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What Is A Full Hunter Pocket Watch?

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What Is A Full Hunter Pocket Watch?

Just like we have different types of wristwatches, so do we have varying types of pocket watches too. One of such is the full hunter pocket watch.

Even though pocket watches are not all the fad anymore, they were one time the fashion statement in tow. Today, they can still make a difference in your dressing if you know how to wear them well.

Before you go diving into pocket watch guides, though, you should know what they are in the first place.

We have discussed pocket watches in depth in this piece with a focus on the full hunter pocket watch. Click on the various sections of the table of contents (below) to navigate the piece better.

What is a full hunter pocket watch?

A full hunter pocket watch has a protective cover which must be opened entirely to reveal the watch face. This enclosure is both functional and aesthetic. Thus, many watchmakers can choose to put engravings and diverse designs on this cover case.

The full hunter pocket watch is also one of the most common types out there. Thus, it is little wonder that they have made up quite a fair share of family heirlooms for a long time now.

The sheer design of the full hunter pocket watch makes it better protective of the watch face. That way, the wearer does not have to concern themselves with always having the watch face turned in when returning it into their coat pockets.

Why is a pocket watch called a hunter?

This naming convention is believed to have come from England where fox hunters found it comfortable to handle their horse’ reins in one hand while checking the time on a pocket watch with the other hand. This allowed these hunters to effectively tell the time while not having to slow down – especially when in pursuit of prey.

What are the other types of pocket watches?

It would surprise you to know that pocket watches are not just one single category of watches. There are different subcategories under that section. Not mentioning full hunter pocket watches, we also have:

1. Open face pocket watch

Just like a conventional wristwatch, the face and back of the open face pocket watch do not have a lid. As soon as you get it out, the time is instantly visible.

An argument can be made for how protected against occasional bumps these watches will be in your pocket. However, their simplistic look makes them very classy and stylish on top.

2. Half hunter pocket watch

If the open face pocket watch and full hunter pocket watch ever had a child, it would be this half hunter pocket watch.

The watch face has a full protective covering that you would have to open to see the entire watch face. However, this cover also comes with a glass/ window opening that allows you a quick peek into the watch without opening it.

3. Double hunter pocket watch

We have always maintained that a watch’s beauty is about what is underneath the hood as it is about what you see on the surface. Otherwise, the Swiss won’t dedicate half as much time to their beautiful movements.

The double hunter pocket watch also subscribes to this school of thought. That is why they come with a lid on the front and back. When you are feeling like it, you can either check the time on one side or look at the nice mechanical movements powering the watch on the other business end of things.

4. Half double hunter pocket watch

The names get interesting!

This time around, imagine a child from the double hunter pocket watch and a half hunter pocket watch.

For starters, this watch has a two-lid system on the front and back. That gives you access to the time (on the front) and mechanical movements (on the back). Furthermore, the watch allows an aperture in front for viewing the time without having to remove the lid at all.

What does a pocket watch symbolize?

Depending on how you look at it, the pocket watch can mean any of the following:

When should you wear a pocket watch?

It is expected that you wear pocket watches to formal events and gatherings. They fit in more with those settings anyway. That is why you would see most pocket watch pairings with waistcoats, suits, and other related formal wear.

What if we told you that your pocket watches could also be paired with everyday clothes like jeans?

You would surely not expect that – but it is possible. Done right, anyway.

We have found this resource from PocktWatchesCo which details how to do that. The same resource contains information on the different pocket watch chains and their significance to your dressing.

How do you wear a pocket watch in 2022?

There is an art to wearing pocket watches. If you do not wear them right, you are at risk of making a serious fashion blunder.

In fact, it is much better to not wear a pocket watch at all than do it wrongly. That is not to scare you but to let you know the importance of respecting this long-lasting piece of fashion timepiece.

This 14-step guide will get you wearing pocket watches better in no time. Once you have followed the guide a couple of times, the process becomes almost second nature to you.

What are the best full hunter pocket watches for the money?

There are quite a number of them. We have reviewed the top options from high-quality manufacturers and put them all into a full hunter pocket watch buying guide here for you.

At different price ranges with numerous styles and designs to boot, you will find something that matches your style in there.

O. Christopher