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The Seiko Tank (a.k.a. the Cartier Homage) is a watch that looks like something you might see on Parisian streets and has been turning heads since its release in 2011, but it doesn't cost $4,000 or more as some of us may expect from a fashion-forward timepiece with such an iconic name .

The "seiko sup880" is a watch that has been created by the Japanese company Seiko. The watch has been compared to the Cartier Homage, but it's much more affordable.

A Tribute To The Cartier Tank: The Seiko Tank

According to legend, Louis Cartier was inspired by a tank's tread when he created the first Cartier Tank in 1917. precisely the Renault FT-17.

At a victory celebration in 1918, the first of these timepieces was then given to American General John Pershing. They say the rest is history. 

Roman numerals and a straightforward rectangular casing have made this watch "the watch" to wear for celebrities including Princess Diana (which Megan may obtain), Fred Astaire, and First Lady Obama (whose watch Kim Kardashian purchased).

Therefore, it has a history to be proud of, particularly in light of the possibilities present in the modern watch industry.

The majority of people, however, consider spending thousands of dollars on a watch to be much too expensive. Even though they are equally as fashionable as the Cartiers (you can view every single Tank Solo by Cartier Women in these pictures)

Which is where the references to the Seiko Tank come in. They cost much less than the original yet are very identical. Let's examine some of the top choices available right now.

1. Women’s Seiko SUP250 (Tank)

Seiko Women's SUP250 Stainless Steel Watch with Black Band
  • Rectangular gold-tone watch with textured white dial featuring...
  • 18 mm stainless steel case with hardlex dial window
  • Japanese quartz movement with analog display
  • Croco-embossed black leather band with buckle closure
  • Water resistant to 30 m (99 ft): In general, withstands splashes...

You probably won't notice a significant difference between this Seiko tank and the middle-gold Cartier tank above.

Alligator-patterned strap in black leather. A thick, H-shaped, gold-plated casing that is obviously unique to the Tank. Roman numeral hour markers in a square train with the inside featuring a special design. a Quartz mechanism.

Do they vary in any way? Sure.

There are gems within the hour marker train and a white dial with a design on it. Additionally, unlike on the Cartier, the watch case is not flush with the band. The sword-like shapes of the minute/hour hands and the numerals are not identical to those of the original.

However, you do get a solar-powered movement (also Quartz like the Cartier), so you won't need to replace the battery at all too often (or a very long time). Not the case with the first.

Seiko certainly conserved money in several places (of course, given it costs hundreds instead of thousands), such as the mineral crystal replacing the sapphire and the gold-toned stainless steel casing.

However, it's difficult to go beyond the Seiko Tank if you want the style and a reliable watch from a Japanese company that understands how to make fine watches.


  • Seiko Solar Quartz motion
  • Case: Stainless Steel, 18 x 6 mm
  • Stone: Hardlex
  • Leather crocodile strap (13mm)
  • 30m Waterproof (99ft)

2. Men’s Seiko SFP608 (Tank)

Seiko Men's SFP608 Square dial Watch
  • Quartz movement
  • Case diameter: 25 mm
  • Gold-tone stainless steel case
  • Hardlex
  • Water-resistant to 30 meters(99 feet)

The SFP608 from Seiko is one of the greatest replicas of the original Cartier Tank. Due to my ignorance of this model, it was initially left out of our evaluation; however, John, a commenter below, graciously brought it to our attention.

Since it lacks the striping of the model below, as can be seen on the dial, it is much more similar to the original. It fits the original much better in terms of appearance and Specifications since it is quartz and is not solar powered.

It has a decent size at 30mm, like most tank tribute watches. with a matching 22mm watch band.


  • Activity: Seiko Quartz
  • 30 x 6 mm stainless steel case
  • Stone: Hardlex
  • Leather crocodile strap (22mm)
  • 30m Waterproof (99ft)

3. Men’s Seiko SUP880 (Tank)

The selections are quite comparable for guys; they are only a bit bigger to fit our normally larger wrists.

Again, the rectangular case, leather band, roman numerals, and crown with the jeweled point are all distinguishing features of the Tank design.

With its scratch-resistant Hardlex crystal and Solar Quartz (up to a 12-month charge), the Seiko is in some ways more durable. Although sapphire resists scratches better than other materials, a mineral crystal is more difficult to break.

Overall, the men's version of this piece is virtually the ideal tribute to the Cartier Tank. Although quite similar, there are enough variances to distinguish it as a reliable Seiko.


Seiko Solar Quartz motion

  • Case: Stainless Steel, 28.5 x 6mm
  • Stone: Hardlex
  • Leather crocodile strap (22mm)
  • 30m Waterproof (99ft)

The "seiko tank swr049" is a watch that was created with the intention of paying homage to one of the most popular watches in history. It is a Cartier Homage, but it is more affordable.

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