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LIV Watches are a new company that is on the cutting edge of technology and design. They pride themselves in having an advanced product line, but their latest watch may be one of their most innovative yet: GX1-A.

The "liv gx1 watches review" is a watch that has been released by LIV Watches. The watch is available in sky blue and comes with a unique design and color.

LIV GX1-A Swiss Made Automatic (Black)
  • 26 Jewel Swiss Automatic Movement
  • Skeleton Case-Back (See-Through)
  • Sapphire Crystal with Scratch-Resistant & Anti-Reflective Coating
  • 316L Stainless Steel Case Base Material
  • Knurled Bezel with Screws

Objectively, the best microbrand automatic watch I’ve reviewed so far is the LIV GX1-A.

LIV Watches gave this GX-1A at no cost for the sake of this review. Words and photos by me.

The inexpensive watch market has undergone amazing upheaval. There weren't many high-grade, medium-grade, or economical automatic watches available when I first started becoming serious about watches in 2013 (the year I launched WYCA). There are several reputable microbrand watch firms out there now producing high-quality goods, owing to crowdsourcing and the entrepreneurial spirit.

However, LIV Watches has produced a unique item that has become my new standard for automatic microbrand watches.

There are several factors that contribute to my opinion, but before I get into them, let me say that I am well aware of some of the complaints that LIV Watches have faced from other reviews (even authoritative sources like aBlogtoWatch). Regardless, I can't help but be amazed by what I got after setting out to provide a honest and objective viewpoint on this American-based micro.

The first of three LIV Watches items I'm testing out is the subject of this review. The rectangular Rebel and their lone watch winder will come next.

Aware of what I'm talking about? Let's start now.

Specifications for the LIV GX1-A “Sky Blue”

  • Blue GX1-A model number
  • MSRP: $590
  • 42mm case diameter
  • Four variations and a chrono version are additional models.
  • Moves automatically, SW200-1 Sellita
  • Problems: Date display
  • Power Reserve: Approximately 38 hours
  • 100 m/330 ft of water resistance
  • Sapphire crystal material

A Sport Watch With Unexpected Depth That Is Bold

When I initially opened the GX1-A's box, I was struck by how deep the dial seemed. The GX1-A sports a "sandwich" dial, which is different from other watches at this price bracket. The dial has many layers that are piled on top of one another, each with its own texture and accents, giving it a feeling of depth that other watches at this price just don't have.

Even if that makes a difference, it's not the only one.

The GX1-A's screw-down crown, crown guards, and knurled bezel (with "screws" that coincide with odd-hours) give it an almost dive watch appearance. This is accentuated by the hour markers, which have Super-LumiNova BGW9 topped markers at odd increments and bold cyberpunkish Arabic numerals at even increments. Despite having just 100 m of water resistance, the GX1-A is more than capable of getting wet and is suitable for daily use (just don't swim in it).

Introducing Your Daily

The steel crown, which is knurled as well, feels hardy and robust. The GX1-A jumps out as something designed to be on your wrist rather than within a watch box because it looks the part and because of the sportiness of the dial. It is appropriate for daily use and is simple to dress up when needed owing to a sky blue embellished crocodile grain leather strap.

The orange branding on the crown and stainless steel clasp nicely complements the seconds hand and logo at 12 o'clock. The outcome is a noteworthy and eye-catching painting due to the interplay of textures, blacks, blues, and oranges. Despite the fact that style is a personal preference, this aesthetic is something that my collection (which now has 58 items!) is lacking and is a welcome addition.

Swiss Made & Swiss Powered

The most recognized Swiss movement producer, ETA, which is a subsidiary of the Swatch Group, said in 2002 that it would no longer provide incomplete watch movements to businesses outside the Swatch Group. The supply that was made accessible to watch companies outside of the Swatch Group has been steadily reduced, which was significant news when it was first revealed.

The Swiss Competition Commission determined that ETA must continue to provide movements to foreign brands in some capacity; however, this decision is not permanent, and by 2023 ETA's external supplies will be a shadow of what they once were.

This is significant since more companies are using alternate motions as a consequence of ETA's decision. One such business is Sellita, and the SW200-1 within the GX1-A is essentially a copy of the ETA 2824. and it's a nice one in that aspect. If you desire a Swiss movement within your watch, it's crucial that Sellita be also Swiss.

The SW200-1 is nicely designed with tasteful sparseness, and it appears stunning through the sapphire display caseback. On the rotor, LIV livery can be seen along with some writing indicating the number of jewels and limited edition status.

What surprised me is that my testing with revealed that it is likewise accurate to roughly -14 seconds every day. This accuracy is by no means outstanding, but it is respectable given the cost and falls within Sellita's stated specifications of +/- 30 seconds every day.

Additionally, the power reserve was somewhat longer than 38.5 hours. When evaluating well-known and respected watch movements, I don't usually go very specific, but given my little hands-on time with Sellita's SW200, I figured this was a good chance.

The SW200-1 is essentially an improvement of the SW200, which was made in 2008. The upgrade's main objective was to increase the movement's durability and dependability in the presence of powerful shocks. Find out more about the SW200 and SW200-1's differences here.

How well made is the GX1-A?

Build quality is important. I read articles about how dirty the globe is becoming every day, and how our culture of disposability is a major contributor. While going back to the days of the horse and buggy isn't feasible (or even desirable), we can significantly slow this tendency by making the decision to buy fewer, higher-quality things.

Two years ago, I took the deliberate choice to remove all mention of low-quality watches from WYCA, both on the website and on social media. I am pleased to evaluate popular watches that are rubbish (and publicly reveal as such) since I do believe that it is necessary for customers to be made aware of low-quality items, but in my opinion, it is preferable to avoid giving garbage a platform to become more visible.

The GX1-A's quality is comparable to some of my favorites (such as the SARB065 Cocktail Time, SARB017 Alpinist, Hamilton Jazzmaster, and so on), which is why I am really thrilled with it. Given that they don't have the same extensive infrastructure or illustrious past as the aforementioned businesses, LIV has in some ways performed better. It is remarkable that the GX1-A is virtually completely free of flaws, even when seen at a high magnification.

Small features like the hands and applied markers being free of material flaws, the dial being free of dust or minor finish imperfections, and the seconds hand moving across the dial in the proper alignment are all indications of high-quality manufacturing.

The finishing on the SW200-1's standard grade movement is also adequate, and there is no dust or scratches on the movement when you turn the watch over.

The strap is of exceptional quality and is immediately comfortable. To ensure that the leather is largely broken in by the time you get it, LIV sends the GX1-A clasped around the cushion in the watch box (which, fortunately, isn't anything spectacular). There isn't much to say here; the strap easily passed the "scratch test," and the stainless steel buckle is a common model.

Although the aforementioned indications of great construction are not absolute, they are powerful signals that show the care and attention that went into its development. These particulars are important since the timepieces are handcrafted.

You’ll Enjoy Wearing the GX1-A

For the majority of men, even those with weak wrist syndrome, the 42mm casing is the perfect size. It is built solidly, effectively, and with the correct materials to last for many years.

It costs $590 right now, but if you join LIV's mailing list, you can simply obtain a coupon good for 10% off your first purchase. That lowers the cost to just shy of $540, which is a fantastic deal for a watch like this. It costs about the same as a Hamilton Khaki Field, but it was probably created with greater thought and sophistication.

I'm sure that the GX1-A is not throwaway because to the Sellita movement and sturdy design. This watch will last a long time if you take good care of it. In addition, LIV provides a five-year warranty and a 90-day return policy. This coverage is excellent and goes much beyond the normal one-year warranty that most manufactures give.

Even though I arrived late to the LIV watch party (other watch websites had already evaluated LIV watches by mid-2018), I'm pleased I did. The GX1-A is a fantastic illustration of what LIV is capable of, and I'm eager to spend more time with the rectangular Rebel.

Lastly, I want to express my gratitude to Kickstarter for making companies like LIV a reality. What a wonderful moment to be a watch aficionado.

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GX1-A Sky Blue LIV


LIV Watches has created a new watch that is made out of recycled plastic and has a unique design. The GX1-A in Sky Blue is the first time LIV has used this material to create their watches. Liv Watches is a company that creates eco-friendly products, so their watches are also environmentally friendly. This product can be purchased from Amazon for $39.99. Reference: where are liv watches made.

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