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The Seiko 5 is a unique dive watch with an unconventional design, but it’s not completely impractical.
When water hits the case, only a small part of the bezel rotates and releases pressure on the crystal inside; this prevents shattering in case of accidental impact. As for its aesthetics, it comes in three colors: blue (deep sea), red (wildlife) and silver/white (marine explorer).

The "seiko 5 sea urchin snzf17" is a watch that is designed for diving. It has a titanium case and comes with a strap made of rubber, making it more durable than other watches.

Review of the Seiko 5 SNZF15 Sea Urchin

Seiko 5 Blue Dial Stainless Steel Automatic Mens Watch SNZF15
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The advancements Seiko has made to the Seiko 5 line of timepieces never ceases to astound me.

If you are unfamiliar with them, they were originally conceived as a cheap, dependable sports watch concept and have now become a Seiko phenomenon.

They come with an automatic movement, day/date, a respectable level of water resistance, a shielded crown, and much more.

The SKX007 and SKX009, two iconic Seiko diving watches, are remarkably similar to the SNZF15 (also known as Sea Urchin), yet nevertheless just different enough to stand out.

Features of the Sea Urchin

The majority of the crucial elements were covered previously, but to help everyone understand, let's list them: 

  • 23-jewel Automatic Seiko Caliber 7S36 movement
  • crystalline crystal that is scratch-resistant, Hardlex
  • stainless steel case, 42 x 13 mm
  • Water resistance of 100m/330ft
  • 3 o'clock day/date window
  • Hidden crown
  • Bezel in the unidirectional diving style 

On the Seiko Pepsi Sea Urchin, there is nothing particularly special. But dependable, robust, and very impressive specifications for a watch that often costs less than a few hundred dollars.

The Face

The face has a little retro appeal to the vintage Rolex Submariner, but what diving watch doesn't these days? Rolex established the standard with that one, and since then, everyone has tried to follow suit.

That indicates there are big circular hour markers made of lumed material, with bars at six and nine o'clock and a double triangle at twelve.

The minute train on the outside of the dial is also firm, lumed, and simple to read. The exterior minute markings on this watch have a sharper slant, which is another intriguing feature. Compared to most Seikos, they often tilt up more sharply.

The specifications are prominently shown at 6 o'clock, while the Seiko 5 logo is prominently featured at the top. 

The only criticism I have is that this model's day coloring is really difficult to see even though it neatly matches the Pepsi bezel. In white, the day seems to have been more well planned. I don't necessarily have to read them rapidly or underwater!

Seiko SNZF15 Face

The Case & Strap

There are both positive and negative things to say about this strap, but keep in mind that this is a cheap watch.

First of all, not many watches at this level have a good polished clasp with a safety. 

In order to assist you suit it to your wrist, it is also micro-adjustable.

The band is a normal three-link design made of stainless steel, although Seiko saved money by employing foldover (hollow) links rather than solid ones. It's not a big deal, but I felt it was important to say.

The case's polished sides and brushed steel lugs give it a highly sturdy appearance. At 3 o'clock, the crown is also attractively recessed to preserve it.

It's fantastic to see a watch with a display (see-through) casing on the rear. It's entertaining to watch the rotor swing as it charges the watch, even if you won't notice it while you are wearing the watch.

Back of Sea Urchin Case and Bracelet

The Protest

Since Seiko can make such a watch with an automated movement for this cheap, it always amazes me.

It's true that it is not on the same level as a Rolex or Omega, but it is very dependable, utilized on a huge variety of Seiko models, and has respectable specs:

  • Automatic
  • 41+ hours of battery life
  • Day/Date incompatibility

Although it lacks self-winding or hacking like some of the more costly Seiko models, the movement is still excellent for a watch of this price range.

Options for Sea Urchin Colors

There are always several color possibilities, much as with the majority of Seiko's models. This one is available in both the all-black face and bezel shown in the picture, as well as the Pepsi - blue/red bezel that I reviewed here.

Although the model number is slightly different (SNZF17), the model is the same overall.

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