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This luxury watch is a must-have for the man who appreciates quality craftsmanship and want to make sure that nothing gets in his way. The Tissot Couturier Automatic Review has all of the features you’d expect from one of the best watches out there — antimicrobial leather, titanium case, sapphire crystal glass face with anti-reflective coating.

The “tissot couturier powermatic 80 review” is a watch that has been made by Tissot. It is an automatic watch with the power of 80 hours.

About Tissot

Since its founding in 1853, Tissot has built a reputation for producing stylish timepieces at competitive rates. Their main office is in Le Locle, Switzerland, and they are a member of the Swatch Group. In addition to ice hockey, cycling, fencing, and formula one, Tissot has a long history in sports.

Swiss watchmaker Tissot has a solid reputation and is well-liked in general.


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Review Synopsis

I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with the Couturier Automatic Tissot. It has been a dependable automatic that has maintained its visual appeal for over three years. The C01.211 chronograph movement has convinced me that I should enjoy it. The C01.211 makes it possible to get a mechanical chronograph from a Swiss manufacturer for less than $1,000, and I appreciate that as well.

Couturier Automatic Tissot Chronograph

Technical Information about the Couturier Automatic Tissot Chronograph

  • The T035.627.16.031.00 model number
  • MSRP: $995
  • 43mm case diameter
  • Different color and complexity combinations are available in other models.
  • Movement: C01.211 automatic chronograph
  • complications: chronograph and date display
  • 45 hours or so of power reserve
  • 10 m/330 ft of water resistance
  • Sapphire crystal material

Choosing a Time

Choosing a Time and date using the C01.211 movement is identical to other date display movements. Operating the chronograph is also simple: press the button above the crown to activate the chronograph (press it again to stop the chronograph); press the button below the crown to reset the chronograph.

Setting the time:

  • Pulling the crown all the way back To set the time, turn the crown counterclockwise. Keep in mind that the date display will change to AM time at midnight.

Setting the date:

  • To set the date, move the crown to the second place from the centre (position 2).

Couturier Automatic Tissot Chronograph

Couturier Automatic Tissot Aesthetics & Design

When I opened the box and took the watch out, the first thing I noticed was that it was considerably larger than it seemed in the catalog. Pictures of the Couturier (those I discovered before making the purchase) just don’t do this watch’s size justice.

The watch’s 43mm diameter isn’t excessive, although from certain perspectives the case seems rotund and bigger than it is. This is because of the two curves on the left side of the case, which give this clock a refined and deep look.

The Couturier’s size is noticeable on the wrist. This is not a covert watch, despite the fairly understated face. Just its magnitude will get people’s attention.

The white and chrome dial is entirely devoid of color, breaking up its monochrome face only with the noticeable brown crocodile-grain leather strap and the angled hour markers. Even while I like how the face is kept to a minimum, I don’t think the Couturier is very gorgeous. Without a doubt, it seems to be well-assembled, but its sparse interior doesn’t seem to correspond to the presence that its size demands.

Along with the brushed finish on the top of the lugs, the case’s brushed curves contrast beautifully with the metal’s polished surface. This and other little touches, like as the “T” on the seconds hand and the tiny grooves on the subdials at 6, 9, and 12, greatly contribute to the Couturier’s upscale appearance. Unfortunately, due of how perfectly they fit in with the rest of the face, the delicate dial features are easily missed.

Couturier Automatic Tissot Chronograph

Build Quality of the Couturier Automatic Tissot Chronograph

This watch is solidly crafted, much like pretty much every other Tissot timepiece we’ve used. Its durability, which seems to be greater than normal, is helped by the high quality of the materials. It just displays a few small indications of usage even after months of use. The Couturier would be pleased to make your belongings seem brand-new if you choose.

Case, Crystal, and Dial

The Tissot Couturier’s sapphire crystal is of the high caliber you would expect from a well-known Swiss watch manufacturer. One minor criticism I have is that while the little but apparent groove between the crystal and the casing is visually pleasing, dirt, dust, and fibers love to get caught in it. If you’re a neat freak or a budding photographer, this is bothersome.

The casing made of stainless steel feels sturdy. It seems high-quality and has a decent weight on the wrist. All of the buttons and the crown have a reliable range of motion, and they all click into action with satisfaction.

Clasp and Strap

About 50% thicker than the ends that attach to the deployment clasp is where the leather strap meets the lugs and case. This adds to the impression that it is larger since the difference in thickness is obvious when seen from the side. However, the crocodile-grain brown leather looks and feels fantastic.

When closed, the deployment clasp, which is constructed of stainless steel with a brushed finish, is sturdy and very secure. If you pull on it with a little power, it won’t pop open. You must press the buttons if you want to open it. The Couturier feels quite safe in his wrist as a result.

Couturier Automatic Tissot Chronograph

More Information About Tissot Couture


Due to the usage of certain plastic components, the relatively new C01.211 movement, which debuted in 2008, has generated considerable controversy. Because of this, many enthusiasts write off the movement, however despite my extensive searching, I was unable to uncover much proof that the plastic elements within had decreased the movement’s dependability.

Up until this point, accuracy has been superb, averaging around six seconds faster each day. For an automatic of this caliber, this is acceptable. I think it may even be more accurate with regulation.

Couturier Automatic Tissot Chronograph

Worth the Money

The Tissot Couturier has a compelling value proposition right out of the box. The MSRP of $995 is rather inexpensive for a sapphire crystal-covered mechanical chronograph produced in Switzerland. Even so, I often find it on Amazon for way below $750 despite the fact that its MSRP is $995.

Even if the internal mechanism may not be the Ferrari of mechanical systems, it allows us to experience something that was unheard of only ten years ago: a Swiss auto chronograph for less than $1,000. Along with its superior build quality, date display, strong and stylish strap/clasp combination, and… I consider the Couturier car to be quite affordable.

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The “tissot couturier chronograph size” is a watch that has been made by Tissot. The watch features a round face with a black dial, and it has an automatic movement.

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