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13 Reasons to Wear a Watch

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O. Christopher

13 Reasons to Wear a Watch

Not quite long ago, we discussed some reasons why you shouldn’t bother wearing a watch on this blog. That looked one-sided, so I went out to look for some reasons to wear a watch also.

The fact is that most of us just wear wristwatches because it is the normal thing to do – according to societal and fashion standards.

If you pause to think about it, have you ever considered your reason for wearing a watch?

If, like us, you also love your wristwatches, here are some amazing reasons why you should never stop donning them every day.

#1 Convenience

A common response from people who don’t use a watch is that they have a smartphone.

Your smartphone can indeed tell the time. But then, how do you like to whip your phone out every time just to know the current time?

At some points, you’re bound to get tired of removing your phone from your bag/ pocket just to stay abreast with the time. This could then mean asking everyone you see with a wristwatch what the time is when you could have just worn one.

Fortunately, there are smart watches to bridge the gap between a traditional watch and smartphone today.

PS I still think traditional watches rock!

#2 Personality

Wearing a watch tells a lot about your person.

It implies that you care about the time and will most likely be a punctual person.

Does this always mean everyone wearing a wristwatch is punctual? You and I both know the answer to that: a NO.

However, that is the impression you give off when you strut about in your nice wristwatch.

That said, there is a scientific study that supports watch wearers being more punctual than non-watch-wearers.

Better to make a good impression even without having spoken than to have to work for it, don’t you think?

#3 Functionality

Your smartphone was designed for a function other than time-telling.

If we will be honest with ourselves, even smartwatches are not made to tell the time.

The only piece of modern equipment made to tell the time (besides clocks) is your wristwatch.

When your phone will only give you about 8 – 24 hours in between charges, your traditional wristwatch will last anywhere from many months to years. Long after your smartphone is dead, the watch will still keep telling the time.

Depending on the kind of watch that you get, you might never even need to worry about a battery. Ever!

#4 Work Benefits

Did you know that there are a lot of traditional watches that could help you get the most out of your work?

If you don’t believe me, then why do we have dive watches and pilot watches, for instance?

Uh-oh. I see I just convinced you there. Nice!!!

If you are also interested in a timepiece that is not only functional but also aids your work/ hobbies, look at our guide to watches for professionals here.

#5 Distraction-Free

A traditional watch has a lesser chance of getting you distracted than other time-telling options you think you have.

Say you check your phone for the time and you meet a trail of notifications. Boom! Distracted.

Say you look up from your desk to ask for the time, and now you have to engage in some small talk too. Double-barrelled distraction!

Even if it was a smartwatch, you could still get distracted by all the alerts on the watch.

The good news is that traditional watches come with a series of complications that makes them better than just telling the time.

GMT watches, for example, allows you to track time in two different zones. Day and date windows are also common on watches today. That, and I have not even started on alarms, stopwatch, and timer complications, among others.

#6 Status Symbol

I am not one to show off. In some lines of work, though, you need to do a little bit of showing off to get the point across.

This is why stockbrokers drive fancy cars, hedge fund managers take their clients to dinners in fancy restaurants, etc.

It is not that they do not have anything else to do with their money. However, the psychology needed to convert in their business relies on such big-money moves.

A quality watch can also do that for you.

Imagine how easy it would be for you to believe that a consultant wearing a high-quality Patek Phillipe could rebalance your portfolio for better returns. Compared to a consultant without a watch, or one that has to check their phone every time they refer to the time, that is.

#7 Style

If you think I am pulling your legs here, wear a quality dress watch to a meeting/ dinner and see how well it is noticed.

No matter what you think of wristwatches, they are still a good measure of style.

This is especially true for men who have a limited range of jewelry and accessories that they can wear.

It is somewhat out of place when you leave your wrists bare when you could have taken that chance to spice up your sense of style.

Fortunately, you don’t have to invest in Rolexes and Omegas to develop a solid style with watches.

Check out our different watch guides for men/ picks for women and top choices for different professionals to get started today.

#8 Homage to Craftsmanship

When you wear a watch, all you see might be the time on the watch dial.

I see way more than that.

Depending on the watch movement type and where it was made, a lot of hours goes into making sure all the cogs and wheels work right together.

Every watch that you put on your wrists – the good ones, at least – is a testament to how technology and art can come together.

Be proud to be a part of such a movement.

#9 Personal Branding

In the workplace, school, or any other aspect of society that you find yourself in, there might not be much to help you stand out.

Wristwatches can come in handy just fine in such instances.

Find something a little hard to find: which could be a rare brand or model.

Paired right with the rest of your wardrobe, you instantly transform your brand into one of exclusivity.

The best part is that you did not have to go all out and do something drastic. A move as subtle as choosing the right watch has effectively set you apart from the rest of the bunch.

Bonus Point: choosing a rare watch puts you in the spotlight of a small target audience that can identify such watches. You position yourself to be attracted to such higher echelons and have them notice you without making too much of an added effort.

#10 Heirloom

There are a handful of things that can serve as a functional heirloom and wristwatches happen to be one of those.

If not for any other thing, this is one of the top reasons to wear a watch at all.

For those who do not have any heirlooms in their family yet, you can start one with a quality automatic watch. I chose automatic watches because they never die – as long as they are treated decently.

Wristwatches are great here because no matter what the year or century is, time is important. Thus, generations to come will always need it.

If you doubt that, you should know that there are still pocket watch heirlooms in play today – and we don’t even wear pocket watches as much anymore.

#11 Safety Reasons

Say you are driving, crossing the road, or walking down a path and have to check the time.

This is not the time to whip your phone out.

A slight distraction on the road could lead to an accident. You might trip or have your phone snatched from you if you were walking – or even walk in front of an oncoming vehicle.

All those safety concerns are mitigated with a quality timepiece resting fine on your wrists.

Simply flick your wrist up, grab a glance at the time and you are back on course with whatever you are doing again. And it all looks natural!

#12 Conversation Starters

Especially if you work in circles where top execs are older, you might want to invest in some quality wristwatches yourself.

This is a generation that appreciates the respect and style that a fine watch command.

Be it that they ask you the time, or you walk up to them to admire their amazing wristwatches, a unique conversation can ensue from there.

Best believe that none of that will happen if you do not wear watches of your own.

After all, I don’t think anyone will take your commendations sincerely when you don’t even have a wristwatch on your wrists – or if it's not a traditional pick.

#13 Good Investments

There is a reason why I love a good investment in watches – less overhead costs.

Almost any other thing you invest in will have to be taken care of like an egg. You would also likely have to spend constantly to keep your investment in tip-top conditions.

That is not usually the case with wristwatches.

If you are lucky enough to find a limited timepiece that you can buy, you get to wear it as you would a normal watch. The best part is that the value of that watch keeps increasing over time, even though you are using it almost daily.

It is recommended that you practice general watch cleaning, serving, and repair (via licensed watch shops) to keep the watch working right. Don’t fret – you might only need to service your watch once every 2-5 years.

How About a Watch Now?

I guess these many reasons to wear a watch should have you thinking about your stance on the topic again.

So, what will it be? Going back to your traditional watches or still holding on to the reasons you’ve had for not wearing one?

O. Christopher