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Stowa introduced the Partitio watch in 2017, joining a crowded field of similar looking watches. The Swiss made luxury time piece is characterized by its deep blue dial and black leather strap with polished steel case.

The "stowa partitio reddit" is a watch that is made by the company Stowa. The watch has an interesting design and a high-quality build. It is also very affordable.

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The best overlooked watch in Stowe is THE STOWA PARTITIO.

Stowa originally made the Partitio available in 2008 via the German shop Manufactum.

Replica of the 1930s original Partitio, it is currently a part of their main lineup but is often disregarded in favor of the well-known Stowa Flieger Klassik. Unfortunately, the Partitio offers amazing value for the money, so this is sad.

Let's look at it.


  • Partito Klassik is the model number (white)
  • MSRP: $675
  • OTHER MODELS: Black variation
  • Mechanical movement, SW215-1
  • Estimated power reserve: 40 hours
  • RESISTANCE TO WATER: 50 m/165 ft
  • Sapphire crystal material


The sleek, almost minimalistic dial that the Partitio wears is what draws the most attention. Almost everything about this dial may be restored to function over form, much like its cousin from the 1930s. Although we'll discuss it more, this does not imply that the form is deficient.

The dial has large Arabic numerals at the hour intervals and is also available in black. The numerals feature a thickly applied Superluminova C3 fill-in with a thin black outline. In the dark, the lume lights pretty brightly, making it quite simple to see the time. Stowa put an outside track around the clock with numbers every five seconds and fifth of a second increments.

Thankfully, Stowa stuck with the 1930s design and went with the original Stowa logo, which is not only far more attractive but also the appropriate decision in terms of authenticity. Stowa performed a fantastic job of recreating the retro appearance and atmosphere of the original Partitio.

The minute and hour hands feature the same Superluminova C3 filling as the hour numerals and are nickel plated. Excellent readability is achieved with the seconds hand practically reaching the dial's edge.


The ETA 2824-2 movement for the automated version and the ETA 2801-2 movement for the hand-wound variant are both included as standard with the Partitio. Both have a sturdy caseback. For an additional $68, Stowa offers the Partitio with the Sellita SW215-1 hand-wound movement, which has Geneva stripes on the train wheel, barrel, and balancing bridge and comes with a transparent caseback.

It is a pretty wonderful feature even if it may not be entirely genuine. Additionally, the SW215 has blued screws, which is a pleasant touch and a feature that is uncommon for watches in this price range.

At this pricing, a 42-hour power reserve is reasonable to anticipate from the watch. The Partitio adds roughly five seconds every day in terms of timekeeping, which isn't too awful for a change in this price bracket.


The Partitio's casing is composed of completely polished steel and measures 37 mm in diameter and 46.9 mm from lug to lug. Near the front, where it almost effortlessly transitions into the slightly domed crystal, the casing rounds off. The crystal is not anti-reflective coated, but after wearing it for a month, we have never seen any reflections that interfere with reading. The Partitio also includes a signature crown with the scaled-down Stowa logo.

Its waterproof rating of 5 ATM simply indicates that you can get it wet but not immersed in water. Given that it has a leather strap and a 5 ATM rating, it is quite unlikely that many people would put it to the test.

The leather strap is basic, but it's the only one that works. The strap and the watch don't really shout out for attention. For an extra $60, Stowa also provides a light brown, light blue, light green, or light grey leather strap.

It fits a variety of wrist sizes since the 18mm-apart lugs flex with the wrist.


The author has worn the Partitio for more than a month as of the time of writing. It's a piece that begs you to gaze at it again and be in awe of the dial's breathtaking elegance. And if you ever weary of the dial—which is really improbable—flip it over to the back and keep going.

The Partitio, developed by Stowa, is a more than admirable recreation of its 1930s cousin and has the advantage of being much simpler to maintain. Everything about this watch is perfect, from the proportions to the dial's exquisite design to the functionally outstanding movement.

The Partitio is a great-looking watch at a very reasonable price that is well worth considering, coming in at little under $900 for the SW215 variant.

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The "stowa partitio lug-to-lug" is a watch that has been designed by Stowa. It is an analog watch with a Swiss made movement. The case is made of 316L stainless steel, and the dial is protected by sapphire crystal glass.

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