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What to Do with Old Watches: 5 Ideas For You

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O. Christopher

What to Do with Old Watches: 5 Creative Ideas to Choose From

It is no news that we love our wristwatches here at UberWrists. I have personally come across people that have quite a watch collection – and I would love to get there one day too. With all those watches, though, comes a responsibility. One of such is what to do with old watches.

Truth be told, there are a lot of things that you can do with your old watches. Many people only consider a few options when they could be exploring a variety of choices that they have at their disposal.

Of course, we would have to consider the type of watch, the worth of the watch, and all that. All other things being equal, though, we have come up with some of the best treatments that you can give an old watch in your collection.

Just Sell Them

You might have had an older watch in your collection for a while now and feel that is time to let them go. In other instances, you could find this watch lying around when clearing out an old cabin that was left to you by your grandparents, maybe.

If you would not like to hold on to such wristwatches for much longer, selling them is a no-brainer.

However, things are not just as black and white.

We have seen people miss out on great deals because they did not know what they were giving away. With some little expert help, you can see if what you are selling is just an old watch, a piece of antique, or part of a collector's item.

Of course, if it were any of the latter two, you would get extra dollars on the sale than you would have probably imagined.

We found a resource on all that you need to know about vintage watches – down to selling them for the best value.

Donate to Charity

You might not know this, but your old watch can do some good in the world. It might be done keeping time for you, but it still has the potential to make life and time better for some people on another side of the world

Various charities around the world accept donations in different forms. While some will only take cash, others will take material support for the people that they are reaching out to.

In between those are the charities accepting material donations that they can sell to raise money. After all, not everyone might be in a position to donate some money.

We have found one such charity online. Aptly named ‘Watches for Charity,’ they have all the information that you need to make a wristwatch donation on their website. You can also look around the web, or your locale, for other charities interested in such donations.


We love to see the looks on the faces of people when they see the new jewelry coming out of their old watches. These are usually people who have given up on the watch and do not know what to do with it.

You can take your watch to a jeweler to bring something nice out of it. The upside to this is that you will be carrying a piece of jewelry that almost no one else in the world has. That sure has a nice ring to it.

For those that like to create arts and crafts by themselves, we have embedded a video on repurposing your old watches by yourself below. It should be a fun project to do by yourself or with family.

Converting your old watch into a beautiful bracelet

Recycle Watches

Watchmakers and repairmen are usually looking for several old and non-working watches to add to their collections. This is not because they like to look at things that do not work. They will, rather, appreciate the option of having a lot of spare parts handy should they ever need one.

Try speaking with any one of them you know to see if they will be interested in your watch. If you truly do not have any use for the watch anymore, you could consider gifting it to them. They will appreciate you for supporting their business – especially if they are a small/ local business.

Picture Watch

This should go under repurposing the watch. We love it so much that we are giving it a section of its own anyway.

If you can get under the clock face and remove all the works, you can make the watch into a mini photo frame to take around with you.

Cut out a small picture to fit in the frame of the watch. You must have removed all of the watch engine at this point though, leaving only the glass on the front and case closing on the back. Insert the picture and close the watch back.

This is a fine way to take your loved ones around with you.

It could be a significant other, parent, kid, pet, or anything else that you love to stare at from time to time. Given the digital world we live I now, you can always rely on your smartphone to tell the time when you need to.

Your Turn

We have shown you our hand. It is your time to show us yours too.

If we were to ask you what to do with old watches in our possession, what would you suggest? If you have ever taken any of the routes on this list, do let us know in the comments too.

In the meantime, you could check out some of our watches for men and diverse choices for women too before you leave. Something to replace that old watch with, maybe?

O. Christopher

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