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Timex Weekender 40 Review

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The Timex Weekender 40 is a cheap, durable and attractive watch. It has an easy-to-read face that looks good on anyone. The numbers are large and the color contrast makes it easy to read in all lighting conditions.

The "timex weekender 40mm" is a watch that was released in the year 2016. It has a sleek design, and it is perfect for any occasion. The watch also comes with some nice features such as water resistance up to 30 meters.

Timex Men's TW2T29200 Weekender 40mm Blue/Cream Nylon Slip-Thru Strap Watch
  • Adjustable blue 20mm nylon slip-thru strap fits up to 8-inch...
  • Cream dial with full Arabic numerals; 24-hour military time
  • Silver-tone 40mm brass case with mineral glass crystal
  • Indiglo light-up watch dial
  • Water resistant to 30m (100ft): in general, withstands splashes...

The Weekender is the Quintessential Inexpensive Quartz Watch That Everyone Knows & Loves

August 25, 2016 update - I first wrote my review of the Weekender 40 by Timex on February 6, 2015. I've now made the decision to purchase another one and update my first evaluation after about a year and a half. This time, I have far better images and more knowledge about what is currently on the market.

The Weekender 40 is the "oversized" 40mm version of the "normal" Weekender, which is a 38mm device. There isn't much more included with it than an Indiglo and a leather NATO strap. nor does it need it.

The Weekender 40 is a terrific option for any men or woman looking for a straightforward, enticing, trustworthy, inexpensive quartz wristwatch. It is priced around $50 and is sometimes available for as little as $20 or $30. Let's investigate.

Consider reading the Weekender Chronograph and Weekender Fairfield reviews as well.

Technical Information on the Weekender 40 by Timex

  • Identifier: T2P4959J
  • MSRP: $55
  • 40mm case diameter
  • Alternative Models: There are a large number of choices.
  • Movement: W92, Quartz
  • Challenges: Indiglo
  • Battery life: 3-5 years on average
  • 30m/99ft of water resistance
  • Mineral makes up the crystals.

Weekender 40 by Timex Aesthetics & Design

One of my favorite brands to recommend when someone wants a daily wearer is the Timex Weekender range of watches. The Weekender is adaptable and goes with most outfits in terms of aesthetics. The model T2P4959J that I have here has a reddish-brown leather strap and a cream-biege dial. The pairing looks fantastic.

It's a lot of fun to photograph the circular brass casing from behind the lens since it enjoys playing with light. Although obtaining a nice picture may sometimes be challenging owing to the mineral crystal's lack of an anti-reflective coating (which makes sense for a watch for under $50), the problem is usually unimportant because of how light the face is and how the casing reflects light.

The Weekender 40 continues to be one of my favorite watches among all the timepieces I've photographed, which has been a lot at this point.

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Weekender 40, Weekender Chronograph on a Barton NATO, and Weekender Reversible on a NATO made of Strapsco leather are seen above.

As you can probably see, I like the Weekender. My wife and I each have one, and I have another one on order (this one). There are many aspects of the Weekender that I like, but its simplicity is one of them. The original Weekender achieves simplicity without being minimal, in contrast to many watches, including the Weekender Fairfield.

I love basic watches, don't get me wrong, but how many steel dials can one individual wear? The dial of the Weekender is straightforward and inconspicuous while yet being simple to read. Telling time is simple because to the large Arabic hour markings, which include 24-hour indicators on non-chrono models. The Weekender appeals to me in large part because of its emphasis on functionality—specifically, on accurate timekeeping—rather than merely on aesthetics.

The whole portfolio is built around functionality. The watch face is just as simple to see at night thanks to Indiglo. In fact, I often remark that Indiglo sets the bar for all other quartz watches with lighting. So excellent.

The Weekender 40 is a portable and cozy companion on the wrist. Due to its minimalistic design and neutral color scheme, almost anybody may use it. Most males will find it to be the ideal size at 40mm, while most women will find it to be big without being overdone.

Timex Weekender Construction

The Weekender's brass casing provides the watch some intriguing characteristics. First off, wearing it will feel light on the wrist. This improves its comfort and long-term wearability since a heavier watch might eventually tire the wrist. Due to its small weight, the movement makes a lot of noise and seems to lack any sound insulation. It is loud, definitely, but not too annoying unless you are in a room with no other noise.

Crystal, Case, & Dial

The mineral crystal serves its purpose well and is quite appropriate for a watch that costs less than $50. This is the best option for long-term durability since the crystal rests flush with the bezel. Domed crystals, like as those on the Bambino or this Zeppelin, may look great but can attract dents, scratches, and nicks. The Weekender is configured properly for everyday use.

With the exception of the caseback, the case is quite plain and free of any engravings or marks (even the crown and clasp are unaltered). I have no issues about this since the dial's established design is completed by the simplicity. There are no flaws in the case's finish that I can discern.

The dial is a unique object. Most of the time, it seems neat and well-done, and it is, but when seen up close with a 90mm macro lens (closer than your eye can normally perceive), you can see the stray fibers of the applied markers (as seen in the high-res macro photo a bit further down this page).

Overall, it's a stunning system that looks as nice as it is constructed.

Strap & Clasp

The leather strap was described in my first Weekender 40 review as "thin but not brittle." It looks fine till it's worn for a few weeks, I should have noted. Although the strap is suitable and comfortable, it rapidly becomes worn and develops marks where the buckle or clasp digs into the leather.

The strap is flexible and does not ever feel rigid (even when new). However, it rapidly reveals its age in comparison to comparable leather straps.

I advise switching out the strap with a high-quality NATO. I suggest Barton bands for non-leather items; Strapsco seems to be a solid option for leather (review in process).

Quartz Movement W92

The Weekender's internal movement, in my opinion, goes by the name W92. I've had trouble verifying that, so I won't pop the back off to be sure since I'll be giving this Weekender to someone on my mailing list (which you should join if you haven't already). It is a W92, according to all digital sources.

It's noisy, as was already highlighted in the review, and when paired with the absence of sound deadening, you have a watch that fairly clearly "ticks" away. The movement is a dependable and precise part that performs its job effectively if you don't mind the noise (it can be easily muted out with any other sound).

This one, according to Toolwatch, is accurate to within 2 seconds daily. Although this is on the upper end for a quartz watch, the actual amount of variation is just one minute every month. I believe that is manageable given the cost.

Setting the Weekender

  • Pull the crown to the furthest point to set the time (2). To set the time, turn the crown.

Timex Has Created a Budget-Friendly Gem With the Weeknder 40

When a watch just costs a few dollars, it's simple to overlook minor details. The Weekender's tiny flaws add up to a strap you'll want to change after a few months and a movement that makes a distinctive noise. The timepieces of the Weekender series are unique in their industry, much like the beloved Seiko 5. Since then, other watches have attempted to imitate the design and popularity of the Weekender, but none of them have been successful.

Anyone may use it as their "every day" or "first watch," and it completes the task without grumbling or making any sacrifices. It understands what it is and does its duties well. It's difficult not to admire the functionality and high build quality packed into a watch that costs less than $50 if you're an aficionado. The Weekender 40 is unquestionably a smart purchase whether you're new to watches or are simply searching for something attractive to offer as a present.

Ask about the Weekender on any watch forum or group. You'll always hear the same thing: you can't find a finer watch for the money.

I have three. You ought to have at least one.

The "timex weekender history" is a watch that has been around since the 1970's. The timex weekender 40 was released in 2018 and is the latest version of this watch.

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