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The Timex Intelligent Quartz Flyback Chronograph is a digital analog quartz watch that combines the accuracy of traditional engineering with advanced technology. It's made to be durable and comfortable, but it also has some cool features such as an Ion-Plasma screen protector, water resistance up to 50 meters/165 feet, and GPS tracking capabilities.

The "timex intelligent quartz t2n721" is a watch that has been recently released by Timex. It features a high-quality design and an automatic mechanical movement.

Timex Intelligent Quartz T2P509 Mens Intelligent Quartz Fly-Back Black Chronograph Watch
  • Case
  • - Case Material: Stainless Steel (brushed)
  • - Case Shape: Round
  • - Case Colour: Silver
  • - Bezel Function: Tachymetre (fixed)

I’m Going to Complain About a Retrograde Complication? I Can’t Believe It!

Long-time readers are aware that I have been optimistic on Timex since I founded WYCA. After all, my favorite watches are the Weekender 40 and its Chrono-Cousin. The Weekenders are among of my 44-watch collection's most often worn watches.

The Weekender: Why? If you take good care of them, they are reasonably priced, well-made, and endure for a long time. By the way, it's not just the Weekender; the Expedition Field Chrono and Melissa's awesome mini-Weekender have the same flaw. Those are excellent characteristics for everything created today to have. And that still holds true for the two ancient Timex Viscount watches from the late 1970s that I possess.

It's obvious that I adore the company.

Nevertheless, the Intelligent Quartz is packaged, wrapped, and prepared for delivery. It hasn't grabbed my attention the same way as previous Timex's have, therefore it's off. Although it's not for me, it could be for you, so let's investigate.

Technical Details about the Timex Intelligent Quartz Flyback Chronograph

  • TW2R55200 is the model number.
  • MSRP: $150
  • 43mm case diameter
  • Numerous alternatives for the band, dial color, and features in alternative models.
  • Quartz and flyback chronograph
  • A 4-hour flyback chronograph, a date display, and retrograde subdials are complications.
  • Estimated battery life of 3 to 5 years
  • 100m/330ft of water resistance
  • Mineral makes up the crystals.

Regarding Timex Watches

Product Information

Since its founding in 1854, Timex has established itself as the standard-bearer for American watchmaking (although Bulova may disagree). They are renowned for producing high-quality, reasonably priced watches that consistently satisfy customers. In 1992, they debuted their patented backlighting technique, Indiglo, which has since become the gold standard for backlighting.


Other choices you can take into account with comparable difficulties and grey-market affordability:

Other Timex timepieces

Not feeling the IQ but still interested in Timex? Look into:

I like it, though.

Regarding the Intelligent Quartz, I have conflicting feelings. The concept behind this watch is sound, but it wasn't done adequately. In my opinion, it was a wasted chance to make the second's hand retrograde given the retrograde subdials and chronograph. Instead, while the Chrono is moving, the retrogrades are saved for the seldom used minutes and hour display.

Who can enjoy that?

If the retrograde hands had been hands that moved, this watch would have been around fifteen times cooler! Although having retrograde hands attached to a turtle is quite gratifying, it limits their ability to see.

The dial seems a little crowded to me as well. The Timex logo, date window, Arabic numerals, and up to four hands compete for that space from 1 to 3 o'clock. When the IQ logo first appears at 7:30, the Timex logo should be placed over it. Unfortunately, rather than just one section being congested, both are.

There is a minutes display at four o'clock. When the chronograph is activated, this dial comes to life, otherwise it is mostly inactive. The 24-hour indicator and 4-hour chronograph display are located at 11 o'clock.

Information about the Flyback Chronograph

Furthermore, how does a flyback chronograph differ from a standard chronograph and what the heck is one?

The ability to restart the timer function while the chronograph is engaged, eliminating the requirement to restart and then engage, is a key way that flyback chronographs vary from their non-flyback brethren. When in use, this feature may speed up measurement while also improving its responsiveness and accuracy.

It's convenient to have a 4-hour chronograph since most in this price range only have a 30-minute or 1-hour display. The movement's flyback feature, however, is unquestionably the finest feature and is ideal for time-trial competitions, games, etc.

now in use:

  • When activated, the fourth hand begins to move around the dial at 1/5th-second intervals. The minutes display will start to inch closer to 10 minutes around 4 o'clock.
  • The top pusher may be used to halt and resume the chronograph at any time by pushing it once while it is running.
  • The whole process is restarted by pushing the bottom pusher. Nevertheless, it keeps time when the hands sweep back into position, picking up exactly where they should without losing precision.

Excellent Chronograph, Poor Communicator

The strap on the IQ is an improvement over other Timex bands that I've seen, and it is otherwise a perfectly good quartz chrono. The watch is comfortable enough to wear. But…

I'd be captivated if you gave me a hand with retrograde seconds. The retrograde is wonderful as is, but it's doubtful that you'll see it or enjoy it when wearing it. The novelty of the retrograde seconds hand is best used by watches with one, such the Swatch Irony Retrograde; this is not that.

The Intelligent Quartz is well-built, much like every other contemporary Timex I've tested, and Indiglo is glowing brightly on it. Although not perfectly precise, fit and quality are fairly decent considering the price.

The IQ doesn't appeal to me as much as the other Timex watches do, despite the flyback and the retrograde. Despite not being that pricey, it's too expensive to be cheap, and as a result, it lacks the "underdog" appeal that makes the Weekender family the bargain that they are. However, a freakin' ticking 60-second retrograde dial would have been required.

Photo Gallery of an Intelligent Quartz Flyback Chronograph

The "timex intelligent quartz price" is a watch that has a chronograph. The timex intelligent quartz is an analog watch with a digital display. The timex intelligent quartz also includes other features such as water resistant and luminescent hands.

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