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Watches for Older Ladies and Senior Women [2023 Buying Guide and Reviews]

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Watches for Older Ladies and Senior Women

Choosing the best watches for older ladies is no rocket science – but there is an art to it.

A balance should be struck between the class, style, and functionality of the watch. For functionality, one of the things we look at is how easy such a watch is to read. Of what use is a fine watch that the wearer cannot easily tell time off, anyway?

With that and other factors (to be discussed below) in mind, we came up with some of the best watches that elderly women should have around their wrists right now.

How about we get right into it?

Timex Watches for Seniors and Older Women

Timex makes great watches for both men and women. That is not the only reason why they made this list, though.

They are also fond of making quality inexpensive watches, just as we like it for older ladies. Finally, their units are easy to read – be it digital or analog.

Timex Women’s Easy Reader Leather Watch

Overview: This simple watch takes the essentials and runs with them.

A very legible watch face houses large hour markers and indicative hour hands too. A date window is the only complication on the 38mm watch, ensuring it's neither too busy nor distracting to the user.

The choice of a leather strap makes this watch look even more premium for its price. For the classy older ladies, Timex offers the leather straps in up to six unique colors. With luminescent watch dials and a 30m water resistance to match, this watch stands out on many fronts.


Timex Ironman Classic Watch

Overview: This is that digital watch for older ladies who are into that kind of stuff.

The standout feature by far on this watch remains the large display on board. It presents all the information you need – from time to date and day – at a glance. Even when the room is dark, the watch packs Timex's unique Indiglo technology to light things up.

For older ladies who still cook, or require split timing, the 100-hour chronograph with 30 lap memory will do justice. Timex also slaps on a countdown timer and multiple alarm systems on the same watch.

The only drawback that we have here is that it takes some time to get used to digital watches. When you get familiar with this unit, though, you might never want to take it off.


Timex Unisex Weekender Watch

Overview: A highly readable watch with a silver-tone frame and blue nylon band from one of the most reputable watchmakers we know. There is no way this is going wrong.

Timex featured the Indiglo technology here also, ensuring you can keep seeing the time even in the dark. The watch face also carries markings for 24-hour time telling which some seniors might find just apt.

We love that the watch does not have too much going on for it at once. At 30m of water resistance, splashes and brief submersions in water won’t be an issue for this unit. Doubling as an outdoor and sometimes inexpensive dress watch, every older woman should have this one.


Citizen Watches for Seniors and Older Ladies

Citizen is no slouch either.

We appreciate the legacy of this watchmaker and can leverage that to pick some nice options from them also. Having churned out a decent number of watches, it is easier to select the right ones for older women and ladies.

Shall we?

Citizen Women’s Chandler Watch (FB2002-08D)

Overview: do you know that this watch will never need a battery? As long as there is a light source, the wristwatch is good to go.

That might not be the first thing on your mind when you see this beautiful timepiece, though. The gold-plating around the edges of the stainless-steel case extends into the brown leather-synthetic strap tone too where everything stands out just right.

The watch face is even more beautiful. The gold tones everywhere shining against the laid-back watch base tell us everything we need to know about the manufacturer’s attention to detail. Finished with two chronographs and a date window, this is that watch you don’t want to miss out on.


Citizen Women’s Drive Watch (FE6081-51A)

Overview: This should be our top dress watch for older ladies so far.

One glance at the intricate design system on the stainless-steel strap reels you in. The choice of silver-tone watch frame and gold detailing on the hour hands and markers completes the look. Finishing off with a gold-plated crown too, this pick doesn’t suffer in the beauty department.

How about functionality?

Well, 36mm is well enough to ensure legibility. Citizen keeps things simple, opting only for a date window on the watch face. True to the brand’s nature, the Eco-Drive technology is here so you never have to worry about watch batteries.


Seiko Watches for Seniors and Older Women

Seiko is a pioneer brand in a lot of ways. Little wonder why we trust them so much on most of our lists.

Fortunately, they also had amazing options for older ladies and senior women. Check to see which of the watches below you’d like to add to your collection. There is no shame in loving both units either.

Seiko Women’s Dress Watch (SUT347)

Overview: This watch is proof that you don’t have to spend too much on a dress watch if you don’t want to.

Even at its price range, Seiko doesn’t cut corners on the stainless-steel material, attention to details, or extra features slapped on the watch.

The choice of a blue watch face stands out well against the silvery exterior of the watch. Besides the date complication and branding information, Seiko chose to keep the watch face clean.

Powered by solar energy, Seiko admits that users can get up to 6 months of watch operation on a single full charge. Safe to say your watch might never die unless you leave it indoors for more than 6 months at a time.

Highly legible roman numerals complete the design of this timepiece. Carrying 30m of water resistance rating, this watch will remain fine around water as long as you don’t take it diving.


Seiko Women’s Two-Tone Watch (SUT316)

Overview: Seiko seems to have the color combination game on lock. The pairing of silver and gold tones on this watch to appealing aesthetic effect makes it one of the finest watches for older ladies we have come across.

On the black watch face is a predominant gold detailing which doesn’t still seem out of place. The watch face also bears testament to the watch’s solar-powered movement, as well as the promise of a 100m water resistance rating.

The only drawback of this watch is the case diameter sitting at 27mm. That takes it out of the range of most women with medium-sized wrists. It would be great if Seiko started offering this model in other case diameter sizes too.

We don’t need to tell you that this one will pass for a dress watch any day. It is also a beautiful everyday watch that you can simply wear around the house. No matter how you try to rock this watch, you won’t be wrong.


How Did We Choose Our Watches for Older Ladies?

We did not just pull these names and wristwatches out of a hat. Some of the considerations that led to the exact picks above include, but are not limited to:

Type of Watch

Most seniors and older women grew up using analog watches. Even though there are a lot of watch types now and they should be tried out, we know that you can do that on your own time.

That is why we worked with a larger number of analog watches.

For diversity, we included one digital watch that we found to fit in with our other criteria. The good news is that digital watches are not hard to read anyway – but they can be a challenge to use for first-timers.

Likewise, we steered clear of smartwatches not because they are not good for older ladies and seniors. If you were thinking about getting one, look at our smartwatch for seniors guide to make a better selection and decision.

Ease of Reading

The best watches for older ladies won’t be those picks that they have to strain to look at.

Watches are not just on the wrists for aesthetics. Otherwise, we would have just gone with any pick that we see.

To keep these watches functional for you, we ensured all the options here are legible enough and easy to read. We did that by considering:

Water Resistance

The standard dive watches require a water resistance of 100m. The picks we have on this list start at 30m, but that is very much enough if you are not going diving.

Water resistance rating on a watch is important if:

No matter which the reason is for you, we have you covered already.


Older ladies are not out of style either. So, we should never give them a watch that looks too drab on them.

We were happy to find amazing watches for older women that were not only in line with every other criterion but also stylish. From the picks with two-tone finishing to those with unique clasp styles and designs, there is a wide array of options to pick from up there.

Battery Life

Senior ladies and women should not have to worry about their watches dying on them anytime soon.

The majority of the watches here use the quartz movement which is one of the most reliable. The picks from Citizen sport the company’s EcoDrive technology, powering the watch with light energy. Some of the other options even use solar energy and have a pretty decent power reserve to match.

In other words, all of the power options selected for this list are primed to last for a while.


We are always after a great value for money, no matter the kind of watch category we are reviewing for.

You should not put money on any watch that will break or come apart at the flimsiest excuse. Going for reputable brands that have been making quality watches with standard materials for a while now, we were sure to have a lesser chance of buying something with poor value for the money.

O. Christopher