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The Timex Weekender Chronograph is a compact yet sturdy watch with superior analog and digital features. It tracks your speed, distance, time and much more for an affordable price.

The "timex weekender chronograph lug to lug" is a watch that has been released by Timex. The watch features a classic design with an automatic movement, and is made of stainless steel.

Timex Weekender Chronograph 40mm Watch
  • Round watch featuring interchangeable slip-through strap and...
  • 40 mm brass case with mineral dial window
  • Quartz movement with analog display
  • Leather band with buckle closure
  • Water resistant to 30m (100ft): in general, withstands splashes...

Snazzy Style & Everyday Affordability Help the Weekender Chronograph Stand Out

A simple experiment in inexpensive timekeeping is the Timex Weekender line. Another illustration of what makes a Weekender outstanding is this Chronograph (model: TW2P62300), which combines simplicity, use, and classic design.

Timex's Indiglo backlight is the finest in the business, and as a consequence, the Chronograph has great visibility at all times of day or night, much like its non-chronograph brother, the Weekender 40.

It's difficult to criticize a product that is so reasonably priced and well-made. I like that you might get a fantastic watch for much less than $75.

Re: Timex

Timex, as we know it today, came to be in the mid-1980’s, though the company’s history dates as far back as 1854 (in one form or another). Famous for their slogan “it takes a licking and keeps on ticking”, Timex watches have become synonymous with inexpensive, durable, reliable quartz timepieces. Learn more Re: Timex.

We think highly of Timex as a brand and have had positive results with its timepieces.


Our reviews are based on our first-hand experience with the watch. All photos and media are created by us (unless otherwise credited). Learn more about OUR REVIEWING PROCESS.

Technical Information about the Weekender chronograph by Timex

  • TW2P62300GP is the model number.
  • MSRP: $75
  • 40mm case diameter
  • Many different models are offered on Amazon.
  • W92 quartz chronograph is the movement.
  • Indiglo, a chronograph, and a date display are complications.
  • Battery life: around two years
  • 30m/98 feet of water resistance.
  • Mineral makes up the crystals.

How to use the watch

Two buttons, one above and one below the crown, are included on the Weekender 40 Chronograph. The chronograph function is started or stopped using the top button, and it is reset with the bottom button.

Setting the time:

  • Pulling the crown all the way back (position 2). To set the time, turn the crown counterclockwise.

Setting the date:

  • To set the date, move the crown to the first point in the centre (position 1).

It has a chronograph and is a Weekender 40!

Overall, I like reading the Weekender a lot. I made a lot of reference to how much I like the simple design in my non-Chronograph weekender review. The chrono keeps the overall appearance from being too busy.

WYCA Suggests Amazon

Buy a watch from Amazon if you enjoy what we do and want to help us. On timepieces purchased through Amazon, a two-year warranty is often included. They also provide quick delivery and reasonable costs.

You should be aware that WYCA earns a roughly 4% fee on the sale of the watch you purchase if you click on advertisements. The cost you pay is unaffected by this.

However, it does enable us to buy camera equipment ($5,000+ since 2013), software licenses (such as Adobe Photoshop), site hosting, and other things. Oh, and it also enables us to purchase additional watches.

The dial is quite good. The facial markings are clear, and I haven't been able to see any flaws even when using my 90mm macro lens at substantial magnification. When lit up with Indiglo at night, the face still looks great. The greatest low-light or no-light backlighting you can get for a watch is without a doubt Indiglo. Overall, I believe the watch looks fantastic. 

The watch face is enhanced by the elegant NATO-style band made of brown leather. Since then, I've switched out the poor-quality standard leather strap with a Barton NATO (pictured above). It's a wonderful change in my opinion.

Build Quality of the Weekender chronograph by Timex

If there is one area where a watch for under $100 should sacrifice, it is the build quality. The Weekender Chronograph undoubtedly makes a few minor compromises in this area, but they do not stop me from endorsing the watch.

Case, Crystal, and Dial

The Weekender's mineral crystal is adequate and slightly scratch-resistant. Despite the fact that my main usage is office and computer work, it held up well throughout use.

Although Timex claims it has a 30m/98ft water resistance rating, I don't see it holding up well in more demanding or hazardous conditions. I also don't believe I'd wear it swimming.

Clasp and Strap

When worn, the brown leather strap is attractive and comfortable. Its thin leather, however, quickly starts to show signs of wear. I don't think it will survive more than a few years with frequent use.

Tan leather and chrome hardware look great together. The NATO-style strap is a fantastic option and truly complements the design.

What do you think would look better and endure almost forever? This NATO strap is white and navy.


The W92 is the name of the quartz chronograph mechanism that Timex employs. Millions of watches sold across the globe are powered by this very simple and durable mechanism. Not only the Weekender Chronograph offers it. Many additional Timex chronograph models as well as the Expedition Chronograph are also powered by it.

When looking for information on it online, very little is available. Only the user manual and not much more could I locate.

A Good Watch at a Reasonable Price

Despite having an MSRP of $75, I don't believe I've ever seen the Weekender Chronograph offered for more than $65 on Amazon.

It's unfair to compare the Weekender Chronograph to the Casio and Seiko 5 watches that predominate in comparisons at that price range given the NATO leather band, chronograph mechanism, and general quality of construction. The Invicta 90242-002, the Seiko 5 SNK809 (see our review), and hundreds of more selections (the great majority of which fall into "fashion watch" area) are just a few examples of what you may discover.

I believe that the Weekender Chronograph offers excellent value for the money, especially in light of its 2-4 year expected battery life, 1-year guarantee, amazing minimalist design, and premium build quality. It just does a fantastic job of being what it is, rather than attempting to pretend to be something it is not.

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Weekender chronograph by Timex


The "timex chronograph manual" is a watch made by Timex. The watch has a stainless steel case and strap. It comes in two different colors, silver and black. This is an automatic watch that you can wear for any occasion.

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