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Tried & Tested: Thomas Earnshaw Longitude ES-8803-02

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What could be better than a watch made with an in-house movement by one of the best Swiss manufacturers? A watch that's built to last and powered by blockchain technology. The Longitude watches combine traditional excellence with cutting edge innovation, boasting a titanium case, uni-directional rotating bezel and Swiss Made ETA 2836 caliber automatic movement.

The "tried meaning" is a watch that has been tested and reviewed by Thomas Earnshaw. The review was positive, with the only downside being the price.

Thomas Earnshaw Men's Longitude Stainless Steel Chinese-Automatic Watch with Leather Strap, Black,...
  • An elegant and functional timepiece dedicated to the world of...
  • Hardened domed mineral crystal lens
  • Chinese-automatic Movement
  • Case Diameter: 44mm
  • Water resistant to 50m (165ft: in general, suitable for short...

One of the most eye-catching watches I’ve seen on my desk thus far.

Words/Photography: Me. Bryce McD, the model. For the sake of this review and photo session, Thomas Earnshaw offered this watch gratis. Please have a look at our review guidelines.

Thomas Earnshaw is having a great year in terms of marketing and brand recognition. They are approaching influencers mercilessly to talk about their newest timepieces. Recently, I evaluated the Precisto Bauer Fumee and Lady Australis watches by Thomas Earnshaw. Overall, the experiences have been good despite being uneven.

The Longitude in this iteration is large, bold, and blue. It's a 42mm dress watch that comes with a lovely guilloche dial and open heart on blue-dyed crocodile-grain leather as standard equipment. It is a highly captivating item, despite being on the cluttered side of design, and is sure to catch people's eyes wherever it is.

However, it is not without weaknesses, and the example I am using has a few significant ones. The first is that it costs a whopping £500 MSRP, which is quite high. I've sometimes seen it posted for $300, which is a lot more reasonable price, but even then, it's hit or miss if you'll get it for that amount. Only on, where you have to pay the full price, have I reliably located this Longitude.

The second problem is that, for the price, the build quality is subpar. This review will go into more depth later on.

But enough blathering; let's go in and examine this in more detail.

Technical Specifications for the length Thomas Earnshaw ES-8803-02

  • ES-8803-02 is the model number.
  • MSRP: £500 / ~ $650
  • 42mm case diameter
  • Alternative Models: Various alternatives
  • Automatic, TMI NH39 movement
  • No complications
  • Estimated power reserve: 41 hours
  • Waterproofing: 50 meters/165 feet
  • Mineral makes up the crystals.

You & Your Friends Will Love This Earnshaw

Over the previous five years, I've examined two watches on average each month. More than 150 hands-on evaluations may be found in my watch review area. This Thomas Earnshaw is the one that has so far attracted the most unanticipated attention out of all of them. Whoever sees the watch, it will undoubtedly get a complement or a remark after it has been seen.

People really adore it.

They like the intricate dial's seamless fusion of traditional guilloche embellishments with brushed stainless steel hour markers and plates. The open heart display, day/night subdial, and these opposing but complementing components come together to form one of the most strikingly attractive watch dials that most people will have ever seen.

The watch really pulls it off in a manner that is both classy and raucous, which is the finest part.

Jeeves, take me home

Loudly, every aspect is discussed.

For instance, the word "EARNSHAW" is etched on the left side of the casing, while the crown is protruding and towering on the right.

The 22mm broad strap is as blue as you can get a leather strap, in my opinion (that tapers to 20mm at the buckle). Speaking about the buckle, it is a piece of brushed stainless steel that is shaped like a "E" and has "EARNSHAW" etched on it. It looks fantastic.

The non-watch person would immediately assume that this watch is a pricey, opulent timepiece. After all, it has an exhibition caseback, an open heart dial, and an automatic movement. This Earnshaw is the genuine thing for individuals who don't follow four-, five-, or six-figure watch models.

But it’s not the real deal.

You would be justified in anticipating that a watch costing £500 or $650 would be constructed with a high-quality movement and furnished with high-quality parts. This is mostly accurate for the longitude.

The movement is as designed by TMI for the NH39. TMI, or Time Module International, has its headquarters in Hong Kong and produces movements for Seiko. Most likely made in China, this specific movement.

The Seiko NH39 has a daily accuracy of -20/+40 seconds and may be wound by hand as well. It is a simple but generally trustworthy movement. A couple NH39s are in my collection, and thus far none of them have given me any trouble.

But for $650, couldn't I have had a movement that was more precise or with a higher beat?

While I'm at it, wouldn't my $650 have been better spent on a watch with less glaring and atrocious build quality? I removed the watch from its bubble wrap, gave it a quick cleaning with a microfiber cloth, and then snapped pictures of it. The watch has hardly even been touched before the above picture was taken; it had never been worn. Since the casing flaw came with the watch, I'm not sure how QA managed to pass this watch.

While I'm Making Wishes...

The inclusion of a mineral crystal with the Longitude irritates me as well. Again, sapphire is anticipated given its price. If this were a Swiss-made luxury watch being marketed at a low price range, such cost-saving measures might be a bit more tolerable. But it's not. It comes with a mineral crystal and a simple automatic movement.

At $300, it is more tolerable, but not at $650.

Although he is attractive, I wouldn’t recommend him.

In my opinion, the Longitude ES-8803-02 is pricey given the discrepancies in the materials used and the construction quality, while being an attractive and eye-catching watch.

How discouraging.

It would be worthwhile to buy this one if you can locate it for $300 or less, but if you do, make sure you get it from a seller or dealer that has a guarantee that covers manufacturer's faults. I received one with a noticeable caseback imperfection. Since they sent me one with flaws, I can only assume that there are more ones out there that are also in use.

Although less spectacular, you may get attractive open heart watches, like this Bulova, for between $300 and $400. The Bulova is where I'd start searching if I wanted to expand my collection of open heart timepieces.

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The "Thomas Earnshaw Longitude ES-8803-02" is a watch that has been tried and tested by many people. It is a long time favourite of many and can be found in many places online. Reference: he tried meaning.

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