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5 Reasons Not to Wear A Watch: Opinions from Friends, Family, and Colleagues

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O. Christopher

5 Reasons Not to Wear A Watch: Opinions from Friends, Family, and Colleagues

Things are taking a shocking turn today.

For a website that is dedicated to bringing you the best kinds of watches and the tips/ tricks to get the most of them, why will we be addressing such a topic?

In the spirit of transparency, though, we need to talk about the reasons not to wear a watch as much as we promote wearing them.

I have asked around with some friends and family members that I seldom see with wristwatches. I also did some research and combined that with my personal experiences to come up with this one.

If you have been wondering if you must wear a watch, these reasons might make you feel normal about yourself.

PS Don’t forget to check out my top reasons why you should wear a watch also. I just might be able to convince you to keep your wrist company again.

#1 They don’t feel natural

Some people prefer not to wear watches because they do not come naturally to them.

I have seen a fair share of people without watches on their wrists who do not seem to mind at all. In fact, it seemed that I did mind that they did not have a wristwatch on more than they did.

This is not because these people do not like anything on their wrists at all.

Some of my close friends prefer to go with a bracelet/ other wrist accessories than they would use a wristwatch. If that sounds like you, then you know where to invest your fashion budget.

#2 You prefer your smartphones

Smartphones have replaced a lot of things.

I mean, a LOT!

You don’t need to look for a router anytime you want to share an internet connection with someone else. There’s the hotspot feature for that.

The calendar app means you don’t have to buy physical calendars anymore.

Thanks to the camera on your smartphone, most photography hobbyists don’t need to purchase a standard camera anymore.

That said, some users also feel that they have all the time that they need on their smartphones. Why bother with a wristwatch then?

This is true, but having to whip out your phone every time you need to check the time could be quite a hassle. Of course, you can get multiple time zones from your phone quite easily but I still prefer the functionality of quality GMT watches in such cases.

If you feel strongly about your smartphones filling in the gap, though, there is no reason for you to invest in a watch.

#3 Equipment Damage

Some friends claimed that they stopped using a wristwatch altogether because it damaged some of their important equipment.

By equipment, they mean stuff like their Macbooks, studio gadgets, and other hands-on electronics.

This, I can understand.

Especially if using metal watches, they can scratch your computers and other gadgets. This could happen no matter how careful you might try to be.

Taking off the watch to work with these pieces of equipment could stretch into such long hours that you just find it better to work without wristwatches altogether.

#4 Change in Taste

Sometimes, it is not that you dump wristwatches altogether. It is that you want to go for something more functional and practical.

This ties into #2 above.

Instead of getting a traditional watch that simply tells the time, why not go for a watch that could do so much more?

The first point of call for most people in this category is smartwatches.

Can I say I blame them? No. Not at all.

Smartwatches bring the convenience of having a wristwatch and mini smartphone accessible to you at all times.

With smartwatches, you can keep an eye on your health – from menstrual cycles and heart rate to preventing a sedentary lifestyle.

The likes of the Apple Watch series are known for amazing fall detection and are great for seniors also. That, and we have not mentioned the activity trackers that come with them.

Leaving all that for a moment, these smart watches also help you stay on top of your notifications in real-time.

You can keep your phones in your pocket while working and still get all the important messages, alerts, and calls. This way, you can choose what notification to respond to without having to whip your phone to check.

Smartwatches are not the only way your taste could change, though.

Various non-smartwatches are also highly specialized for different users.

For example, there are dive computers for divers, amazing hunting watches (with shot detection, range, etc) for hunters, and much more.

If you happen to fall in any of such categories, you should not be using just any kind of wristwatch. It is time to change your picks to match your taste in watches.

#5 Get your perfect tan


I had to throw this one in for effect.

Those who are used to wearing their wristwatches all the time will always come out with an uneven tan.

That pocket of space on your wrist where the watch covers will turn out a different shade than the rest of your body. Unfortunately, you cannot just expose that part of your body to be tanned – so you have to live with the different shade and tone till that tan wears off.

The next time you head to the beach or go out to get tanned, you might want to leave that watch out.

Yes, we know that we have talked about some water-resistant watches here that you can take along with you. This time, though, maybe let those watches sit this one out. They will still be waiting for you and your perfectly tanned skin when you get back after all.

What’s your Reason?

No matter how much I may have tried, I don’t think I could have covered all of the reasons not to wear a watch anymore.

If you have any specific reason why you do not wear one which I didn’t cover on this list, please let me know in the comments.

You never can tell. Your point might just make an updated version of this list. With all references to you, no doubt.

O. Christopher

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