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The Seiko Prospex Solar SSC509 is the newest in a long line of world time watches from Japan. It's solar powered, has GPS and an atomic clock, making it one of the most advanced timepieces on the market today.

The "Seiko Prospex Solar SSC509 World Time Review" is a watch that features a solar power system, which powers the timekeeping mechanism. The watch also has an analog dial with a date window and world time function. Read more in detail here: seiko solar time.

Seiko SSC509 Mens PROSPEX World Time Leather Solar Watch w/Date
  • World Time Solar Chronograph with Power Reserve
  • Powered by light energy, 6 month power reserve once fully charged
  • World time function (25 cities) with hour and minute display
  • Power reserve indicator, Daily alarm
  • Chronograph measures up to 24

Are you looking for a world without nonsense? This Seiko is a Good Option to Consider!

You should bring a watch with you if your New Year's resolve includes travel arrangements. This Seiko Prospex Global Time is particularly well-suited for frequent travelers because to its utility (more on that below) and sturdy construction. This specific Prospex is solar-powered, much as many Citizen timepieces we've evaluated.

The Prospex Solar Global Time, which is currently listed for $278 on Certified Watch Store, is priced similarly to most Citizens (indeed, it is priced significantly less than most Citizen Global Time's) and provides its wearer with a variety of functions/complications (including an alarm and chronograph function).

Over the last several years, I've reviewed a few Seiko watches and have usually been pleased with them, particularly their tool watches and niche-focused models like the Flightmaster and their budget automatics (such the SNK809/SNK807 and Recraft series). In my opinion, Seiko regularly delivers excellent build quality and quality assurance (QA) while providing a reasonable price.

Is this combo of Prospex Global Time similar? You'll just have to keep reading to find out, I guess.

Places to Buy

This Prospex Global Time was kindly sent to WYCA by for evaluation. We'd appreciate it if you gave them some thought if you're going to pick one up!

  • Free Delivery
  • A 30-Day Money-Back Promise
  • a two-year warranty
  • 100% Genuine
  • From $275

Technical Information about Seiko Prospex SSC509

  • SSC509 as a model
  • MSRP: $450 (found discounted)
  • 42mm case diameter
  • Numerous alternatives for the band, dial color, and features in alternative models.
  • Quartz/solar movement, calibre V195
  • Chronograph, alarm, date display, battery reserve, and global time are complications.
  • Life of battery: six months (at full charge)
  • 100m/330ft of water resistance
  • Sapphire crystal material

Concerning Seiko Watches

Product Information

Few watch manufacturers are as widely used as Seiko. The first watch carrying the Seiko name was produced in 1924, while the brand's beginnings stretch back to 1881. Seiko, known for several horological "firsts," transformed the watchmaking sector in 1964 when it released the "Astron," the first quartz manufacturing watch ever.

Orient and Pulsar, two well-known watch companies, are among the many others that fall under the Seiko brand.


Other choices you can take into account with comparable difficulties and grey-market affordability:

Other Seiko Timepieces

We were privileged to study a number of Seiko timepieces firsthand, including:


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This Prospex Global Time Is Beautiful and Does Your Wrist Justice.

The SSC509 is a simple watch to wear and has a classy appearance. The cream-beige dial is suitably adaptable and is paired with an alligator-grain leather strap without a deployant clasp. There isn't any aesthetic component that prevents anything from being worn.

Although they lack any lume to help with low-light readability, the huge Arabic numeral hour markers are easy to see in regular lighting (warning: the 6 o'clock and 11 o'clock markers are cut off owing to the Prospex's subdials).

However, Seiko's LumeBrite coating, which is very visible in low light conditions, is generously applied to the hour and minute hands. In fact, the lume is so noticeable that it actually illuminates a portion of the face when it reflects off the sapphire crystal.

Seiko's branding, along with the Prospex emblem, is located directly above the date window at 4 o'clock at 3 o'clock. The Prospex and Global Time marks are printed directly on the dial, while Seiko's logo is attached.

The face is dominated by three subdials at 12, 6, and 9 o'clock (the power reserve/complication indication, alarm/Global Time display, and small-seconds display, respectively), which are grooved for visual emphasis. The outermost chapter ring is surrounded by minute markers and 25 city codes.

It's dynamic yet not excessively complex, and it looks good in general.

The casing has a variety of textures and finishes, including a superb blend of brushed and polished surfaces. The knurled bezel and tough-looking crown help to give the Prospex a feeling of hardness overall. This Prospex looks and feels robust, and it has the technological and material prowess to back it up with 100m of water resistance and a sapphire crystal.

Overall, it's a stylish watch that is both practical and lovely in its design. Here, Seiko did a fantastic job.

A Seiko from the V195 Movement That Will Take You Around the World

The Prospex SSC509 is a practical watch, reminding me of the Citizen Skyhawk Blue Angels' adaptability. The Prospex Global Time's Caliber V195 movement, which is driven by light and has a six-month power reserve once charged, offers a plethora of really helpful features.

Even so, there is a learning curve associated with this skill. Here is a link to the user handbook as you will need it.

The world-time capability, a 24-hour chronograph that measures in 1/5-second increments, an integrated alarm, and a power reserve indication are all features of the V195. The alarm and global time features are the most complicated parts, but everything else operates as planned.


Although it takes time to set the alarm, it is not very difficult once you get the feel of it. Pull the crown to the second position, which is also the middle position/first click, and then use the bottom pusher (labeled pusher "B" in the handbook) to adjust the alarm time. To engage or disengage the alarm, use the top pusher (pusher "A") while the crown is still in the middle position.

One-minute increments may be used to set the alarm. Holding the bottom pusher while setting will help you move the process along more quickly.

Global Time

To manipulate the Global Time hand, press the bottom pusher (pusher “B”) for 3 seconds or longer. The 12 o’clock subdial will then move to the Global Time indicator. Once the Global Time setting is activated, use either pusher to move the city hand forward/backward towards your intended setting.

Note that the main hour/minute hands and Global Time subdial at 6 o’clock can be set independently of each other, meaning that you can have dual time displays on the dial if you feel so inclined.

Overall, A Great Global Time & No-Nonsense Watch From Seiko

I've just evaluated the SSC509, but it's clear why the Prospex range is so well-liked. The construction quality is pretty solid, as is customary for Seiko; even when magnified by my zoom lens, there are no visible flaws. Particularly the dial, which is a superb illustration of the caliber of quality Seiko can provide at a reasonable price, is finely completed.

At the sub-$300 mark, it competes directly with the Casio Edifice I reviewed (and gave away) last month. Compared to the Edifice – which I thought was quite good – the Prospex Global Time is a more casually styled and capable watch. The solar-powered movement gives the Prospex the additional benefit of never needing a battery replacement.

Even though it wears a little large for a 42mm, it is the appropriate size and looks fantastic. Add the correct engine to support its tough good looks, and you have a watch that is competent and offers exceptional value.

Photo Gallery for the Seiko Prospex SSC509

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