellcat: the rich sunburst burgundy that has been shown throughout this review or a deeply textured matte black.

Both are attractive, but the burgundy is noticeably more striking and captivating to look at. The appealing Arabic numerals, which are custom made for this watch, and the appropriately proportioned and lume-filled hands go well with the fantastic color options. The combination produces a beautiful watch that is simple to read and functions well.

Being a watchmaker requires a certain amount of... particularity, and this quality is evident in every aspect. For instance, the Arabic number typeface was developed especially for the watch. Because of their ideal size and BGW9 lume content, the hour markers are simple to see in all lighting conditions.

Lume is treated fairly on the hands as well. Midway through, the minute hand is divided into two halves, and like the second's hand, it ends with its tip perfectly flush with the inner accent ring's edge.

Take note of how well the hands are finished. Both the form and fill of the edges are flawless. The fill on the printed and inner ring, which has undergone multiple iterations to get the ideal thickness so that it capture exactly the correct amount of light, is the same for the hour markers and.


The case has also been carefully designed.

The two-tone brushed and polished casing has been given considerable thought, and I'm not simply referring to its finishing. However, it may be difficult to see in images.

The ergonomics of the casing have received extra consideration for the Hellcat, just as they did for the Calamity before it. While it's true that all skilled designers give considerable thought to their cases, few few pay attention to the cases' curves and instead concentrate on their shapes. These two items are not interchangeable.

The case and lugs are ergonomically contoured, as seen in the image above, according to Orion, to maximize comfort on the wrist. The case has a slight taper and a curved caseback that gently cradles your wrist.

Orion Watches' constellation is depicted on the case back, but it is otherwise lifeless, much like space. In all honesty, it is difficult to quantify and is subjective anyhow whether or not the little curvature makes a noticeable difference in long-term comfort, but the contouring doesn't interfere.

The Hellcat's casing and its soft, handcrafted strap both add to the watch's exceptional all-around wrist comfort. I have no problem wearing it for extended periods of time.

Available in three strap sizes.

The handcrafted strap for your Hellcat comes in three sizes for the perfect fit on a variety of wrists. As a card-carrying member of the weak wristed society, I can now purchase a watch that isn't big and doesn't have a strap that is also adorned with a ton of extra material that just obstructs vision. Booya.

The strap itself is quite cozy and gorgeous. However, because it doesn't have a fast release, you'll need to have your springbar tool close at hand in case you ever need to replace it.

Miyota 9015 Automatic provides the power.

The Miyota 9015 is a popular and effective automated movement made in Japan. It beats at 28,800 bph, has a 42-hour power reserve, hacks, hand-winds, and has a daily accuracy of -10/+30 seconds. While the 9015 may be a workhorse movement, it isn't the lowest rung and is often a step-above the entry-level autos seen in most microbrand watches at this price range. It is fairly prevalent among microbrand watches and is frequently seen as a stretch goal in crowdfunding efforts.

Another benefit of the watch is its usage in the Hellcat, which is price-appropriate and uses it. This motion is effective.

Oh my god yeah!

As I wrote in my 2017 review of the Orion 1, Nick Harris is passionate about bringing watchmaking back to the United States.

Although a lot of companies make similar claims, you can read about Nick's path on the Orion watches blog and discover how he went from being interested in watches to watch modding as a hobby to finding his passion, which later led to a job.

In a sense, it's almost romantic.

That calling has resulted in a fantastic watch. One that is exquisitely designed, achieves its purpose of being a pilot's watch that is simple to read, and provides its owner with something unique and beautiful to wear. That and more can be said about the Hellcat.

I find it wonderful that companies like Nick are still making and selling watches like this. It's really reviving to wear something so genuine in a time of false news, reviews, views, and everything else.

This is a fantastic movie to see. 

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The "orion watches for sale" is a watch that has been released by Orion. The watch was released in 2016 and is being sold at a price of $1,000.

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