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How to Style a Men’s Sports Watch in 2023?

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Jacky Chou

A sports watch has a lot of benefits, and it can upgrade your style. You can find several ways to wear a men's sports watch on your wrist.

When you know how to wear a sport's watch in style, then you can make a good combination of it with your dresses.

If you have a men's sports watch, then you must also know how to wear it. These days wearing a chronograph is a trend but wearing a sports watch is a style mystery.

The first thing people notice about you is your shoes in the same way they also have an eye on your watch.

For me, wearing a watch is like having a perfect look to rock your business meeting. You would look like an empty cup without wearing a watch.

How to Fit a Sports Watch Into Your Outfit?

Don't make it complicated by thinking and only thinking; apply my secret trick, close your eyes, imagine yourself with different watches on your wrist and examine which watch suits your outfit. It might work! 

Match Up Your Metals

If you are going to wear a silver-colored watch or golden colored watch, you must see whether it matches your outfit.

However, if you wear a bar of silver and gold-colored watches to informal businesses, it won't look good.

If you wear it for formal companies with the desired colors, then it suits you the best.


You must also ensure that your brand of the watch also matches your outfit.

Now let's take an example of your formals and wear a dress watch on your wrist.

Will it be adoring? I don't think so; it will look like a mess.

Five Watches That Every Man Needs to Know

For us, a watch is another name for class.

1. Dress Watch

The main style of the watch I would like to mention is the dress watch. Dress watch means grand and modest. 

When you think about modesty, it's black formal, either men's wear or women's wear. So, the same modesty looks of watches that are going to be dress watches.

Sometimes, watchmakers don't even use numbers; they use lines and roman numerals instead.

The band is always made up of leather and dark leather. Those lighter leathers will be more casual, which will not be a match for your formal style.

So, if you do get a dress watch, you will be simpler, which will match your casual style.

In addition, dress watches often used precious stones.

There are even more styles in it like gold, silver, and precious metals. Simplicity is going to be the proof of a dress watch.

2. Field Watch

Field watches indicate covering. It got hacked second-hand.

Do you know what hacking is second-hand?

A hacking second hand is actually where you will be able to fix it, you will be able to keep it, and so you can have a community so that we could all fix the exact time.

To notice deeply about field watches is that they have a significant difference on their top.

The top of the watch will be larger, more significant than any other style, and more traditional ones will be in about forty-five or forty-three, or forty-two.

However, the older ones would be as much as 55 across.

3. Aviator Watch

The aviator watches are adventurous. The first aviator watches looked like field watches; they were taken and worn by aviators,

However, as time passed, the necessities of aviator's watches changed, and so they required more of their watches.

So, here are a few fundamental points that you are going to see in aviator watches. First off, they are going to have a blackface with white numbers.

Next, the screws on the case side will allow us to start and stop different stopwatches and chronographs. 

Ultimately, the last fundamental point is that it's not going to be on all aviator watches.

Still, if you see a circular slide rule also known as a whiz wheel, you can pretty much be assured this is not an aviator watch.

4. Dive Watch

Dive watches remind me of adventures. A dive watch can handle up to high pressures when you dive into the deep water and that's why they are more accurate too.

And when you are at the bottom or dark, you will have a limited amount of oxygen that helps you breathe. 

Everyone will crave a watch that will be helpful for them, and you will be able to believe them, and they will never cheat on you.

Since dive watches could withstand high pressure, so that's why sapphire glasses are usually used along with dive watches.

Dive watches usually have more capabilities than they will withstand high forces.

A dive watch can be made of silicone or rubber bands that will fit apparently on your wrist.

5. Racing Watch

The final watch we are going to see is a racing watch. The one word that comes to my mind when I think of racing watches is the Maverick.

So what's particular about racing watches is they don't have a military heritage.

Why is This Special? 

Because it will not be constrained by everything else we saw on the other watches, they would get government contracts.

So, the colors they use and the styles of the other watches are helpful, elementary. Racing watches are going to have a lot more fun. 

We will see them in brighter colors, and we will see bright blues, we are going to see reds, we will see oranges.

In addition, sometimes precious stones are very functional. So, the two crucial keys in racing watches are,

One of them is a timepiece. It's a tiny stopwatch; it is going to be on the face of the watch.

We also have a tach meter that adds more style to this racing watch.

The Key Takeaway

Thus, every watch is unique, and they have different styles.

It depends on us how we look either to attract others or present ourselves as a stylish person.

Hence, men's sports watches are always unique.

Jacky Chou

Jacky Chou is the co-founder of Uberwrists and has gotten into watches from his father from a young age. His first watch was a black G Shock that was comedically large for his wrist. He appreciates watches from Seiko to a Patek Philippe.

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