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Seiko Recraft SNKN01 Automatic Review

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Seiko Recraft SNKN01 Automatic Review is a watch that has been designed with the idea of providing reliability and durability. The features include: a stainless steel case, a water resistance rating of up to 100 meters, an analog display, and automatic movement.

Seiko Men's SNKN01 Analog Display Japanese Automatic Black Watch
  • Automatic movement
  • Day and date calendar
  • Case diameter: 43.5mm
  • Water resistant to 165 feet
  • 21,600 vibrations per hour

A Great Cheap Automatic Watch is the SNKN01 by Seiko Recraft.

It's one of those timepieces that makes you feel good to wear and possess. The SNKN01, a stylish and athletic watch that can often be obtained for about $175, features the same 7S26 automatic movement as the common SNK809.

The Recraft watch series has huge 43.5mm casings with a retro-inspired design. Fans of retro timepieces from the 1970s will recognize and like the style of the casing, which has a little Hamilton Pan Europ resemblance.

One of my favorite watch brands is Seiko, and the Recraft line of timepieces seems like a fantastic addition to the realm of reasonably priced automatics. Let's investigate.

Technical Information about the SNKN01 by Seiko Recraft

  • SNKN01 as the model number
  • MSRP: $205
  • 43.5mm case diameter
  • Alternative Models: There is a vast array of alternative layouts.
  • Seiko 7S26 automatic movement
  • Problems: Day/date display
  • 42 hours of estimated power reserve
  • Waterproofing: 50 meters/165 feet
  • The crystal is made of hardlex.

SNKN01 by Seiko Recraft Aesthetics & Design

A Blog to Watch's Matt Diehl wrote a fantastic feature on the Recraft series that showcases some of the many models. Check it out, particularly considering how often he discusses the origins of the design language. Good reading, indeed.

There isn't anything about this watch in particular that I find aesthetically objectionable. Like a homing beacon, the blue outer ring always draws my attention. When wearing the SNKN01, I've observed that I often check the time. I like how Seiko designed the dial; the orange seconds hand and steel and grey contrast well with the blue markings.

The minute and hour hands have an excellent angle that reflects light and gives the impression that they are bigger than they really are. The dial has an almost matte surface, yet with the appropriate lighting, it can truly sparkle. Metallic waves of light hit the face, encircling the dial and illuminating it. Although it has a fantastic appearance, the real keeping of time is slightly obscured. You will have to take special care to tell the time in bright light.

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Other color combinations work just fine; it seems that the SNKN01 is the only one having timing issues. In fact, the SNKMN97 is my favorite color scheme and is much easier to read in bright light. However, I still believe the SNKN01 has a fantastic design. Even though it sometimes hides the hands, I appreciate the dial.

With a few polishing touches on the sides and top of the lugs, the case primarily has a brushed finish, which looks fantastic with the grey dial. The crown matches the appearance well since it is polished and devoid of any etching.

You can see the 7S26C movement, which is unadorned yet clean, when you turn the watch over. The mechanism is minimalist, similar to other low-cost Seiko automatics. The viewing window, however, remains unhindered, giving you a great view of what is renowned to be a tough and dependable movement.

The strap, which is virtually brand new yet looks a touch dated, is where I believe the SNKN01 falls short. This is a simple adjustment that also reflects the affordable price. I wouldn't worry too much about this since it's simple to remove the strap and change it.

All things considered, I believe the SNKN01 has a terrific appearance. Even the variants with steel bracelets are often less than $200, making the whole Recraft range appealing and accessible.

Build Quality of the Seiko SNKN01

The build quality isn't poor overall. However, there is a faint line running across a portion of the colorful rim next to the hour marker for nine. Although it requires searching to discover, it is readily apparent to the unaided eye. This is the only Seiko that I've evaluated with such a dial problem.

Once the watch gets less than a foot from your eyes, you can see the flaw on the face. When you're searching for it up close, it's quite evident. I doubt that every Recraft sold will have the same issue. Seiko's fit and finish are often pretty excellent. The hour markers for 6, 9, and 12 o'clock, however, do not rest evenly in their corresponding colored region. Again, it's not a major problem, but it somewhat irritates my meticulous side.

The flat hardlex crystal has no wear or scratches and is flush with the bezel. Domed crystals often last less time than flat ones. For instance, both the Orient Bambino and the Graf Zeppelin, which I examined last week, feature domed crystals; as a result, the Zeppelin has accidently taken a few hits.

The case is well-made and has a nice appearance. It is largely brushed with the exception of two polished stripes on either side and the tops of the lugs.

Strap & Clasp

In contrast to the dramatic and athletic dial, the calfskin leather band with a typical steel clasp seems like a bit of a disappointment. The band is, in fact, wearable and somewhat comfortable, but it falls short of the dial in terms of depth and aesthetic appeal.

Alligator-grain skins on the strap, however, withstand stains quite well. Your eye has a difficult time seeing through the noise to see where the clasp marks pierce the leather. Despite its sleepy demeanor, it is well crafted and has good stitching.

The buckle is branded and engraved, but other from that, it is identical to all other buckles of its kind.

a description of the Seiko 7S26C automatic movement

I highlight in my review of the Seiko 5 SNK809 that the movement within is one reason the watch offers excellent value for the money. The Seiko 7S26 movement was first introduced in 1996, and the 7S26C variant utilized within the SNKN01 was introduced in 2011. It is non-hacking and non-handwinding, beats at 21,600 bph, and features 21 jewels.

Around 42 hours of electricity should be expected. The 7S26 cannot be manually wound, as previously indicated, however it is easily started. The second hands will begin to move with a tiny movement.

The 7S26C inside of this one has a standard variation of +27/+40 seconds every day. That's a lot, but the 7S26 isn't recognized for rigorous precision; rather, it's noted for having a dependable and tough movement. There should be at least one in the collection of every "watch person."

Setting the Recraft Automatically

  • Pull the crown to the furthest point to set the time (3). Clockwise rotation sets the time. Once you cross midnight, the day and date displays will both rollover.
  • Pull the crown to the center position to set the date (2). To set the date, turn the dial clockwise.
  • Pull the crown to the center position to set the time (2). To adjust the day display, turn counterclockwise.

The Recraft Series Is Very Affordable

The Recraft series has a lot going for it and is often found on Amazon for around $175. Although the automated movement within may lack features and precision, it is a dependable device that, with regular maintenance, will survive for many years. The well-made casing and dial will function in the same way.

The SNKN01 routinely outperforms its price, appearing and feeling like a watch that costs two or three times as much. The mix of its size and dial gives it a current sense, while also giving it a nostalgic aura.

Being a lover of Seiko, I've expanded my collection with the SNKN01. The Recraft series has a few watches that you should take into consideration if you're searching for a watch this size and want an automatic. There is a color combination for almost any need, and it will surely make you grin everytime you wear it.

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