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The Seiko SARB065 Cocktail Time is a beautiful timepiece that comes at an affordable price. It also doesn't have all the features found on other luxury watches, which gives it a certain appeal and makes it unique as well.

The "seiko cocktail time review" is a watch that has been on the market for quite some time. It is a very affordable option for those who are looking to buy their first watch.

SEIKO MECHANICAL × Shinobu Ishigaki SARB065 Men's---(Japan Import-No Warranty)
  • Case
  • - Case Material: Stainless Steel (polished)
  • - Case Shape: Round
  • - Case Colour: Silver
  • - Bezel made of: Stainless Steel (polished)

We’ll be examining Seiko’s new Presage Cocktail Time watch next month. This Month, We’re Using the SARB065 Original Iteration.

Designing a timeless watch that will remain relevant for many years is challenging. The SARB065 Cocktail Time was introduced by Seiko in 2010, and in my view, it was a hit.

A watch available solely in the Japanese market is or was the SARB065 Cocktail Time. Similar to the SARB017 Alpinist, if you desired a SARB065 and resided outside of Japan, you had to buy it on the black market.

I'm holding the SARB065, also known as the "Cocktail Time Cool." I wanted to have hands-on experience with the aging SARB065 before I go on to the upgraded Presage Cocktail Time next month so that I had a solid Comparison point. I can't believe I waited so long after having it for a few weeks.

Let's investigate.

Cocktail Time Technical Specifications (SARB065)

  • Identifier: SARB065
  • MSRP: $550
  • 40mm case diameter
  • Alternative Models: More contemporary and alternative models.
  • Seiko 6R15 automatic movement.
  • Problems: Date indication
  • 50 hours of estimated power reserve
  • Waterproofing: 50 meters/165 feet
  • The crystal is made of hardlex.

Concerning Seiko Watches

Product Information

Few watch manufacturers are as widely used as Seiko. The first watch carrying the Seiko name was produced in 1924, while the brand's beginnings stretch back to 1881. Seiko, known for several horological "firsts," transformed the watchmaking sector in 1964 when it released the "Astron," the first quartz manufacturing watch ever.

Orient and Pulsar, two well-known watch companies, are among the many others that fall under the Seiko brand.


Other choices you can take into account with comparable difficulties and grey-market affordability:

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It’s… Gorgeous

The SARB065 is a stylish timepiece. Although its dial is a wonderful show of flair and panache, it isn't what I find so alluring (but it certainly helps). The dial's consistency and execution quality are excellent, producing a perfect sunburst under any discernible light source.

That's what catches my eye. At least, that and the Hardlex crystal with a dome.

The SARB065 Is a Cocktail Hour Personified

The Cocktail Time is a timepiece that may be worn on any occasion. It seems just as wonderful at a ballgame as it does in a theater. It isn't very fashionable, but it is quite reflecting.

The dial has flats and sharps and deep grooves that resemble the strings that give the keys their sound. It also reminds me of a grand piano. The Cocktail Time is the perfect example of anything that may cause synesthesia.

Take note of the printing's high quality, the indices' accuracy, and the way they are mounted. Although I've heard reviews describing the SARB065's finishing as ordinary, I don't understand how. The SARB065 is among the greatest timepieces I've closely examined, from micro to Swiss luxury. Given its modest cost, it is perhaps one of the finest.

Seiko’s 6R15 automatic provides power.

The 6R15 impressed me when I evaluated the Alpinist, which is now a mainstay in my rotation, and it continues to do so today. The 6R15D, which is a "newer" variant than the 6R15C found in most SARB065s, is included in this specific SARB065.

One may only speculate as to what has changed from the earlier "C" model. According to Seiko, the movement is the same in all of its varieties and that it is only done for factory identification reasons.

There is a new trend in the Presage Cocktail Time. The SARB065's closest competitor is the SRPB43, which is aesthetically (almost) similar but employs the less desired (if only somewhat) 4R35 movement.

The 4R35 sacrifices 9 hours of power reserve and employs inferior materials when compared to the 6R15. In that regard, the SARB065 has a larger engine under the hood (so to speak) than its modern cousin if you're looking for a 3-handed Cocktail Time.

I haven't had a 4R in my hands to check out, so I can't say for sure that I prefer the 6R15 over the 4R35. They are almost comparable in terms of Specifications, but I can't help but believe I'd choose the one with the bigger power reserve. We will see, I suppose.


  • 21,600 bph
  • 23 stones
  • 50-hour battery life
  • Hacking & hand-winding
  • Date indication


  • To set the time, pull the crown to its furthest position (position 3). Turn the crown clockwise to adjust the time. Note that the Date indication will automatically roll over at midnight.
  • Pull the crown to the center to change the date (position 2). To change the date, turn the crown in the other direction.

Something So Stunning and So Affordable Don’t Often Coexist

The street pricing should be approximately $500, although in North American areas, it might vary by 10%. It is neither an expensive watch nor a rare one. Even so, it has a wonderful movement inside—the 6R15, which is reliable and accurate—and is just lovely to look at.

The SARB065 is an example of an almost flawless fusion of engineering, technical skill, and aesthetics.

Comfort & Style

The navy blue stitching truly stands out against the shiny, smooth-finish black calfskin leather. I was afraid it would be rigid when I first saw it, laying flat and covered in plastic. The contrary, however, is true.

The calfskin leather has a soft, opulent feel. The strap felt cozy as soon as the deployant clasp was placed in position. It is flexible and quickly adapts to various shapes.

Of course, the deployant clasp itself is well-made and straightforward to use. When closed, the mechanism seems sturdy and operates without jiggling. It's a really good product.

A Wonderful Accoutrement for Your Wrist

I am eager to see the latest model, the SRPB43J1, as it is based on the SARB065. I'm interested to see whether the replacement model measures up to the old one.

The SARB065 is a really good watch, and I'd suggest it to just about anybody. It fits the majority of wrists properly and is a stylish and classic complement when worn. This watch has received a lot of attention, and I can understand why.

The dial is even more amazing when seen at a great magnification. I don't see any poor materials or machining anywhere on it. The SAB065 is an excellent value for its current market price of $500–$600 and competes with Swiss watches that cost three or four figures more.

I bought this watch from on January 9 for $640 Canadian. 

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The "seiko presage" is a watch that has been released by Seiko. It offers a unique design, and it comes in three different colors. The review will discuss the pros and cons of this watch.

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