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How to Spot a Fake Men’s Sports Watch?

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Do you like to purchase a watch from a prestigious brand?

Are you stressed about not buying it straight from an online portal or the brand's shop, or are you worried about not purchasing a 100% legitimate product?

If you are in such a dilemma, this article is perfect for learning the difference between fake and authentic watches.

Here, some specific tricks and techniques to assist you in distinguishing between a genuine and a fake men's sports watch.

Let us drive into further information on how it is not challenging to track down an authentic watch.

Ticking Sound

A genuine watch will not produce any ticking sounds or noise. It comprises tiny parts that you can see assembled precisely to fabricate the ideal watch mechanism.

However, a duplicate or fake watch lacks this keen quality and will produce ticking sounds that can be quickly determined by taking the watch close to your ear to listen.

Genuine Watches Quality

A watch's quality is the foremost thing that will be visibly unique. And a replica can never meet the genuine's product quality.

To determine a fake watch, look for scratches, unfinished edges, wrong engravings/markings, and improper polish.

Also, look after the watch's buckle or clasp works well if the screw-down works, and also, the watch needles are controlled adequately by the screw to adjust the time.

Find out for any other errors like wrong stamps, misspelled words, or fake documents.

It is also crucial to check if there are clear markings and correctly engraved and are not vanishing out which in the fake watch's there is a possibility of happening it.

And from the color of the watch, you can suspect that it is fake due to its low-quality material usage, making it look not very interesting in color. Also, usually fake ones are not big in size.

So be attentive before you decide to purchase.

Product Specifications

It is no harm in researching and knowing about the watch you are planning to buy. It enables you to acquire a precise idea about the product and the specifications of your desired watch.

Consequently, before buying them, you can quickly match up the glasses to know the difference between a replica and a designer watch.

It will help if you glance at the pictures, and learning keenly more about the watch's appearance will save you from investing money in fake products.

Also, it is an optimal idea to know about stamps, logos, and trademark designs of the watches brand you are purchasing from, as this significantly helps you make a correct choice.

Azure Crystal Top

An azure crystal top is positioned onto the dial of every designer watch. Standard watches either have a glass or mineral crystal top.

An azure top gives a violet tint at a specific angle which you can use to know that a particular watch is genuine.

To manifest this, tilt the watch at multiple angles under a bright light to check if it reveals a purplish tint.

Furthermore, the azure crystal stop also possesses a different glossy appearance that is obvious though kept at a few distances away.

The cyclops exaggeration over the watch's window is also the other thing you can opt for to ensure authenticity because a fake watch is designed under or over-magnified cyclops window.

Watch Bracelet

Designer and genuine watch bracelets are peculiarly fabricated to ensure durability and feasibility.

Check the watch bracelet before purchasing it by ensuring that it is excellently feasible and glides onto your wrist flawlessly.

Furthermore, the clasp that covers the bracelet typically has two stamps on it. These stamps can determine whether the watch is authenticated or not.

Fully Functional

A grandeur watch offers you more than just the time. But while buying it, we fail to check all the watch's functions whether it runs correctly.

Ensure to check the helium release valves and sub-dials, the chronograph, and other time zone settings.

All these minor things will help you to make a precise differentiation between the fake and genuine ones.


A top-notch quality branded watch is typically fabricated of heavy metals, precious stones, metal alloys, gold, and silver.

Also, they are furnished with a dozen minor moving parts, which makes a luxurious watch sturdier and heavier. A replica watch lack this sturdiness and quality, and durability.

The differences will be apparent in weight between a fake and genuine watch; no doubt authentic watch is always robust, heavier ad will not work quite well.

Model and Serial Number

Not only can you spot a fake by differentiating serial numbers, but you can also look over the model number as well.

Do your proper research online to precisely discover what must be the genuine model number of the watch should be.

If the watch is authentic, the serial number on the bracelet and watch box case both must be assuredly the same.

Sum up these numbers to determine a fake and real watch. At times, the serial number is also printed on a sticker behind the watch's dial, so make sure to check there as well.

Pricing and Package

One of the foremost things you will observe while unboxing a watch is packaging, and it is one of the most vital things to know the difference between fake and genuine packaging.

The watch box case should comprise the top quality like exactly they displayed in the pictures online.

Furthermore, it should be resilient and should not be inferior looking.

Price is also an essential thing to consider. You must check for pricing. It is evident that it is expected to be a second-hand or fake watch if cheap or low.

You can also look for the official papers inside the package box to find out the warranty or documents; if it is of low-quality print and fake details, undoubtedly it is fake.

Final Words

From the above-given information, we have explained apparently the differences between authentic and fake watches in nine conspicuous points through which you will be one step ahead in making your right choice for an authentic watch.

It is your responsibility to do some quick research and learn about the logos and not get trapped for the fake ones!

Jacky Chou

Jacky Chou is the co-founder of Uberwrists and has gotten into watches from his father from a young age. His first watch was a black G Shock that was comedically large for his wrist. He appreciates watches from Seiko to a Patek Philippe.

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