Timex Expedition Scout Review: Go On An Adventure!

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This review will cover the Timex Expedition watch. It's a rugged, water-resistant and shock resistant watch with an altimeter that starts at $60 on Amazon.

The "timex expedition scout solar review" is a watch that has been designed with outdoor enthusiasts in mind. This watch is perfect for hiking, camping, and other activities.

Timex Men's T49961 "Expedition Scout" Watch with Nylon Band
  • Adjustable green 20mm nylon strap fits up to 8-inch wrist...
  • Black dial with date window at 3 o'clock; full Arabic numerals
  • Gray 40mm brass case with mineral glass crystal
  • Indiglo light-up watch dial; luminous hands
  • Water resistant to 50m (165 ft): In general, suitable for short...

An Affordable & Always Useful Field Watch

Eight timepieces make up the Timex section of my watch collection, including various current quartz Timex classics like the Weekender, Weekender Chrono, and Expedition Field Chronograph as well as a large number of antique Timex automatics. The collection, which combines vintage and contemporary pieces, in my opinion highlights the finest of one of America's most lasting watch companies.

I've tested practically all of Timex's product lines since 2013, but the Expedition Scout is not among them. Finally, after making an impulsive purchase on Black Friday, I chose to alter that.

The field watch theme may be found in many different iterations of the Expedition Scout. Additionally, there is a clear military influence in several of the darker color schemes. The blue color and brown leather outfit I'm wearing today gives off a hint of the austere military aesthetic without going overboard.

The Expedition Field Scout is available in 36mm or 40mm. The two are essentially similar in terms of aesthetic and functionality, with the exception being the case size.

Technical Information on the Expedition Scout by Timex

  • TYPE MODEL: TW4B01800
  • MSRP: $60
  • Alternative models abound.
  • ACTION: Quartz
  • COMPLICATIONS: Date indication
  • BATTERY LIFE: 3-5 years on average
  • RESISTANCE TO WATER: 50 m/165 ft
  • Mineral crystal material

Field Style Is My Favorite Because It’s Usually In

I highlight a few straightforward designs that are influenced by the military or the field in my selection of the greatest casual watches. This is due to the fact that field style is functionally purposeful, has high contrast between crucial dial parts, and uses few embellishments or distractions that would detract from the watch's intended function.

Without a doubt, I like complexities, elaborate engravings, and sunburst dials just as much as the next person, but these sophisticated features might make a watch seem too cluttered or intense to go with a casual attire. Not to mention that these difficulties often add to the difficulty of knowing the time.

After all, a watch with an open heart display or a moonphase complexity would seem odd with jeans and a t-shirt, but a decent field watch's clean and basic lines will enhance the appearance. If the field watch is of tasteful size, it will also look well dressed up with a leather strap or steel bracelet.

For instance, the Hamilton Khaki Field is essentially the Expedition Scout's upmarket cousin, and the version with the black dial and steel band looks as at home in a boardroom as it does in a remote location.

WYCA Suggests Amazon

Buy a watch from Amazon if you enjoy what we do and want to help us. On timepieces purchased through Amazon, a two-year warranty is often included. They also provide quick delivery and reasonable costs.

You should be aware that WYCA earns a roughly 4% fee on the sale of the watch you purchase if you click on advertisements. The cost you pay is unaffected by this.

However, it does enable us to buy camera equipment ($5,000+ since 2013), software licenses (such as Adobe Photoshop), site hosting, and other things. Oh, and it also enables us to purchase additional watches.

The Expedition Field Scout Has the Right Aesthetics

All iterations of the Expedition Scout have the same stylish and aesthetically pleasing design; the only things that vary are the case size and the dial and strap colors. I selected the blue dial and tan leather combo because I wanted a blue dial (I have a large number of steel, black, and green dials in my collection) and because I believed that Timex did a fantastic job with this Scout.

The high contrast white hour markers on this model make it simple to read, which is one of the things I appreciate about it. Of course, the Indiglo lighting ensures that this is also true in low light conditions.

This item is the perfect size for any male at 40mm and may even work for a lady who wants a larger piece. The Expedition is prevented from wearing bigger than its case size by the small lugs' rapid rounded-down action.

Except for the Exhibition logo etched on the caseback, the case has a brushed surface throughout and without any other visual accents. The dial is the star of this watch.

Built to Look Like a Modern Timex

Although Timex watches are not among the greatest in the inexpensive watch market, they are also not among the worst. In reality, the reason I have so many Timex watches in my collection is because I have grown to respect them as reliable, affordable watches that can withstand my daily activities and endure for years with no issues.

I could be lucky, but I haven't had to change the batteries in my Weekender 40, Weekender Chrono, or Expedition Field Chronograph. The Weekender and Weekender Chrono, which are now more than 5 years old, are still running on their original batteries. Not terrible at all!

The manufacture of modern Timex watches is very straightforward. For instance, the crown isn't embellished on this one, and the caseback engraving is rather simple. The Exhibition logo and some model information are engraved simply, and on their own, they would be perfectly acceptable. However, some off-angle numbers on the caseback, likely used to identify the production run, devalue the piece and serve as a constant reminder that this watch is just one of many mass-produced models.

But what else might you anticipate at the street price of less than $60?

Comfortable & Lightweight

The matte-finish steel buckle and genuine leather strap are sufficient for the cost. This is one of the nicer straps that Timex gives on its watches, but I've had varied results with other ones. Notably, I feel the same way with this watch's Chronograph variant, which I've had since 2015.

The strap feels comfortable on your skin and is slightly fluffy. The strap still looks great and is mainly free of cracks in the leather from the clasp after many weeks of semi-regular use.

The watch's modest weight is expected given its quartz movement and straightforward design. Overall, the Expedition Scout isn't the tiniest or lightest watch I've ever worn, but it's comfortable to wear for extended periods of time because of its size and weight.

It has both of Timex’s recognizable features.

All Timex contemporary quartz timepieces come with Indiglo, a superb backlight that improves vision in low light conditions to a level that is almost on par with typical daylight visibility. One of Timex's distinguishing characteristics and a significant part of what the company is recognized for is Indiglo.

The extraordinarily loud quartz movement, which can be heard clearly over many different sorts of background disturbances, is another crucial characteristic that is promoted far less. Even though my Expedition Scout is sitting on my desk about two feet away from me as I type this, I can still hear it ticking away. The fact that I can hear the watch at all is rather amazing given that my desktop computer, which has three 120mm case fans, a power supply, etc., is just a short distance away.

But for Timex, this is hardly a brand-new tale. In fact, "is this the loud one?" is one of the most often asked inquiries concerning Timex watches. Yes, that is; in fact, the majority of Timex watches are "the loud one."

It’s Made Well Enough & It Looks Pretty Good, But is it a Good Value?

The features that are included in the pricing and how reasonably priced Timex's watches are likely to be my favorites.

You can get this Expedition from Amazon for $44 at the time of this writing. That is a reasonable cost for a well-made watch with a date display, backlight, and 50m water resistant. For $44, you should be able to obtain three to five years of battery life. Additionally, provided you don't swim with it or knock it about, the watch should continue to function for as long as the battery is charged.

The Expedition Field Scout is one of the better selections available if your maximum spending limit is $75 and you want a field watch.

Your alternatives really increase if you transcend that spending limit and are ready to pay up to $100. You may get a quartz watch with nicer materials (like the BOLDR Venture) or a budget automatic watch (Seiko SNK-series). If you stretch that price any further, to $500, you can now get several quartz models from Swiss, Japanese, and European brands as well as entry-level luxury automatics from Swiss companies (Hamilton Khaki). Of course, none of them would have an Indiglo or a Timex.

The Expedition Field Scout, in my opinion, offers one of the greatest value propositions available. It will be difficult to find a better watch than this one if you want a nice field watch for around $50 but don't want it to seem like it is priced under $50.

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The "timex expedition weight" is a watch that has been designed for outdoor activities. It has an easy-to-use compass and altimeter, as well as a barometer. This watch is perfect for those who want to go on an adventure!

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