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Tissot T-Touch Classic Review

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The Tissot T-Touch Classic is part of the company’s popular and affordable line. This timepiece offers a sophisticated design with great reliability at an attractive price point. First introduced in 2008, the watch has remained one of our top picks due to its timeless style and impressive specs.,

The “tissot t-touch classic manual” is a watch that has been around for quite some time. It is a Swiss made watch with an analog face and digital display. The watch offers a variety of features and can be found on Amazon for just under $100.

About Tissot

Since its founding in 1853, Tissot has built a reputation for producing stylish timepieces at competitive rates. Their main office is in Le Locle, Switzerland, and they are a member of the Swatch Group. In addition to ice hockey, cycling, fencing, and formula one, Tissot has a long history in sports.

Swiss watchmaker Tissot has a solid reputation and is well-liked in general.


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Review Synopsis

Only a few minor issues prevented the T-Touch Classic from receiving an ideal score. The quartz watch has excellent utility built in, can be easily dressed up or down, and looks fantastic with almost everything. Because it has so many amazing functions (including backlighting) in a stylish and uniquely adult watch, I refer to it as the Grown Up’s Timex.

T-Touch Classic by Tissot

Technical Information about the T-Touch Classic by Tissot

  • The T083.420.11.057.00 model number
  • MSRP: $695
  • 42mm case diameter
  • Different color and feature combinations are available in other models.
  • E49.301 quartz movement
  • Timer, lap time split chronograph, alarm, compass, and tide complications
  • Approximately three years of battery life
  • 100m/330ft of water resistance
  • Sapphire crystal with a tactile finish

T-Touch Classic by Tissot

The T-Touch Classic by Tissot’s operation

Many built-in functionalities of this watch may be accessed via the touch-sensitive crystal. The “T” sign will glow on the LCD screen once you press the crown for one second to enable the majority of features. For 10 seconds, hold the crown down to turn on the backlight.

Please take note that I won’t go through how to utilize every feature the T-Touch is capable of since there are so many. Here you may read the whole user handbook.

Setting the time:

  • For one second, press the crown.
  • Tap the center of the glass to alternate between T1 & T2
  • Setting mode is activated by pressing and holding the button above the crown for 2 seconds.
  • To move the minute hand in either direction, press and hold the button corresponding to the top or bottom of the crown.
  • To confirm the time after setting, touch the glass’s center.

Setting the date:

  • For one second, press and hold the crown.
  • When the date appears, tap the glass’s center.
  • Setting mode is activated by pressing and holding the button above the crown for 2 seconds.
  • To advance/reverse the date, press the buttons above/below the crown, respectively.
  • Once the setting is made, press the glass’s center to confirm it.

T-Touch Classic by Tissot

T-Touch Classic by Tissot Aesthetics & Design

This watch looks amazing, in my opinion. The dial is well shown by the two-tone polished/brushed stainless steel casing. The stainless steel bracelet completes the look and features a same design. It’s certainly sleek.

Considering all that is put on there, the dial itself is rather uncluttered. Unless you turn on the backlight, the LCD screen, which occupies the bottom third of the dial, blends in with the dial’s hue.

Additionally, it fits the wrist well. The T-Touch Classic will be at ease on most men’s hands.

The carved compass indication is a wonderful touch since it is noticeable without being overbearing. It is obvious that this watch has several built-in features without needing to repeatedly display them around the bezel. The whole arrangement has a luxury appearance and feel.

T-Touch Classic Build Quality by Tissot

Despite the bottom button coming off after a little hit, my experience with the T-Touch Classic has been mostly pleasant. Fortunately, the warranty covered the repair, so I didn’t have to pay anything.

Case, Crystal, and Dial

Despite the fact that the majority of the watch’s features are accessed by touching the screen, the sapphire crystal still exhibits fingerprints. Do you want to utilize the chronograph? Tap the appropriate area of the screen by pressing the crown. Naturally, this is a fingerprint invitation.

The case has endured constant usage nicely. The T-Touch Classic has endured two years of above-average usage with just ordinary wear. Although it seems a little more robust than others, this is rather common for steel watches.

Overall, this Tissot has pleased me.

Clasp and Strap

The deployment clasp and the stainless steel bracelet are both substantial. As they should, both pieces are powerful, and none even makes a suggestion at being unsuccessful. In order to release the deployment clasp, you must push the buttons. Despite being a rather strong man, I was unable to pull it apart. As a result, I would be comfortable wearing this watch in practically any circumstance.

The steel’s two-tone finish has also endured well, with the polished areas exhibiting somewhat more wear than the brushed components (which surprised me a bit). Overall, I am satisfied with this situation.

T-Touch Classic by Tissot

T-Touch Classic by Tissot Information


The quartz E49.301 movement from Tissot powers the T-Touch. It is accurate to a fraction of a second every day as it is essentially a computer. The following features are built-in: yearly calendar, compass, tide function, chronograph, chronograph with split lap, and chronograph.

It hasn’t needed a battery replacement either, even though I’ve had it more than two years.

Worth the Money

Would I purchase the T-Touch Classic by Tissot for $700? Of course I would.

The T-Touch Classic, in my opinion, falls well within that price range, along with several beautiful Swiss automatics and higher-end quartz watches. It differs from its competitors because of the vast array of things it is capable of, and since it neither looks nor feels like a computerized watch. The T-Touch Classic successfully bridges the gap between digital and quartz in this regard.

Although one of the buttons came off, I believe the T-Touch Classic is a well-made device. I’m sure the button would have survived if I hadn’t banged the watch on a ceramic surface. In each case, the warranty covered the repair.

The T-Touch Classic appeals to me.

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T-Touch Classic by Tissot


The “tissot watches men” is a watch that has been designed by Tissot. This watch is considered to be one of the best-selling watches in the world. The company has released several versions of this watch, including the T-Touch Classic Review.

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