What Type of Battery Do Fossil Watches Use?

Fossil watches feature different battery types in various sizes which depend on the make you are using. When your Fossil watch starts working slower, you would need to change your battery and start considering how to repair it.

In this piece, I will be providing information on batteries used in Fossil watches

What watch battery does Fossil use?

The size of each Fossil watch varies. The easiest way to know your battery size is to open up the back (if you can) and check the specification.

Some common battery sizes are:

  • 370/371. This battery size is the most popular since about 50% of Fossil watches use them;
  • 377. It is the second most popular, and it can be found in about 30% of Fossil watches;
  • 364. About 20% of Fossil watches are believed to ship with this battery.

The hybrid Fossil watches, on the other hand, have variations on battery. The CR2430 is mostly used in hybrid makes but the Fossil hybrid FB-01 features a CR2025 battery instead.

How do I know what type of battery my Fossil watch needs?

Whenever you need to get a new battery for your Fossil watch, check the 3/ 4 digit number that serves as a battery identification number. This can be found at the back of the wristwatch.

In case you can’t find it there, check the watch’s manual, or type in the watch name into any search engine. Your search should yield all the specifications on the watch.

If you can’t find any useful info on the web, your last resort is to open the watch and check directly on the battery for the specifications.

Can I change the battery in my Fossil watch?


You can change the battery in your Fossil watch whenever it goes bad, or it’s starting to become too weak to power the watch compared to when it was new.  If you do not know how to open a Fossil watch back by yourself, take the watch to a licensed repair shop where they’ll get this done for you. 

You can find a Youtube video on opening your watch back by yourself below:

The overall manual labor and battery replacement charge should not exceed $10-$20.

What kind of battery does a Fossil blue watch use?

The Fossil blue is one of the hybrid smartwatches, making it one of the few to use a 3V lithium CR2430 battery. This battery in hybrid Fossil watches keeps charge for 4-6 months.

How long do Fossil watches last?

If you take proper care of it, your Fossil watch can last up to 10 years. The battery in the watches can last up to three or four years before they grow weak.

The three factors that can help ensure that your Fossil watches keep working for this long are:

  • The initial lifespan of the battery when you got the watch;
  • The quality of replacement batteries that you might have bought to the watch;
  • How often you stop the watch from working (thus, not pulling battery power) when you aren’t using it for a long time.

With constant servicing and proper care, you can be guaranteed more than 10 years of usage on a Fossil watch.

Should you change your Fossil watch battery by yourself?

This depends on you.

I don’t see the big deal in doing this, and it would even save you the labor costs that you would have incurred if you were taking the watch to a repair place. Besides the costs, you would also have to be without your fine Fossil watch for some time, which is less than ideal.

Should you plan on changing the battery by yourself, you would find the video below very helpful:

When you are done replacing the watch battery with a new one, remember to screw the back properly. Take note of any sealants that may be on the eback too lest you ruin the Fossil watch’s water resistance.

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